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Rider down in Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gabak, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Hi all a rider has gone down just behind me while i was travelling down Moorebank ave (sydney) today i just wanted to know if anyone knows if he or she is okay heard the braking and saw ambulance come racing down. The wife saw rider on the ground as she was travelling in the cage a couple of km's behind me.

    I tell ya Sydney cage drivers are the worst.

  2. What's the connection between a rider coming off his bike behind you, when you only HEARD it happen, and whether or not Sydney car drivers are bad or not???
  3. i ride the same streets and roads as this rider and i know how the idiots on these roads are. Every day this week i have atleast had 2 incidents each day where i almost came off and i think that if i was 5 or 10 seconds late today it could of been me.
  4. I know the road well, mate, I work in kaleski, just off church, just off Moorebank. I travel it to and from work each day, and during the day. With people turning off it to both right and left, a narrowing lane coming off the M5 overpass, the slip lane up to Moorebank shops, etc etc, you certainly have to have your wits about you.

    But I also see a couple of motorcyclists travelling that same road every day at well over the limit, and taking the consequent risks. I just think it's too simplistic to say automatically that if a bike crashes it must have been a car driver's fault.
  5. I understand and i never said it was the cage drivers fault i just stated that sdney drivers are the worst
  6. Hornet are you in a bad mood?
  7. do you know what type of bike it was gabak?
  8. no not yet familar with all bikes types
  9. no, pete, full of the milk of human kindness, as always. :D

    I DO think we tend too easily to blame the cars, as I said, but I take your point gabak, sorry if I gave offence.

    If you see a grey Hyundai Elantra with QLD plates on Moorebank Ave., you're quite safe, I'm not a Sydney driver, I live in Wollongong :LOL:
  10. don't be sorry. It's healthy to offend people sometimes. Get up him!
  11. its just got worse last week and this week i think as it get closer to christmas driver are getting dumber and dumber. I think they are trying to beat last years chritmas death toll
  12. Keep your eyes wide open around Moorebank/Wattle Grove... 10pm last Wednesday I was riding home and at the entrance to Wattle Grove a motorbike was sideways on the roundabout... the scary thing was the ambulance crew were in the middle of the 'large' roundabout amongst all the bushes and the stretcher was out too. Hopefully the bushes cushioned the rider coz it looked like he/she was airborne for a couple metres.

    There was a young pr1ck with his cage at a weird angle across the roundabout and the cops were talking to him.

    Just becoming a common theme around this area as we have a lot of young families with kids just getting licenses...

    Regards, Nick
  13. I think the M5 has a lot to do with that; people are still driving at M5-type speeds in the first few kays when they come off it......

    But this period seems to bring out the worst of road behaviour anyway!!!
  14. To compound matters I think you will find this week and early next week particularly busy on the roads as a lot of people will be at work as they will start their leave at Xmas or the start of the school holidays. Please also be extra careful tonight. It's Friday, Xmas parties are already starting and there will be a quite few more heroes on the road who have been well and truly fueled up and ready to do the most unexpected things whether they are in control or not!
  15. Hope the guys alright anyways, been up and down there a few times today myself...

    As for sydney drivers being the worst i have to disagree... Ive driven around alot of places and id say sydney drivers are about the best... I think they speed alot more and break more road rules but generally theyre driving and ability to negotiate intersections is well above average for me...
  16. :shock: :p :wink:
  17. IT'S NOT MY CAR, it belongs to the company, you snide beggar! :LOL: