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Rider down today.... me!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 3AMCobra, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Well, after a clean slate, nearing 6 months with the CBR, traffic everday down the monash (for about 3months now). I finally went down. Was in the middle lane on the Monash Fwy in early traffic near heatherton road exit. Had a bike splitting between middle and right lanes and i wanted to get around him, moved into centre lane, then as traffic was slowing, indicated and headchecked the left lane, look forward after headcheck, back of a ute is right in front of me, hammer the breaks (as i could nt counter out), bang.

    Bike went up on front wheel, i stayed on, really hit my pelvis good (bit painful), dropped down into controlled fall (hit helmet on his boot lid also during the endo).
    Speed was only 20-30kp/h. Injuries = sore pelvis (lucky).

    Ambos and cops came took statements it all seemed good (copper said i may get fine for 'following too close' 100bux, but maybe not depending on his sargeant. There was a rider who stopped to help me out, he took some photos on his camera phone, made sure everything was in order and helped move the bike (top guy). The guy i hit in the ute was also pretty cool about it all (not abusive or anything just helped me up and with my gear).

    Had a couple of bikes also pass and give thumbs up to see if i was ok. All in all it was definetely my fault, i shouldnt have tried to change lanes whilst traffic was slowing (as by headchecking i missed that the guy in front had halted). The bike is banged up but i havent had a chance to look at it, may be a write-off. As for gear, i had proper leather jacket (with padding), alpinestars boots and alpinestars strapon knee guards, jeans, gloves and ofcourse helmet. The knee guards really helped with the fall, i have no other injuries except for being knackered on the tank. Will post some photos up. Anyways, hope to jump back on soon, always have to learn from these things. Take care all.
  2. Good to hear you're okay at least. Always tricky in slowing traffic, had a couple of close calls myself. It's amazing just how much a car in front can slow down in a short amount of time if you're not looking at them, pity you had to learn the hard way.
  3. bugger. that couldve been much worse. Ive found that the things i stuffed up on when i was learning, im now excellent at. im glad youre not too sore. is the bike insured??
  4. good to hear you're ok, and hope the bike isnt too bad.... bet you wont do that again eh?
  5. Unfortunately yes i learnt the hard way, usually im cool in these scenarios (just wasnt on the ball today and not enough focus). And also, unfortunately no insurance. :(
    However i will endeavour to pay the guys repairs as fast as possible and sort myself out latr
  6. I've locked up the rear in situations like that (allbeit a bit slower maybe) and that is scary.

    Not having a go, but I am constantly surprised at the number of riders with no insurance!
  7. Focus is the key word. last time I had a bingle it was very small, only damage to my ego!!! I was on my way to a very important job interview , which always causes me immense stress. shouldnt have ridden, my mind was def not on the job that day :oops: how bad was the damage to the ute?? mind you, it always costs more than it looks.
  8. Glad to hear you're ok..sorry about the bike
    Had a few close calls myself doing headchecks and not seeing traffic infront slowing quiickly.
  9. Sorry to hear, pal, I hope you can get his damage sorted out quickly, we need goodwill from the general motoring community.

    Also good to hear that you weren't hurt, but it's amazing how much happens in an accident, even at low-ish speeds, isn't it??
  10. sorry to hear about the bike, glad to hear you are mostly ok..... although just readding your story made me think ouch thats gotta hurt

    btw you made the triple m road report (biker down near heathton road was the report) :wink:
  11. Bugger. It really only does take a second or two. Glad to hear you are (in the main) Ok. Hard bits can be fixed with the application of money. Not so with squishy bits.

    Hope it is not too pinful for you in any sense.
  12. Sounds like it could have been a lot worse. So I guess thats good.

    These things worry me though. It seems that everyone has a crash eventually. Not looking forward to that bit.

    Glad to hear you are ok though.
  13. Hey! Look on the bright side, you pulled a wikkid endo this morning...

    Seriously though, good that you're OK and taking a philosophical view of it all.
  14. Good to hear you are ok.
    I heard on the radio that someone went down after i had passed there. I find that section where the hallam bypass meets the monash up to hetherton road really bad, even in the cage. I personally stick to the right hand lane, especially there as there are so many morons changing from left lane to right lane over four lanes, and the reverse.

    Take care and get back on soon.
  15. it was reported on TripleM traffic this monring - is it almost time for a rider down forum ?

    its ridiculous that people are even allowed on the roads with it...bring it in like NSW one.
  16. good to hear no injuries, just hope the repair bill is ok :oops:

    I think it's little 'incidents' like this that have made me a better, more careful rider... that's the bright side maybe?!
  17. Was he there before the headcheck, or did he move into the lane whilst you were headchecking?

    Great news. Good to hear your OK, and presumably little damage to the bike.
  18. Sorry to hear about the off, and glad you're OK.

    But no insurance?

    That really gets me. Even if you can't afford comprehensive on your bike, the only decent thing to do is have third party property insurance. It's fine to say "I'll try and pay him quickly", but think of the poor prick who got his car banged up because you weren't on the ball. Now, through no fault of his - he's gotta wait 'till you get the money together.

    Even if you can pay him fairly quickly, what if you did some major damage to someone elses property that you couldn't afford to fix?

    What are ya gonna say? "Sorry mate, I can't afford it - I'll start paying you off in little instalments?"

    Sorry for the rant, but if you choose not to have comprehensive insurance, that's totally your decision, but not to have third party property insurance...

    ...that's just bloody selfish.

    After all - it's only $88 a year!

  19. Thanks for the support guys, and yes the insurance thing is really really stupid.

    I didnt even know it was so low!!! I thought it was much higher (talking to mates with insurance on bigger bikes) and never really called for a quote. Damn!

    Oh well, the worst is a non-insured rider/driver who doesnt pay up, but i have spoken to the driver and im happy to sort him out immediately if need be so no issues there. But again i do realise its stupid and ive been stubborn, will get some insurance once its all sorted!
  20. At least youre OK 3AM :wink:

    Mate, I split all the way, then I dont have to contend with what
    you had too