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Rider down on Mt Alexander road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bugeater, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Coming home I saw an ambulance, police, someone in a stretcher; and yup a motorbike :cry:
    Corner of Mt Alexander Road and Mooltan Road, heading into the city. Opposite Billy Hyde music I think.
    Poor person had a neck brace and everything on. Didn't look too good. The bike looked mostly okay though. Couldn't see any frame damage, just some damage to the fairings. I think it was a mostly Red CBR600 of some sort (I was paying most attention to the rider - or who I assume was the rider).

    Not sure what caused the accident, but it was right near a corner, which typically means cars turning into traffic. There was a car stopped there, but they might just have been helping. I didn't see any damage.

    Hope they are alright.
  2. Definately wasn't a red hornet 900? - Loz travels that road a bit.

    Not sure of who else I know who rides that road.

    what does Chani ride?

    Hope the rider is ok.
  3. That rode is always so busy with cars coming and going from cafes, not sure how a accident could have happened though at that time it is normal moving at a crawl.

    Hope the rider is ok.
  4. Not me...
  5. The section where it happened is quite far from the cafes. Closer to the citylink entrance and those enormous apartment buildings (Flemington?). It's usually pretty free-flowing there (except in peak hour).
  6. NSR :p

    & it's not on the road YET. Eight more sleeps.

    I hope the rider is ok... Something about this area that doesn't like bikes or riders.
  7. aaah that end, you are correct.