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Rider down (me Doh!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by agttr, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. So finally decided what new tyres I'm getting for the Hornet and dropped off bike yesterday on the way home from work. Get a call early today that the job's done and I can pick her up. Have to wait for my missus to come home and then drop me off to get the bike back home. In the meantine I'm a little bored at home and take the Spada for a quick run through Olinda/Sassafrass.

    Was a great way to unwind at it's just up the road from me. Missus gets home and she drops me off at the shop. Brand spanking new tyres look great on her, (the bike, not the wife) went with the BT-016's. Told to take it easy for the first 30/40 k's so no dramas from me as I'll take a simple route home. Leave the carpark onto Dorset Rd and avoid the back streets as I'm keen to just go straight home. Daughter is in the school production I'm seeing tonight and I'll have plenty of time to acquaint myself with the Hornets new treads another time.

    Not even five minutes later and I'm taking it easy turning left onto Boronia Rd when the rear spins out from me and I'm sliding on my backside while my pride and joy is sliding away from me. While sliding I'm on my arse watching sparks fly and hearing the scraping sound of the bike grinding to a halt. Once I stopped testing my Draggins, I'm on my feet cursing myself, remove my gloves and hurl them towards my bike in disgust (with myself, as there was no other contributing factor here). I rip my helmet off and gently place it on the ground (hey they're not cheap).

    A number of drivers stopped and asked if I was ok and they offered help to move my bike, which I accepted so a MASSIVE thumbs up to them. Good to know that even in peak hour some people don't just view you as an inconvenience to their trip home. So after I've waved people around my mess I push the bike to relative safety near footpath. The two drivers that helped, offered to drive me home. That wasn't necessary as the Hornet was still rideable. Rang home to let my wife know I'll be a few minutes late. One of the drivers followed behind to make sure I got home without any problem and once there, got him a coffee to calm his nerves. I was perfectly fine but he was a nervous wreck. He was driving behind me when it happened and he mentioned that he lost a close mate two years ago who crashed his bike.

    Anyway, very happy to say that apart from a grazed knee I'm as good as I've ever been. The Draggin cargos ended up exposing the kevlar on the left knee and a bit on the arse, so they've done their job there. Keen on getting leathers though.
    My AGV jacket held up very well as the initial impact and slide was on my left arm/elbow. Now comes with cool scrapes on the leather.
    I always wear motorcycle boots when riding but for some reason I just had a pair of slip on work boots. When I rode the bike up from the shop, I remember thinking, why the f@ck aren't I wearing my boots. Very greatful nothing happened, where they could of slid off. I shudder to think what could of been.
    Helmet, fine as it didn't find contact with anything.

    The Hornet. Left bar end came off. Left frame slider a little bent and ground down a cm or two. Centre stand lost a couple of mill's grinding away on its side. Rear plastic cover near seat (sorry, can't think of its proper name) lost a couple of cm's as well. Headlight cover and glass with scraping on its left side. Clutch lever bent at a 90 degree angle. Left foot peg broken off and a number of other srapings/scratches on the left side.

    I know this has been a long post so thanks for your patience if you've gotten this far.
    I've given what has happened a lot of thought and even though I took it easy on that left hand turn, in the back of my mind I feel I may have given it just the tiniest bit of a squirt to power out of the corner rather than staying on the extremely cautious side. (Happy to hear what others thoughts are on this)

    Very happy to walk away from this unscathed. Yes I do have insurance, and yes, can't wait to get her sorted so I have a chance to tell you how awesome the new treads are.

    Oh, and the play my daughter was in was a shedload of fun. Had a great night.

    Ride on, be safe and have fun.
  2. hey mate, sorry to hear about ur little drop - I did much the same thing not too long ago though in my case, raod was wet and I had muddy tyres and got on the gas toa void a collision with an oncoming car I misjudged....

    What was the road surface like where u went down? Wet at all? Uneven? Slicked from the tyres (smooth glassy bitumen), Concrete, Tram tracks, dust / gravel or off camber (sloping the opposite way to ur turning)...?

    All can be contributors!
  3. Hey jorke_k
    Sorry to hear about the off champ. Well written though and it sure makes you think to take it easy after picking up a bike from the shop. I guess we can never be quite sure whats on the black stuff either, as LearnerFriendly mentioned.
    Also good to hear some friendly cage drivers helping you out too.... makes a nice change!!!
    Glad your ok and the Draggin's did their job.
    Hope you get it back on the road soon!!!
  4. Damn.. sorry to hear of your OFF mate.
    I'm extremely paranoid about new tyres, having seen a few slide out after having new tyres fitted.
    I remember when I got a set of BT-021s on the H6. I spend 10min or so rubbing them down with wet and dry, then a slight wipe with a cloth soaked with thinners :LOL:
    .. I wasn't taking any chances.
  5. Hey jorge sorry to hear about your off, never fun is it. Good to hear there are no major injuries.
    The anger at yourself I can really identify with - had the same thing last weekend, similar stack, with similar damage (but more) and similar reaction last weekend.
    (though my main prob was speed then a dirt patch)

    New tyres - I read kero is very good to remove the coating, used it on mine seemed to work well.
    Friend recently got newies at Bob Jane on Elizabeth St and the guy wiped them down for him, even cleaned his chain(!) That's nice service.

    Anyway as I say, glad to hear you and the bike are mostly alright,
    hope you get her straightened out and get back on soon.
  6. I think there are product to remove the shine that don't damage the tyres. Though my local mechanic told me that if he fits new tyres he will generally scuff them a little big with sand paper to get off the shine.
  7. bad luck on your off :( least you werent hurt and the bike was mostly fine :)
  8. I'm glad you're ok but gee you have to be careful on new tyres.

    A few years ago when I was working at Joe's motorcycles this guy picked up a Blackbird that the mechanics had spent ages on a dyno tuning the carbies and had just stuck new tyres on as well. They kept stressing that the guy should go really easy and get used to the bike as it had picked up about 40 hp with the dyno tune. Anyway this clown jumps on it and gives it a big handful pulling out the driveway to be rewarded with the biggest tank slapper I've ever seen. Somehow he hangs on and makes it to the roundabout then gives it another handful for exactly the same result. We waited out the front for the sound of a big accident but it never happened thank god.
  9. Acetone is what you're after.

    As for taking it easy, yes and no. It is no use taking it easy for 100km, then expecting them to be scrubbed in if you haven't been to the edge of the tyre consistently.

    Reach full lean angles progressively, but do so with neutral body position or even some counter lean at first. Do it with a slightly open throttle, not decellerating or accelerating. Tip it over slowly, rather than throw it in. But lean the fcuker over or how are you going to scrub the tyres in???
  10. were you as spectacular as the other Jorge?

  11. Cheers for the comments guys and yeah, peeved at what happened but very happy to just get up from it. Bike is now at the local shop and assessed for the insurers. As is always the case it seems a little worse than what was expected. Slight damage to the swingarm and other points I didn't pick up on at the time. The ride to the shop was interesting without the left foot peg, but very managable. Today would've been a great day to enjoy the bike but oh well.

    Never actually gave a thought about roughing them up a little with sandpaper. Thought I'd go nice and easy and then progressively lean further and further.

    devotard, I think where I f@cked up was where I accelerated out of the corner instead of maintaining the speed.

    All I can do is wait and see what the insurance company says.
  12. This is the reason that I am a little worried about getting new tyers.
  13. Im picking my bike up on tuesday - it will have new tyres, I share your fear mate. Im new on a 600cc so I am getting an experienced rider to ride the wheels in for me :oops:
  14. Just take it nice and easy to begin with and you guys should be fine.

    Put it down as a learning process and there's no better and safer way to learn than from someone elses screw-up.

    twistandgo, nowhere near as spectacular, but my previous one August last year was closer to it, without so much air.

    VCM, was going to go for the 021's, how are you finding them? Me, I'm still keen on getting full value out of mine.

    LearnerFriendly, to be honest I can't say there was anything unusual about the corner as I've ridden through there a shedload of times. Just dumbass bad luck/inexperience with new tyres.

    rdkls, sorry to hear about yours, hope no damage to yourself.
  15. Ah mate, that fcuking truly sucks, it's such a nice bike!! I have just replaced my tyres too (front about two weeks ago and back about three) on the Sachs as I got a puncture in the rear tube. I wanted to scrub that one in first rather than replace both at the same time and I am glad I did to be honest - it's hard enough to concentrate on one wheel let alone both; I'd have been like fcuking Bambi on the ice. I just took it REALLY easy for the first 50kms or so but riding back from the CBD both times it felt like riding on glass so after each replacement I went and rode round the gravel carpark at the Whitten Oval for half an hour and that scuffed them up really well. That and taking the Bolte loop repeatedly and gradually increasing the speed worked well. I put Pirelli Diablos on and I have to say they are brilliant imo. Much better than the Michelin that were on it. Glad you came off lightly.
  16. Just went for a haircut at my local barbers and as it's on that same corner, they mentioned they saw it and came out to make sure I was alright. Once they saw me throwing the gloves and cursing myself they realised I was ok and as others were checking on me went back inside. Had no idea it was me.

    Asked them how it looked and they mentioned I was airborne as I let go of the bike once it threw me. That really suprised me as I thought I had just went for a slide. I'm guessing as the rear slid out it then gripped and decided to tell me in no uncertain terms, get the eff off. They mentioned the road was slightly wet but in all honestly it didn't look it. I'll still put this down as my mistake as I was the only one in control of the situation. Not looking for an excuse but a way I can learn from this.

    Very happy to know they're super sticky and if all goes well I'll be back on her once everything is sorted. Oh well, back on the Spada for me.

    Cheeba, I'll be on the lookout for a bit of a rough carpark now.

    In the meantime, ride on, stay safe and have a shedload of fun.
  17. You didn't say if or not you damaged the tank? That can add a bucket-load of cost to repairs :(.
  18. Can remember

    I traded my old bike in for a new one in January this year and the day that i went and picked it up wasn't to bad but about 20 minutes before i got to the bike shop it started to rain.

    So there i was new bike with brakes not bedded in and new tires full of wax i think i took every corner on the way home at like 5kms a hour lol.

    I did have one little slip when i got to a cobbled stone shared part near shops but it was just a minor spin and collected it up alright, it was enough to make me focus on the task at hand getting new bike home in one peice.
  19. New tyres are evil if the shop doesn't have the decency to remove the mold release compound prior to fitting them.

    Southbank BMW = Guilty of the above practice :mad:
  20. Had a bagster cover on it so no scratches :grin: but once I took it off noticed that the clutch had pushed into it :( , needless to say its been added and you're right on the cost there hornet. Bike has been quoted and it never staggers me how high it can go.

    It's insured for a decent amount but a large part of me is keen on having her back. Should find out how it all goes early in the week.