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Rider Down - Nodz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nodz, May 12, 2005.

  1. Red monster a little worse for wear. Right side exhaust, pegs and brake pedal stuffed. Busted glass on tacho, scraped brake lever, but all indicators survived. Probably twisted forks but can't really tell.
    Sprained shoulder, bruised right index knuckle, badly bruised hip. Badly grazed knee. Gloves stuffed, helmet scuffed to shit especially visor.
    Started raining heavily, car in front of me towing trailer, dropped something off the back, swerved to avoid it, managed to avoid it, on straightening up hit sheet of water and low sided. Car behind skidded to avoid me as I slid along the road. Car towing the trailer didn't even stop and nobody got rego so now I'm up for a $400 excess.
    Managed to ride home at about 40kmph.

    Can anyone recommend someone very local to Narre Warren where I can get a quote for repairs? Or can someone recommend another and help me transport bike there?
  2. Oh crap Nodz...glad you're still with us. :wink:
  3. Sorry to hear about your off Nodz, glad you're not too badly injured.
  4. nodz, sorry to hear about it, glad your ok.
  5. Ohh... that's scary! Hope you are OK.
  6. You're a lucky man Nodz :shock: .

    Glad to hear you are alright at least. No advice on repair shops but I hope you heal up quick and get back to it. :)
  7. glad to hear your alright man.
  8. Glad to her your not too hurt.... :(

    Try Petes Pitstop on Pound Road near the Mobil Servo, they did Frankys bike,
    he mostly deals with Suzuki's but give him a go..

    cheers mate

  9. good to hear your okay, even better to see youre still on the bike.
  10. Sorry to hear about your off... but... glad to hear that you came through reasonably OK.

    Bikes can be repaired or replaced (so can gear). Any accident you can walk away from is a good one.
  11. Hey Nodz, you are a lucky man. Glad to here it.

    I am told the Pakenham wreckers are good for parts and repairs. They fixed Trishas yammy for split water pipes.

    Otherwise the Dandenong South wreckers/repairs. They did some forks for me - good job.

    Cant help with trailer, too far away. Get it onto a ute or ordinary trailer, lying down if need be.

    Just a bye the bye, check the battery has not leaked all over the place. If it has, get some detergent (strong) into the whole area and after a soak washit off.


  12. Dood sorry to hear 'bout your slide mate :?
    Try OCD racing in Oakleigh...has some experiance with your particular bike.
  13. Haven't met you, but read many of your post.

    Glad to hear that you are ok...Nodz.
  14. Sorry to hear of your off Nodz...at least there is no major damage to yourself...get well and we will see you back on the road soon!
  15. Glad to hear you've come through your adventure relatively OK. Might be time to upgrade to an Across (as long as you promise not to punish it like the C8)
  16. Glad you came out of that one okay, sounds like the gear done a fair bit for you. Hope its a speedy recovery.
  17. The good thing is you can tell us about it.

    Hope you get back into the fun stuff soon.
  18. Hey Chris.. Sorry to hear about your off..

    Give me a call or pm me if you need your bike transported to a repairer.
    Give the bike trailer something else to do apart from transporting dirt bikes around..
  19. Oh no Nodz not You & the Night Hawk glad to hear you're not seriously hurt sounds like you were really lucky! Check your pm's & like Lodger said Mike at OCD Racing has had experience with said model!

    Bond sends his regards to the the Red Monster for a very speedy recovery!

  20. bad luck about the off nodz, not much you could do about that one, maybe you need som 'frickin lasers' on the front of your bike.

    hope your back on the road soon!