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Rider down near Lobethal (SA)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 7THSIN, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. A work friend of mine lost his Red '96 ZX6 today about 5 mins out of Lobethal. He had been on the bike about 2 months and rarely 'pushes it' in the hills. This can happen to any of us.

    Thanks to everyone (some riders may frequent here) who stopped and helped out, he is in Modbury Hospital moving and talking and looks like he'll be A.O.K

    The whole front end of the bike was wedged under the guard rail and we had to dig the ground out from underneath it to remove the bike, looks to be a write-off, the motor has been pushed back and up forcing the tank to tear out of its mounts.

    It was a bit of a reality check for a few of us who had been silly all day up to when this happened :shock: We are but mere mortals.

    The bike after we dug it out, you can see the hole beneath the rail.
  2. :( that sucks dude, did he have insurance? what were the circumstances that led to him binning it?

    very nice looking bike too (..was) :oops:
  3. well memories from when i rode lobethal, birdwood etc etc that bike is just suffering a minor scratch.
    Most off's in that area are usually far worse.
  4. Yeeuck, that bike IS toast. Fortunately the rider isn't.

    Reality check indeed. News.com.au is reporting that a 26 year old motorcyclist was killed this morning after running wide on a corner and colliding with the back of a taxi. This took place on the Sunshine Coast in Qld.

    Be careful out there, peoples.
  5. Yeah he's got insurance but I know he'll be cut up when he sees the bike, it's been the love of his life from day 1.

    From what we could gather he entered the cambered left hand sweeper too fast and didnt have the confidence to push the bike further over to make it. When I speak to him again I'll see if he knows what happened.

    Most off's up Lobethal way are worse yes, with the speeds bikes can reach along those roads its no wonder why either.
  6. glad to hear he's alrite.........is he a learner? or you mean 2 months on the zx 6?
  7. jeez, bright sunny day and dry road too, maybe it wouldn't have happened if it had been raining! Best wishes to the rider.....
  8. Ouch! the bike is a mess. I hope your friend gets well soon.
  9. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Bikes are replacable people aren't! If he can learn something from this unfortunate incident it may prevent an encore!
  10. Hope your mate gets better soon, the bike looks like it was well looked after :)

    Like they say, rest, recover and remount :D
  11. He's had his licence for years, but hasnt been on a bike for years either..
    Picked up the Zx6 after much encouragement from us at work... :?

    He should be home by now, but I imagine he'll be having a few days off work :p

    I've got first dibbs on the motor too if I can get it :wink: 600cc go-kart :twisted: :twisted:

    Thanks for all your kind words people, I'll be sure to pass this link onto him to check out.
  12. Well my friend will be in hospital for the rest of the week it seems,

    He's got a collapsed lung and 2 broken ribs.
  13. Yeuuck. Not nice. Give him our best, please.