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Rider down - petethemuso - reprise

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by petethemuso, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Yesterday I was released after three months in hospital - six operations during two weeks at the Alfred, and the remainder spent doing physio at Epworth. It's good to be home, even if I'm on crutches.

    I want to thank all the Netriders who came to see me, who helped me with the hundreds of things I needed when I was helpless, and for the messages of love, support and encouragement I saw on this site when Blackbetty posted the news of my misfortune. Thanks especially to Blackbetty, Mr and Mrs Scumbag, G. Bolle, - I owe you - big time

    I think I can now describe the collision without causing legal problems - yes, there is to be a court case, 'cause the car driver's denying everything, and I don't have a witness. The police however have their evidence.

    It was a warm Thursday evening in Autumn, I'd been to the top of Mount Dandenong - why wouldn't any biker? Only a few streets from home now. Check speed 60 k, but I know there's a 50 limit shortly Thinks "car in front a good distance, beginning to slow, car behind a good distance too, hope he keeps it that way. Cars coming the opposite way all behaving."

    Then a car with yellowing, uneven headlights lurches into the stream of traffic coming toward me - not sure what it is, but looks like early 80's GM from the shape - it's dark now. It's being driven erratically, rather violently, pushing for advantage against the cars on his side of the road.

    I pass a side street, and even though I'm several metres past it, I can't believe that as he draws level with me, he begins lurching straight into me, indicating only as he does so, trying to cut the corner at perhaps a 20 degree angle, maybe to avoid giving way to the car behind me. Where he thinks I can go, or what i can do on no notice to avoid him, I don't know. Split second idiocy. i wonder what would have happenned if there was anyone in in side street - He'd have spent a long time on the wrong side of the road in both streets.

    So having turned right in front of me, my bike hits his car, and I'm flying. "So this is how it goes" I wonder as I travel through the air
    Next, I'm on the road lying on my right side in a pool of light from my own bike's headlight, which is now facing the direction I was coming from, watching the tail lights of his car disappear up that side street, in several twisting manoeuvres. "And he didn't even stop" is my next thought.

    I can't move - my left side is pain from one end to the other, and seems to weigh a ton anyway. I take off my helmet, cause my neck and back feel ok, and call for help. It's only a moment, and there's a woman there from a nearby house, and she's an ex-nurse! She's calling for help, and checking my vital signs, while some idiot is talking about " Another high-speed biker coming off" I find out later that there's a news report being televised of me.

    The Ambulance arrives quickly, and the team are skilled, I'm whisked away to the Alfred, and I meet my surgeon, who will operate that night. I am put into a scanner, and the news is direct "You have some very complex and multiple fractures - ankle, knee, femur, hip, pelvis, elbow and two bad puncture wounds that will require grafts. It will take a long slow crawl back to where you were, but we should be able to fix most of it"

    The next two weeks are a blur of morphine and operations. I wondered if I would ever move again. Thanks to the surgeons, nurses, therapists and other staff, I'm home now, and while very limited, I'm heading for a normal life again. I have nothing but praise for everyone who worked with me through this.

    Most of all though, it is the friends and family who never let me lose sight of who I am and what I am made of. it seems hard to believe that not one day in that time was I without supportive company. Never once left to stare at the ceiling and wonder how much of my life had fallen apart. Thank you to all of you.

    I am 46 years old, and have come to biking seriously only in recent years - I was still on my trusty 250 (which was due for upgrade in July) I'd had 25,000 km of utter bliss in that time - met wonderful people along the way - my bike even improved my love life! Every day I rode, I smiled more. I have a good car too, but the bike was such fun.

    I can't believe that someone could behave in the callous way that driver did. The police did get him - young, drunk, totally unco-operative, driving a bomb - thanks to the long suffering neighbours on the street where he regularly practises his bad driving. Thanks also to them, and to the police for their dilligence.

    I don't know how long it will be before I'm allowed to ride again, but I do believe there's a Monster with my name on it...

    Yours - petethemuso

    P.S. Thanks to Yamaha for the piano - music and friends were my therapy
  2. respect to you my friend
  3. wow, bad luck with the acco, good to see you are in one peice and ok and hope the little bugger what he deserves!!!
  4. Firstly I hate idiots like that, but secondly I hate idiots who give these idiots the impression that they have of motorbikers.
  5. great to hear your feeling better and its even better to hear your still keen to jump back on the bike.
  6. petethemuso
    thank you for the report on what happened to you
    i appreciate and care that you took the time to write it all down for us
    to read ,

    it is Great News to hear you are finally home
    No place like it is there :grin:
    Rest up darl i hope all works out right and you are up and about soon
    as for a Monster ,i am so pleased to hear you have not lost your love of riding after all you have the right to feel how ever you want to and i am sure all of us are very Proud of you (i dont know you personally ) for your determination and strength

    and it is good to hear that they got the aherm Person
    no mailce intended on anyone
    but i hope some day Karma comes along and that
    he suffers even 1/2 as much as you have darl
  7. Mmmmm, Monster: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  8. does this mean that our regular dates at the Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder have to stop ?? I am sure you can schedule some physio on a Sat morning ????......dont make me beg darling........

    seriously, great to hear you have finaly busted outa Epworth :grin: :grin:

    incidentaly, Scumbag has lots of Monsters in the shop just waiting for you to drool over......incentive :grin: :grin:
  9. @$$hole drunk drivers. thats all i can say. good luck with the recovery petethemuso
  10. Hope the body and mind heal well. Let us know how the Court matter turns out. Would love to hear how this deads**t ends up.
  11. Geez, pete sound like you have been threw abit of pain and are getting better ,all my best wishs to you in the days ahead and on the monster .

    Cheers Sled.
  12. Hi Pete,

    Donna gave the Tuesday coffee night crew regular updates on your progress. It's a horrible thing that happened and you are way more tolerant and accepting than most.

    I look forward to meeting you soon, what with the build up that BB has done ;)

    Stay well and I wish you well on your continuing recovery,

  13. Thanks everyone. I will keep you posted on any news of the case - love to think of a line up of mean looking bikers behind me staring him down, (not to mention residents of the Dandening ranges)
    Mrs S - and Mr - our dates needn't end...;)
  14. Chin up, Pete, we're all willing you on to a fully recovery and many, many more years of enjoying our drug of choice :grin:
  15. Hey Pete - so pleased you're finally back out at 'our' end of town
    Looking forward to help you celebrate with a glass (or 2) of Merlot
    Lifts to coffee nite - not a problem. Might even get to practise my pillioning skills ........ bxb
  16. Karma will get that a$@#hole.

    Speedy recovery mate
  17. mmmm...I'll take you up on that pillion offer, BB - better get my replacement leathers quick, then ;)

    And in the time honoured tradition of musos everywhere - mixing painkillers with alcohol - the merlot goes great with the Oxycontin.

    only joking - I've discovered two glasses hardly makes a difference..i can get away with it (grin)
  18. Best of luck with the healing. Didn't realise you were in Epworth, I go there 2 days a week atm for physio. Guess we mighta been in proximity some time. Hope to be seeing you on the road with a smile in the future :)
  19. Firstly sorry to hear about your accident mate... there are a lot of very unskilled over confident drivers in unroad worthy cars out there... So I'm sorry that its happened as I used to one of those death trap cars and no one should have to be crunched by a car....

    hear hear.... opinions are like assholes everyone has got them... far too many drivers I know through work have a preformed idea over motorcyclists and it includes the fact that we all are dangerous and every accdent involving a motorcycle is our fault / manditory fact.

    which combined with the adr / maib investigation into the possible less than roadworthy condition of the car and the erratic nature of the driver will aid your case. Plus the fact you were ahead and the vitim of an illigal merging manover / front quater panel on the drivers / passengers side will also aid your case... He really doesnt have a case against you, he may claim tempoary Insanety :wink: but by your description he really should be shot / have his licence revoked.

    That flying feeling sucks doesn't it its that half second before the pain starts. ... but fleeing the accident... very bad for his case.

    I truely beileve some drivers here in tas intentionaly look at you and ignore you as they attemp to do something stupid... roundabouts ... merging.. accross the bridges... I guess every state has these loonies. I'm happy for you that the police did nab the guy. I hope it all goes well in court...

    youv'e got a lot of guts and I hope you come through the physio with flying colours, and hopfully able to get that monster soon.
  20. Your attitude, and that of others here is truly inspiring. Hang in there mate.

    If, like all musos, you find the sound of a lone piano isn't cutting it, then put out the call - plenty of talented (and no so talented) players here.

    Speedy healing!