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Rider down SYD this morning.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by martymoose, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Well went down again this morning. Thats twice in 5 weeks and twice in the last 12 years.

    Riding along Alison Road at 6:30 am this morning, there is a slight drizzle, the lights change when I am about 150 meters away. I apply gentle front and rear. The road is uneven due to wheel track indents, so there is water sitting in the wheel tracks and oil in the middle.

    I am sitting just out of the water in the wheel tracks and not in the oil, about 100 metres from the lights. Without changing the consistent brake pressure the front locks. I release but too late it just went down that quickly.

    I am in the right lane, left side, sliding down the road, looking behind me to make sure I am not about to get run over. Reelieved that I had split at the previuos set of lights to give myself a buffer I turn around to see the bike still sliding over into the middle lane.

    There is a cab stopped in the middle lane at the lights. Bang! the bike slides straight under the back of the cab. I get up and walk over to the cab picking up the front bake, right side mirror, tank bag and the end cap from the right clip on.

    The cabbie is out of the car looking at this bike wedged under the back and says, in a very rude and impatient manner "Can you pull this out I have a fare in the car."

    I say "I don't give a f#$% whos in the car!".

    The cabbie has put his hazards on and early morning traffic is streaming either side. A do a quick checkover to make sure I still have all limbs.

    This has taken about 1 minute. The cabbie is getting really impatient now and I want to get off the road before I get squashed between a the cab and a cager who is not yet awake. So I put my newly departed bike bits into the take bag, stand the bike, wait for a break in the traffic and push it over to the footpath.

    Proceed to do a thorough check over:

    - slight grazing on right thigh and right knee from the kevlar in the draggins

    - slight tear in right had glove from the slide.

    - very sore left thumb??

    This has taken probably another 1 min tops. That cabbies is seriously pissed off now and comes storming over to the footpath. He then tells me to hurry and give him my business card.

    I, polite as pie say "Sorry I don't have one on me now."

    So I pull out a notebook from my tank bag and ask him if he has a pen. The cabbie goes over grabs a pen and signals to me to come to the boot of the cab to right down my details. keep in mind that his cab is still sitting in the middle lane of a three lane road, its wet and still quite dark there is traffic screaming past either side.

    There was no way i was going to do that so he storms over to me (and nearly got run over). So, I give him my name address and phone number he doesn't asked to see my licence or anything.( I gave him the correct details).

    He then spins his wheels and drives off.

    Anyway thats my great morning.

    BTW, saw the doctor about my left thumb she says its not a sprain its been squashed. I can only think It must have been the left clipon squashing it into the tank as they were pretty bent.
  2. Tough luck mate.

    I dropped my 250 near an intersection without any idea how as well. Must have been a seeping oil stain or something that took your front tyre out.

    Glad you're ok, hope there's not too much damage to the Honda. Don't worry about the cabbie, these little characters turn up to add humiliation and anger to your misfortune from time to time. fcuk em.
  3. Sorry to hear this but I'm glad you're still in one piece. :)

    I can understand the cabbie being a little shity (It won't help the process for him) but I'm not surprised. Did you check his car thoroughly for damage do there's no unexpected claim for damage he does later today?

    It sounds like you handled the situation well. If you've got insurance you'll be covered for the damage. :)

    I'm still constantly surprised how much less grip a bike has in the wet. It's a far greater hazard than for a car. I always leave myself really big gaps and at least double the stopping time. Are you sure the brake caused the wheel to lock or could it have slipped on oil or water? :)
  4. yeah, Sydney roads was a shocker this morning with the rain and drizzle.

    I rode my bike into work, it seemed like a good idea at the time (my rail weekly ticket had run out, and the bike a full tank of fuel :p ) since it was only a slight sprinkle, but 10min into the journey it started to bucket down.

    Good experience I reckon for a Learner Rider. :wink: Getting wet and having the helmet visor fogging up. . . . i loved it.

    I really got to feel first hand how slippery roads are in the wet after a long dryspell with the mixture of grease and oil all over the road.
  5. Full comp insurance thats not an issue.

    I had plenty of stopping distance. I think because the wheel ruts were quite deep and i was on the edge, i must of hit some oil or something as I felt it lock then I released but the front had gone off to the left.

    This was plain ole braking in a straight line nothing complicated ....and I just went down.
  6. sorry to hear what happened to you mate & glad your all ok.
  7. Ouch! Glad to hear your ok tho. Hows your bike?
  8. I am pretty sure they will write it off. They only fairing not damaged is the tail section. The right side is screwed, along with the exhuast. Not sure if the forks are bent but the steering head bearings seem stuffed as well.

    Hopefully it is not written off as I just renewed my insurance a week ago. If it is written off I do myself out of a years insurance as the contract has ended.
  9. Alison Road Randwick? I nearly went down yesterday in Randwick! Same type of thing, minimal braking on (just) dry road, it was actually the back that started slipping out, just caught it, was shaking for an hour afterwards!

    Was braking because some stupid focker decided to come out of a laneway with me 15 metres away, dumb bastard! He definitely got the middle finger salute as I went by. :evil:
  10. Good to hear you came out of it okay.
    Thats one of the things that scares me as a newcomer. I haven't really riden in any wet weather yet and these stories of locking up in seemingly benign conditions and just losing it in an instant scares the bejeesus out of me!
    Coupled to this I went and did a very stupid thing by buying a new and fairly nice bike to learn on... I'm hoping the bike's extra mass will give it a bit more inertia and resistance to falling over in the wet, however if and when it does it'll hurt - in more ways than one!
  11. there are lots of tales around but remember to keep it in perspective. marty for example said he's been riding for twelve years and this is the first time this has happened to him (unless his accident five weeks ago was a carbon copy.) just take it easy when it's just started raining as that is when the roads are the most dangerous.

    re. marty bad luck there mate, great that you have insurance at least though. as for the taxi driver he's getting $7 an hour so of course he's a grumpy bastard :p
  12. Tough break.

    Yeah Sydney roads have been hard work the last couple of days. Just enough drizzle to get the oil mobile, but not enough to wash it away.

    Had the bike moving around on me quite a bit. Almost dropped it at a set of lights this morning. Left lane slopped quite a bit to the left. Pulled up put my left foot down. Didn't register that it was a painted arrow on the road. Foot slipped. Caught it just in time.
  13. When i ride to work, I go via North Rocks Rd !
    Yesterday morning I had to apply some braking, those painted stripes on the road on the down hill bend can catch people out.