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Rider down & out - Monash Fwy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. A friend of my housemates, name of Mitch Van Ingell, probably about 19 and been riding a few months, came off somehow on the Monash at about 8pm and was run over by the car behind him. Died on the scene.

    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this, or has any idea how you come off on the freeway?

    RIP :cry:
  2. RIP... I hate hearing about kids who die like this at such a young age. so sad :(
  3. Ahh damn, really not good to hear :( Sorry to hear that. RIP.
  4. That's terrible.......i hope it wasn't a tailgater that took him out

  5. I've got no idea how you can just drop it on the Monash, it's so long and straight... Unless he got merged into, or got caught on a headcheck like happened to someone else this morning... Or maybe a lane split gone wrong, but at 8pm there's hardly a lot of splitting to do...

    Wonder what happened...
  6. Bloody hell.. not another one dude :cry:

    So young as well.. Waste of a life..

    Yeh Loz, if it wasent anything mechanical, the only thing I can
    think of hes maybe come into grief when changing lanes or

  7. Sad news , especially even more sader when its so close to home.
    Please pass on our thoughts to family and friends.

    heavens streets are crowded with angels of late :(
  8. It was pretty bloody windy o there on my way in tonight man..

    On a 2fiddy it would be a struggle to keep your lane

    Pass on condolences
  9. Damn that is bad news. :(

    That is my worst fear on bikes, especially at freeway speeds.
  10. no good
  11. This really sucks!!!! RIP young fella!
  12. 19...bloody hell. :cry:
  13. RIP Mitch Van Ingell. Everyone out there be careful.
  14. Absolutely shocking news. Please pass on our condolences. What a horrible thing for a family to go through, children shouldn't pre-decease their parents. :(
  15. Sheesh man, when are you people going to stop with the maybe's and might haves?

    Everyones a bloody AIS expert.

    *shakes head*

    Condolenses to all affected :(
  16. Condolences to his family... RIP dude

  17. wtf U shaking ya bald head for?

    We were asked for suggestions so thats what we giving..

  18. Sorry Vic, but Kishy's right man! We were asked for opinions and he just gave one is all. RIP. :(
  19. Thanx Liddonit :grin:

    Vic just likes to jump on me wheneva he sees an opportunity.
    Someone must've told him I'm gay as well.. :LOL:

    I'm married wif (4) half cast kids, so my arse is off limits..
  20. :wink: No Drama's dude, I just think (personally) we all read this stuff & feel like crap cos were all reminded of our own mortality & that another one of us is gone! If we're asked questions we gonna answer huh?

    Condolences to the whole family :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: