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Rider down (never thought i'd say it)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Androo, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. hit some crazy bumps on the old northern rd heading sth from wisemans ferry... low-sided around 80km/h on a left hander :(

    most annoying was this was the relaxing section home...

    -legs: bit of road rash on left leg (regular jeans didnt do much).

    -arms: very swollen right elbow and wrist (dririder jacket took heaps of
    impact on both arms and shoulders, very good)

    - hands: chunky AGV winter gloves with knuckle protection, no damage (right wrist is very sore though, so maybe something tighter would have helped)

    - feet: A++ for agv racing boots

    - ego: i never thought it'd be me... especially a stupid crash, where i was taking it easy :(

    -bike: left, front, rear fairings mangled, clutch cover, clutch lever, both mrirors and the bracket that holds the left one... left footpeg, gear shifter. bike still drives fine so came out comparitively lucky


  2. mate sorry to hear

    glad your all in one peice tho.
  3. Bad luck mate. any idea why you went down?
  4. Bugger, glad you're not too badly hurt. My dri-rider saved me last week, amazing what they can take. Ego's get repaired though, mine's almost like new!
  5. Not good, Androo. At least you're relatively OK, and there isn't too much damage to both you and the bike. Just goes to show, it can happen to anyone, anytime....
  6. No good mate, sorry to hear about your off. Take it easy and hope you mend quickly.
  7. my dri rider and gloves (and helmet) saved me in my accident. i wasnt as lucky as you to have had boot on at the time.

    sorry to hear about the bike man. happens to the best of us. take it easy the next few days cause 80kays is pretty hard to hit the tarmac at. hope you have a speedy recovery.

    did you see a doctor?
  8. Thanks guys! I always hate reading the rider down threads, it's so depreassing.

    I think I went down for a few reasons - damn pirelli diablos that don't warm up, cold roads, suspension not soft enough for nsw roads (stock settings though)..

    but most of all, i should've seen the bumps before i got to the corner and slowed down heaps.. it was a 90 zone, i was going 80 when i hit the corner and it was like.. bump bump bump bump BANG..

    i slid for a surpringly long time too, i actually landed on my left leg, then flipped over and bounced along on my right arm :?

    hope you're all wearing proper gear, mine definitely saved my life as i know it :)
  9. i hope you saw a doctor mate. after my accident i was walking on a knee i didnt know was broken. ok hobbling not walking.
  10. Just shows how ANYONE can go down, no matter how simple the cause or so (cejay, Im still hurting each time I think of your off my friend!)

    I find these posts semi depressing but also heart warming to see the people who care, giving support and knowing others pretty much know what you are going through.

    Posting with my off saved a LOT of extra heart ache for sure. Dont be scared to post your up/down feelings, its all for the greater good.

    And on that note, the 2 mogadons Ive had a while ago are kicking in, Haven't been able to sleep with the 100000 thoughts going through my head each second when Im in bed, trying to relax.

    Best of luck with everything
  11. Sorry to hear about the off :(

    Yeah make sure you get an x-ray, I thought i just sprained my wrist when i came off and it turned out to be broken, you don't want wrists and stuff to heal badly cos you'll have problems with it for the rest of your life so you better get it checked out.
  12. Remember that Androo?!?

    Sorry to hear about your off mate. Get yourself checked out. Wrists break/fracture easily.

    Any off sux mate! Commiserations.
  13. Gah!
    Glad your ok!

    I live in Baulkham Hills man, and I love the Wiseman's run... I usually go harder on the way home though 'cause I'm in a much better mood after lunch at the wiseman's pub :D

    Yeah bumps.

    I take it easy in lots of places where my mate's go harder because I have ZERO confidence in Sydney roads.
    On good tarmac, I'll ride to the limit sure - but you never know when some council worker cared more about lunch than the job at hand.
  14. That sucks Androo, heal fast dude.

    I guess the next purchase will be some Hornee Jeans?
  15. Bugger bloke, sorry to read about that :cry:

    Maybe the rear rebound set a bit too tight? the Cat used to "wind up" in bumpy corners, until I slackened off the rear rebound rate, the original owner had it set so every consecutive bump would compress the spring/shock, but the shock couldn't recover and stay in contact with the road.

    The benefits of a track day with an ex-stay upright instructor available to help :wink:

  16. quite possibly :)

    i do (and i stand by that :p).. just didn't follow my own advice well enough :(
  17. Sorry to hear Androo.

    I had my first in 15 years about 8 weeks ago and my second about 2 weeks ago.

    Goes to show you never know.
  18. Get well soon Androo...
  19. sorry to hear about your off mate, but glad to hear you're alright.
    yeah you never know when it will happen.

    I'm considering deliberatelty crashing on the 250 so theoretically it means I will have less chance of crashing on the Hornet.......
  20. Sorry, to hear about the off - hope you and your bike make quick recovery - glad you had most of your gear on.