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Rider Down - Petethemuso

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Black Betty, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Don't know the full details yet - happened yesterday (thurs 23rd). He's in the Alfred in the stable condition - alot of broken bones, including Pelvis which they've operated on. His family are with him now - so will leave visiting until after weekend. For more details pls pm me. D.

  2. That's terrible news. :(

    I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery. :)

  3. Bugger :(

    Sending good healing vibes your way Pete.
  4. shit :shock:

    Seems there's a new rider down post every time I look :shock:

    Suppose if this reminds us to be more vigilant on the road then atleast some good has come from it.

    Good luck petethemuso, hope you get better soon.
  5. Brings back memories...hope he recovers and regains some level of normality...
  6. Best wishes and speedy recovery....
  7. WTF!!!

    No way!! :shock: :shock:

    Hope he's ok. pm on the way.

  8. best wishes. I wish them a speedy recovery.

  9. :( Rotten luck, I hope it all turns out well. Best wishes for a quick recovery.
  10. Best wishes, and hopefulyl a speedy recovery
  11. Oh no, thats terrible... :cry:

    Obviously wishing him all the best...
  12. Wishing Pete a speedy recovery.
  13. Healing thoughts and prayers for a fellow rider :angel:
  14. Bugga!! Hope Pete has a speedy recovery! [-o< Not good news to hear somebody in hospital. :cry:
  15. I have been told that this week alone the whole Trauma ward is Full of motorbike riders ,

    i Wish ALL riders a Speedy Recovery

    It would be good to have a ROAD REPORT Thread that stays current every day,
    those that i have seen riding along the Healesville to Alexandra road especially in the last 2 days could comment,those that have done the Marysville to Reefton as i done on Tuesday and abused the road workers for the gravel and dirt on the road and TOLD them to RE SWEEP IT and that i was reporting it as soon as i got into Warburton
    (never seen a sweeper started so fast )
    i dont know if all my bike club patches on my jacket or my annoyed attitude had anything to do with it or not , but the whole south side towards Reefton was atrociouse
    (40 to 60 klm speeds all the way down Before they started work )
  16. Rotten news that, I hope Pete has a speedy recovery. Best wishes
  17. Oh shit. :( Fingers crossed for a full and speedy recovery. :)
  18. Sorry to hear this news. Hope petes feeling better soon.
  19. i dont know who this is, but i wish him all the very best, he is in my prayers and thoughts for a quick recovery :)
  20. Thoughts are with you petethemuso

    All the best for a full and speedy recovery