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Rider Down (me) BANGR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bangr, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Howdy , I thought I would post it before any one else. Me and the Buell made a decision today to have a little lay down .

    I stuffed up , or one could say was a nob head , I went around g coming up to a left hander and just over cooked it , From there it was ooohhh f&^% and out wide and a lay down on the other side of the road ,.

    No damage realy to the Bike and I aam just a little tender in the left shoulder .

    Other than that a great ride today with Scumbag and the ussaul suspects.

  2. Jesus, is there some sort of curse on netriders at the moment? :shock: :?

    Glad you're relatively OK. Hope the shoulder heals up quick. :)

    Take care peeps! :)
  3. Does this ever end? What a fugged weekend...
    Jeeezaz !!
    Good to hear you're ok though....
  4. What do you mean at the moment?
    There have more offs than ons on netrider rides.
    btw get better soon bangr
  5. Hope you're feeling better buell soon, bangr!!!!
  6. Good to hear you are ok Brendon!!

  7. ?

    How did this post arrive in the "Racing and Motorsport" category?
    :wink: :LOL:

    Our premiums are going to be rather unsightly by the end of summer. Glad you're ok and the bike is rideable.
  9. Sorry to hear about your off mate :(

    Good to hear both you and the bike escaped with minimal damage though :)
  10. Ouch! Glad to hear you're ok! Go see an osteopath about your shoulder.

    This week/weekend has been really gone the big kahoona with netriders huh?
  11. Yes, Osteo is the go... :cool:
  12. Thank all , from the NOB HEAD
  13. not a great week or two for netriders at all!

    Speedy recovery for all and their bikes too.
  14. Sorry you came unstuck... but good to hear you survived the off without serious injury and the bike isn't too badly damaged :)
  15. Glad to hear your okay. Lets hope we can all stay rubber side down for a while [-o<
  16. Geez, I come back from a nice weekend away (no bike) to see there has been some carnage amoung the netrider clan to say the least......

    Wishing you and your bike a speedy recovery Bangr. Glad your pretty much ok

  17. geeze im packing my 4 leaf clover, rabbits foot, pentagram, all my good luck charms, into my jacket pockets before i leave today....

    Ill probably end up with them giong through my lung or something but its the thought that counts :LOL:

    Sorry to hear bout your off, glad your pretty much ok :)
  18. Mate glad ya OK, but thank God it wasn't the zxr 750 ya dropped...... only the Buell :cry:

    just joshin.... I got a soft spot for Kwaka's
  19. Crikey. Glad you're ok.
  20. WHOOPSIE!!!!!

    No good Bangr