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Rider Down - Monash Hit and Run

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by thetramp64, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. I had the fun of stopping this morning at a "rider down" on the Monash.
    About 8:15 not far from Bourke rd.
    The rider is (I think) OK, just a badly wrenched / bruised knee. His bike a blue Honda looked "repairable".

    The purpose of my rant, and I state here I don't know who caused the accident, nor who was at fault, is the motherless piece of low-life pond scum, who (from witness accounts at the scene) was driving the newish, silver Ford Sedan that hit the rider.

    The impact was hard enough to rip the power mirror out of it's housing, mounting and all. There will also be I would wager a largish scrape / scratch down the cars side. Probably with blue paint embedded.

    This aforementioned arsewipe then TOOK OFF, leaving the rider and another car to pick up the pieces.
    What I am hoping is that someone saw him, knows him or karma be praised notices him. If anyone does please I.M me and I will send his details to the constabulary.

    I ask. What kind of low life motherless deviant oxygen thief collects a rider and leaves them in an unknown state in the middle of the fu#$kin' Monash freeway in peak-hour? Got me, although I would love to meet him. :?

    Oh and the constabulary have some details, make model and a partial rego, so they might get him first. I'd suggest some serious charges will follow.
    I'll be talking to him (the rider) in a day or so and will update this.

    Update: 27/11

    The coppers have the guy, an uninsured student driving the "Brother in Laws" car!
    The rider is bruised sore, will have some weeks off work, but is home.
    Could have been a lot worse!
  2. Leaving the scene of an accident blah blah blah... the cops should be informed, Sometimes Panel beaters can be an invluable source of information...

    And when people are up for big charges (Leaving the scene or hit and run) the cops start to show some interest.
  3. That's terrible.

    The hit-and-bail is just disgusting.
    Best wishes to the rider, I hope he's back to full health asap [and his bike too!].

    So was the mirror housing left at the scene?

    *Ktulu wonders if Datadot security has helped nab anyone who left a part of their car at the scene of an accident yet...*
  4. good point. i certainly hope so.

    hope the bastard gets all he deserves.
  5. Man...on a freeway...this could have been a lot worse very easily.
    Glad the rider is relatively O.K. Hope the driver gets a hefty penalty.
    Sounds like there's enough evidence to find them.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. +1 on typhoons comments, hope he is ok. Regardless of who was at fault leaving the scene is pretty despicable.
  7. Some people just never seem to learn. But I reckon I could get the message through to most with a hammer. :evil:

    His fault or not, see someone fall and not help is a fcuking low act. :evil:
  8. Now that is one interesting question.... I think it may have been, but as the Constabulary and the Ambos were "doing thier thing" I left. But tonite going home......mmmmmmm
    (Well after the Friday southbank coffee if i get there...)
  9. A mate of mine was in a hit and run with a silver ford the other day (black CB250 in maryibynong).

    80% sure he said it was a silver ford.. may be something a lot more suss going on?

    I'll get more details and update later.
  10. Cool, appreciated. I've updated my original post. See above.
  11. Good to hear that the responsible party has been identified.
    Going to be a bugger getting the bike covered with no insurance on mister pondscum, do we know if the book will be thrown at him (Leaving the scene of an accident etc)

    Just out of interest did you find out how mister pondscum was identified?
  12. Ah Mr Falcon Lord... Yeah turns out the losing w@nker came back and was a "lurker" at the scene. I saw Mssrs Plod talking to some lurkers and one was him....:)
    Yes I believe from talking to the riders wife that he has been charged, leaving the scene, dangerous driving etc... Will keep updated.