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Rider down - me

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Drew, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Yes i have joined the injured list...... before even getting the bike:(

    slipped on some whet concrete today and fel twisting my left arm. Expected to take at least a week to get better.

    So when i get my bike next weekend i still will be unable to ride it ti the Doc says OK :evil: :evil: :evil:

  2. Dill.


    Wasn't any diesel there by any chance?? :-k
  3. sounds like the new fad is people getting injured not being on bikes!

    be careful people.... when not on the bike :)
  4. no just plastisised paint on concrete.... just as good as Diesel i'd say. :evil:
  5. So, did you pick the wrong line? Walked into the corner too hot? Chicken strips on your shoes? Bald shoes? Ran out of walking talent?
    What have you learnt from this experience that you could post for the benefit of fellow walkers?
  6. Truth be know Drew was prob to busy pervin on some bird walking by in next to nothing. Didnt want to admit it in case it landed him in the dog house, so made up this pittyfull excuse :LOL:
  7. :p Been walking long mate!!!!![/quote]
  8. its funny how a person puts shit on a bike but does not even ride yet. how many years has it been drew. i guess all the HD riders are have the last laugh now.
  9. See what I mean, walker training these days is pathetic.
    The Govmint should subsidise advanced walker training. Perhaps some shoelace maintenance as well, you know, just the simple stuff.
    We dont pay a walking levy for nothing you know :p

    Why hasnt the MRAA done anything about walker training?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

    Bloody MRAA :rofl:
  10. I think it's quite obvious that speed was the problem here. I expect to see a charge of Negligent Walking fairly soon, as we know from experience that it's not possible to 'slip' without the walker being either drunk or speeding. The hooning laws need tightening, I mean, just about every day I see people out running for gawds sake. Sometimes in groups! If that's not the most blatant case of 'path racing' racing I don't know! I've even noticed that some evenings, people walk out of pubs and clubs and are drifting too!

    The sooner the government does something the better. Think about the children!
  11. You're all a pack of clowns :LOL:
  12. who is the best clown of all loz
  13. get well soon. :wink:
  14. Drew, you've got to look THROUGH the corner, and when all else fails, LEAN, LEAN, LEAN.

    I take it you were wearing proper gear, or were you squiddin'??? :LOL:
  15. See what happens when you get shod with those cheapo KT26's. Spend the money to get decent Nikes.
  16. Ooh I'd say Vic and Cejay for the tie here!
  17. omg. what a silly one!!

    but then, i almost fell down the stairs at work!! at least I would get a payout I guess :)
  18. It was a low side. So he must have leaned too much.
  19. yeah it was a lowside alright!! :( must have run out of grip and it just dumped me to the ground

    no i wasn't squidding, lucky it was cold and i had my woollen jacket on... only reason i'm not suffering gravel rash.

    As for safety tips to other unsuspecting walkers..

    When at commision highrise buildings... do not walk on the shiny painted concrete in the wet

    And no there wasn't a hot looking bird:p i was meeting a client for work (thats gonna get me another set of ribbin' i can tell)and did this right in front of her

    As for the biggest clown...... maybe the one who has to justify why he got a HD all the time?? :LOL: :LOL: <-- yes this means it's a joke