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Rider Down - Me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mygen7, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Unfortunately yet another rider down...this time me :(

    Was riding along Burke Road, Ivanhoe just before 1am and as I'm coming onto the overpass that crosses over the Eastern Freeway and I felt a strong cross wind so I braked to slow down but obviously not in time as I got thrown off the bike...hit my head a couple of times and a nasty tear in the right shoulder of my jacket but the main damage to me was some nasty grazes to my knees and thigh (my jeans - not draggins - took most of the brunt). Thankfully a passer by stopped - Ben & he was a qualified first aid guy, got my bike off the road and checked to make sure that I was alright. He called an ambulance which then took me off to the Austin, where I've been up until now! At this stage no internal bleeding/damage, just really sore knee's, thigh and hip and some nice gravel rash to go along with it.

    Funnily enough it was the first time I had ridden in the rain but it wasn't that rain/wet that got me...the wind totally took me by surprise :(

    Anyways off to bed now as I'm sure I'll be pretty sore in the morning!

    EDIT: Have posted up two pictures.

  2. Glad you are OK... or at least well enough to write!!

    Wind can be bad and I do know where it happened... this bit of the road can get very windy... i got blown off a CT110 there... and I was prepared for the wind!!! a suden stronger gust caused me to rapidly change direction and I went straight into the gutter!!
  3. I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident.
    I used to travel that road every day.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  4. Yup,know the feeling(sorta)...been blown across the road but stayed upright(Whew)having a (heavy) Guzzi & pillion probably saved my arss...
    Btw,3 to 4 pain killers before bed will ease the soreness...
  5. The wind is not nice. I still remember the 1st time I had to go over the Westgate and my god it was blowing a gale!

    Was not a nice feeling.

    Hope you're all okay.

  6. Sorry to hear about your fall.....get well soon!

    Indeed, the irony of being on restrictions for L's and P's because it is......safer? :shock:

    250's weigh around 150kg.

    Unless we are talking Sport Bike rockets (eg GXR600, CBR600RR etc) - my 600 weighs around 190kg wet and I often murmur thank you to my bike when faced with strong winds.....I feel safe and secure even when going over the westgate.....oh yeah, that can be fun!

    So why is it all about power restrictions and/or the belief that light bikes are safer?
    I would rather have more tyre on the tarmac (which comes with bigger bikes)

    I sometimes ride my girlfriends CBR250RR and I feel SOOO much safer on my bike than hers.....and certainly, I would feel abit unsure about taking her bike over the westgate.
  7. Yeah i know that area well too, the wind just appears out of nowhere and catches you completly by suprise.

    Sorry to hear about your off but glad to hear that you're ok.
  8. Mate what rotten luck, i hope you heal up qucikly and get yourself to the bike shop for a pair of Draggins, at least.

    I can honestly say you are the first person I've heard of who's actually been blown off the bike; I echo fonda's remarks, 250s are light, but sometimes that's not an advantage.
  9. Get well soon!! and try to get back on yer bike like nothing happened...just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I ride the Westgate daily..the wind is a real bugger.
    One reason I opted for a steel framed bike.
  10. Wind gusts can be nasty, good to hear you're okay. Hope your bike's not a total write-off.
  11. Lucky Gale :)

    Sorry to hear about your off, hope you heal quick :)

  12. Funny Farker!!!! Very quick, i like it.

    As for the off, sorry to hear about that.... I usually grip with my legs a lot more in the wind and that helps heaps.
  13. Sorry to hear mate.

    I hope you heal quickly.

  14. Hope you heal real quick and the bike can be all fixed up
  15. Good to hear you're in one piece. I was heading down the calder in the wind last sat and might have left a pucker mark or two in the seat!
  16. sorry to hear that, how are you? how much damage did you do?
  17. glad you're ok.
  18. Thanks for all the support guys. Apart from being in alot of pain, I don't think there's any major damage...my whole right side is aching (especially near my hip) and my knees :(

    As far as the bike is concerned I've had a better look at the bike and the left hand side seems to be fine, the right hand side however is far from it...just by looking at it I would say at a minimum the following will need replacing:

    -Handlebar & Brake Lever
    (all right hand side)
    -Front Fairing & Indicator

    Plus probably a few other things that aren't visible...a friend rode the bike home for me last night so it seems to be running okay for the time being, obviously I'll get it all checked out properly before I ride it again - wanna make sure it's safe to ride!
  19. Wow, blown right off yer bike...

    That's mad. I've been shoved across lanes once back when I was a learner, but a gust big enough to toss you right off the back is pretty amazing.

    hope you're ok, that's quite a story!
  20. Loz: It probably wasn't entirely the wind, the way I braked didn't help :(

    Update: I've posted up some pictures.