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Rider Down (stewy)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stewy, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Yep, throw the bike down the road with a stupid mistake. :( So here it is half way through a corner when i thought i had enter a little to quickly :shock: , and instead of counter steering the bike harder it the corner, i did the inexperienced and stupid mistake of grabing the front brake :oops: , well we all know what happens from there, it stood up on me and headed for the white line. I did manage to get the speed down to about 10-15km (i think) but by that time had hit the gravel on the outside of the road, and not quite sure excalty what happened here, whether the front wheel disappeared as soon as it hit the gravel, or as i tried to turn out of the gravel was when it let go :cry: . After we picked the bike up and thought about it i think it was the second outcome (as i tried to ride out of the gravel) came to this conclusion as due to where the bike ended up. (middle of the road) as opposed to off to the side of the road. Anyway wasn't a high speed crash as no marks on any of the gear, except for a slight rough pathc on one glove. The bike, nothing broken (fairing not cracked) just missing a bit of paint down the r/h side, srcatched the exhaust as well.

    Anyway 2 lessons learnt yesterday,
    1 set yourself up for a corner (correct speed)
    2 if i ever find myself in that situation again lean the bike harder and don't grab the f*(%ing front brake :(

    Apart form that was a good ride :)
  2. Glad to hear you are OK Adam. It's a lesson learnt and 1 most of us learn the hard way :)
  3. Yep, bad luck, but lesson learned. When in doubt, lean more!!!

    Main thing is, you're OK.
  4. Any accident you can walk away from is good one.

    Any accident you can ride away from is a learning experience.

    Congrats on getting through without any serious damage.

    :D :D :D
  5. Glad to hear you are okay Adam. :)

    :D :D
  6. Bad luck dude, good to hear everything is largely in one piece.

    It's awfully tempting to grab that brake. Had to talk myself out of it once or twice.

    I suppose once you actually do it you'll be fairly well cured of it.
  7. bad luck there, time to learn how to corner under brakes me thinks :)
  8. Way too many off's lately.. glad to hear your ok Stewy.

    Ride safe every body.
  9. Good to hear your ok..
    and to hear the damage was only cosmetic!!

    Safe riding stewy
  10. Stewy, very glad to hear you're ok and walked away without a scratch. Glad to hear you haven't done any major damages to your bike.
  11. Good to hear you ok mate and your bike too.

    Just cosmetic damage is lucky. Its an expensive exercise when its cracked fairing.
  12. kinda did the same the other day. glad to hear your ok.

    i was doing slow U-turn and saw a pothole so stupid me hit the front brake which caused the wheel to lock over full turn, threw me off....right indicator busted, right mirror and footpeg bent. my helmet chin took a hit....hope helmet's still ok. gonna check it out at the shops.

    just a question, did hitting the front brake cause you to lowside or highside. i think it would've been a lowside?
  13. Hey, don't feel too bad. I've seen experienced and inexperienced riders alike do the same thing, including myself. The results have varied, too.

    Trouble is, most riders, when suddenly faced with the situation usually respond automatically with the brake. It takes a Rossi or a Corser to do the "lean harder" bit in most cases. Hell, we've all seen the top racers go into a corner too hot and stuff it up. No reason why us mere mortals can't do the same at a lesser level....

    Anyway, it's good to hear that you've walked or ridden away intact, if the pride may be slightly dented.

    Would it be a fair assumption that you were momentarily distracted from the task at hand?
  14. Glad to hear you are ok.

  15. nope lowside it it just feel away from me

    thanks guys i am glad i walked away with no damage to myself, and only minor to the bike. I just feel so stupid as the amount of people that have told me not to do that for that reason, and yet it what do i do..... :facepalm:
  16. not too sure, couldn't tell you it all happened very fast..... but personally i think i just SCREWED up :( but hey atleast i think back on it now, and hopefully i put myself in that situation again
  17. You and everybody else stewy. Easier said than done. Take it easy mate, don't beat your head over it. We'll do that for you next time we see you :p
  18. Glad to hear your OK Stewy, and stop throwin the ZZR down the road, we only just outnumber the VTR owners now.
  19. huh, is that all you can do, you think thats gunna get you into the crap club? Well you've got two points for effort. 8 to go..

    good to hear your ok. take it easy.
  20. We only find out how good the theory is when we have to put it into practice!!! Don't berate yourself over a drop like this; as long as it arms you for further combat, it's valuable, and, at least the bike isn't seriously damaged.