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Rider down Reefton

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by damige, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. Rider down at reefton spur to day around 12 oclock about 5mins from cuberland junction end, he was comin from cumberland end of the spur ran wide and went over the edge about 10-15mt down suspected broken ribs and leg he was out with a large groupand they had the road closed for 45mins, once the road was opened it was mayhem 4-5 bikes wide into corners and some of these guys only only mm between them good ride though. if any one knows the guy that came down please pass on our best wishs and a speedy recovery.

    Damige,Aidan and Todd.
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  2. Sounds fcuking berserk. What a pack of knobs.
  3. STOP FARKN CRASHING YOU LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Yeah i went through there today with the MRAA C-class ride about 1pm if i recall. By then they had it all cleared up and sorted out but the fire trucks and the paramedic vans were just coming down the Spur (and F'N CROSSING OVER!?!!).

    A nice day for a ride.
    Thankfully our little outing ended up mostly incident free aside from a minor miscalculation regarding braking distances and a Honda V25C.
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  5. I was out there on Sat morning and it was almost bike and car free. Prefer early on, before the racers get to the road. It's surprising more don't go down there...
  6. Heaps of bikes do go down there. I was there too yesterday, and saw all of the commotion and emergency vehicles/ helicopters galore. When I passed the umpteenth cop vehicle I was thinking how cranky they must get having to deal with that all of the time. The tow truck guy in the area is always busy. I feel it in my bones that every bike down is one more black mark against us, and eventually something is gonna give.
  7. Bikes go down on Reefton probably ten times a day on the weekends. Fortunately since the speeds are low-ish (typically 60-90kph through most of the corners) by the time most riders leave the road they've washed off enough speed to result in minimal damage to themselves and their bikes, and they usually able to pick themselves up and continue on or go home.

    Of course the issue is the one time in 100 where something goes wrong. Was a fatality up there late last year. One of the "racer" crew with a bike fitted with race slicks faceplanted a Tarago coming the other way and he was at fault, being well into the lane of the oncoming car.

    All too often you see the racer crew running wide, cutting off the insides of the corners with bike plus rider over the line on the inside of a blind corner, or just dangerously attempting an overtake that is simply not on forcing evasive action by the person who just got chopped.

    I had a go at one guy a few years back. He went around the outside overly hot into a left hander and came across and shut me off from my line by apexing right where my bike was. I had to slam the brakes on mid corner to avoid hitting his rear axle with the front wheel. Found him at the end and had a go at him and his friends started sticking up for him, claiming that he was an experienced rider and so could never have done such a thing, and if it did happen then it was all my fault for being there in the first place!

    Just goes to show the attitude that some of these people have towards the danger that they put themselves and others in.

    Clifford Jones has the right idea. Best to enjoy it in the much safer quiet times.
  8. you really have to wonder about some people... a few weeks ago i was going 60 (in a 60 zone) in my car, when a guy randomly decided to pull out in front of me. i managed to grind to a halt just short of him and he has the nerve to yell out the window like i was doing something wrong. next time i'll just plow straight through him
  9. I can understand about the speed being washed off a rider in the spur, but when a guy takes a dive off the edge of teh road and down the embankment then where is the safe side then??
  10. No wonder he yelled at you!!!

    Only doing 60 in a 60 zone :wink:

    EDIT: To fix a dose of bad editing although a few posts seem to have disappeared all of a sudden (sorry Cathar for the identity error).
  11. I love riding both the Spurs, but I really don't want to be taken out by another rider, hence early(ish) starts.

    I love a quick ride and have fun, but I the penalty for making a mistake is disproportionate to the fun if you stuff up. The thing about both Spur's is that you can have fun and enjoy the ride without riding like an idiot, but so few do...

    I like the coffee and cake at either end, so I have an incentive not too crash!
  12. I too enjoy the experience of the run, but constantly hear of the idiots that frequent the area. Going up there the other day and seeing all the guys in their single piece suits and scrapers, screaming through the entire area, its no wonder they cause themselves grief.

    I was constantly paranoid about coming into a corner and being totally commited to the corner and have some stupid racer collect me coming the other way.

    I was quite surprised at how most of them were good towards the learners tho, besides the usual minoritory. :p

    Master Illusion