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Rider down (Reefton)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gsxr1000, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. Rider down on top of Reefton today :shock: , around lunch time..

    hope no one from here??has anyone got anymore info...


  2. He is a NetRider / FireStormer.

    He was having a leisurely ride down the straight, and lost it. Came down badly, he went one way, bike went the other.

    He seemed okay, ambulance called. Bike a write off.

    I think groberts was treating him until the ambos arrived.

  3. There's someone down 'bout every second time I'm up there.

    Think we'll soon see a 60k speed limit or something equally heavy handed.

    Wouldn't like to spoil pple's fun, but mono's on public roads don't help our image much.
  4. Thats one post I didn't want to see.
  5. Awwww, shit. Hate to hear it when a Netrider ride results in an off.
  6. Actually the title of this thread should be 'riders down' :(

    The Ambo's sure were kept busy today....I saw 4 of them on the Spurs and I was only there for a couple of hours :!:

    After lunch as I was heading back past where the guy on the VTR lost it and there was another accident. Looked like two bikes in a head-on (nasty), anyone know what happened?

    I almost collected a ZZR250 on the way back, the d**k had obviously completely over-shot the bend coming the other way and decided to cut straight across my side of the road to get back on track...cheers mate :evil:

    Maybe learners who are that inexperienced shouldn't be practising on such a dangerous set of roads :-k
  7. Eeek, sure was an action packed day.
    What was with the detour on the way out to Healesville? I was trying to get a good look as we all went past but couldnt see anything other than a car that looked like it had run down the bank to the Melbourne-headed side of the road.
  8. Yeah, saw an ABC wagon on the closed off section. Maybe chk out the news tonight.

    As for riders running wide, I've twice had to change line cos of this on Reefton. Normally its the bleddy 4 wheel drives.

    Up at Harrietville Hotel/Motel couple weeks back, and the barman was warning us of riders running wide on the GAR!
  9. i hope he is ok,
  10. Martyh thats prolly the smartest advice you have ever posted and true it's the reason I stay away too :cry:
    Mid week is the go :wink:
  11. Let's encourage novice riders to go with the Shire/HART groups.

    It's not about speed; IMHO it's about style. Meths vs single malt.
  12. Well thats a great idea except that HART don't offer the Reefton / Spurs run to L-Platers; so instead the only other option they have is to come on a group ride and play catch-up with the bigger bikes.

    I had my first ever group ride on a Netrider Reefton & Spurs run and learnt very quickly. Thankfully i was riding with a diverse group of people, a few vet.s, a few noobs, and a few intermediates (not to mention a boy-racer or two). Try not to shun the L-platers, as everyones out there to have a good time and for the less experienced among us, learn a thing or two.

    I'm still grateful to everyone who gave me advice on my first few rides, even a few hints and tips from the tail end charlie who spotted me making a few mistakes.
  13. Sounds like another Netrider Spurs ride is needed then.

    (Tho I did say 'novices'; don't care what age, stage or bike; and that's part of the problem - people over-reaching themselves. How do we address that?).

    btw My experience has been the same; riding with a club, after a gap of about 20 years - learned a lot.
  14. First off hope all who came off are ok

    They shouldn't be playing catch up firstly ride to your limits don't worry about others
    secondly if there are learners/noobs in the group why are they being made to feel they have to keep up ??

    If there is that much of a disparity maybe the ride leader should have
    a) told the learners not to come on the ride
    b) split the ride into two or more groups each with its own leader

    No use blaming the learners , its the old hands have the knowledge and experience
    they should be helping them out.
  15. Wise words Helina.
  16. I was under the impression the guy was with a group of VTRs that were riding Ahead of the netrider (us)...
  17. Ah well, that's OK then.

    Aversion therapy.

    PS My son rides a postie - fast, and well.
  18. I whole heartedly agree. Learners on the whole should not be playing the catch-up game, however when i started doing rides like this i found it quite helpful to have someone perhaps 20m infront of me to give me some sort of idea as to how i should enter the corner, where i should start braking, etc etc.

    Anyway, i hope the guy on (off) the Storm is alright. When i hung around for a while after the crash it just seemed like he was in shock; both physically and mentally.
  19. The thread started when Graeme asked who had the off and now it's ban novice's from the Spur, don't know the guy who came down.

    Sorry to hear about a rider going down and I hope he is OK, but the Spur is a "right of passage" it's something you have to do. I wrote off my last bike on the Spur and I have been back to that bastard 6 times since........ but never on a weekend...... it's hard enough judging the downhill twisties and getting your own corner right without having to worry about the Busa, R1, GSXR or anything else crawling all over your arse.. or coming the opposite way at maximum velocity.
    We can all be nice and polite and curtious in here but be honest when the twistie demon grabs ya by the balls, it don't matter if your on a ct110, 250, or a big banger, it's get the fcuk out of my way cause I'm comin through.
    me..... I'll stick to weekdays, and you don't have to que for a drink at the Reefton hotel either.

    my 2fiddy cents worth