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Rider down! (needs trailer urgently)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. Does anyone have a bike trailer I can borrow (preferably tomorrow)?

    I need to get my bike from Craigeburn to VTRbob's place, in Chadstone, to finish fixing it (i had an off yesterday, broken indicator and fork seal).

  2. Hi mate, Sorry I don't have a trailer to help you out. I'm sorry to hear about your off. I hope you are ok.

  3. Thanks Lids :) Im ok, a few bruises and very sore ankle. probably just a bad sprain but still havent got it checked out.
  4. Sorry to read about the off, hope all gets fixed soon (you first, then bike)
    I have a trailer, but it doesn't float so can't help you :(

    Hope somebody offers a lift for the bike soon.

  5. Hopefully you aren't getting the following day extra dose of pain.

    If you can't manage to find a trailer then calling Bike Logistics, Cychaul Motorcycle Transport or one of the others in the transport links might be able to help.


    And don't forget about the Bike logistics discount for netriders listed on the partners page.


    But hopefully we can find a ute or trailer for you.
  6. Most servo's that have hire trailers have a bike trailer or a cage trailer that could do the job just bring a ramp with you.
  7. Yep, I've used a mobil one to retrieve an ill motorcycle. If it's fork seals and an indicator, can you just ride it?

    If you hire or borrow a trailer, you'll need tiedowns. Unless you're very good with knots, rope doesn't work well enough.

    Kmart and supercheap both have pretty cheap ratchet tiedown straps.

    On a bike trailer, you just need to run a strap from each lower fork leg clamp to a suitable point. tighten it down enough to compress the forks a bit.

    First time I did it, I put straps from the handlebars as well. Not a good idea, because with two tiedowns on each side, and very little stretch in the straps, its hard to keep them all tensioned, and the loose ones tend to come off.

    You might like to also throw a rope or strap over the seat to stop it bouncing about.
  8. I'd help ya out if I could mate, but unfortunately my trailer is in NSW at the moment.

    Sorry to hear about your off, hope you get everything sorted out quickly.
  9. Is there anything worse than having your bike JUST not quite rideable????? Don't you just hate that?
    Hope your quest for a trailer is sucessful, pal, but get that ankle checked out toot sweet, shouldn't leave those sorts of things too long.
    With reference to the fall, I'd express some sympathy, but actually it's just God getting you for all those terrible jokes you post!!! (Just kidding)!!!
  10. If you have nobody else then I will make the long drive, I have either a One Tonne Van or a 3 Bike Trailer. As I am in Beaconsfield its a bit of a hike, but happy to help out a fellow biker.

    Just send me a PM when you have a plan etc.
  11. It's imperative that you get any injuries checked out asap in case you need TAC coverage down the track!

  12. Goodonya xxsteve!!

    That's one offer from hobart, and one from Beaconsfield

    Surely someone closer tho :-k

  13. Thanks for the tips guys, hoping I can get a trailer closer than Beaconsfield else it may cost more in petrol than hiring one :(

    Its not rideable, the forks are spewing oil over the place. Im suffering withdrawral symptoms so bad!!!!! I need my bike back (and my foot fixed) ASAP people!!!
  14. I second this motion. I had an accident, actually the silly b!%ch driving the car had the accident I just happen to get in her way...apparently my patch of rode was prettier than hers so she just had to have it...it also appears that headchecks, indicating, and common f'@*#'n courtesy are to much to ask..... Sorry, I do digress... :(
    Anyhoo I didn't put in a TAC claim, (apparently it has to be lodged within one year of the accident), as I thought all the x-rays and stuff at the time would have turned up anything that was wrong. Two years later and my knee is still slightly swollen and quite painful at times, but then it does make a really cool clicking sound....... that's a good thing... right? 8-[
  15. Thanks for the offer Steve, but we ended up just hiring a trailer.

    She's not a happy camper now though, got her bike home to my place. Eswen sorta helped to take the fairings off then sat down with her gammy leg to wash and polish said fairings only to turn around ten mins later to see me holding both her forks in my hands.
    With a whimper she said something about my poor bike, and i hate you !! and hobbled off inside

    Now i just have to give her hourly reports as to my progress at fitting the new seals and when she can go for a ride !!
    As well a go to work like normal !!

    :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL:
  16. :? Aren't you repairing the bike? Its not like fixing a set of forks is solely accomplished by cleaning fairings...... :? :? :? :? :?

    She must be upset because she doesn't have a Honda. Or perhaps her mobile rang again in that instant and she forgot what she was doing again. :D :p :LOL:
  17. Oh she is so going to either kick you or throw more popcorn at you !!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. No problems, I would have been happy to drive and pick the bike up for you. Anyway glad every thing worked out and the bike made it, good luck with the repairs.
  19. Hes not reparing it, hes stringing it out so he can revel in having a sexy kawasaki in his garage for once.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Suzuki FTW