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Rider down in RNP this afternoon

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RaindancerAU, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. He was fine - seemed uninjured - but I thought I'd post about this due to the interesting and exasperating thing that happened to his bike.

    /story mode

    Driving through the RNP for the scenic drive between Stanwell and Bulli that my gf had never experienced (to go bike riding / visit relos at Bulli & Towradgi / go for a swim to avoid the 40+ degrees it was going to be where I live).

    Last 3-4 kms of the road in RNP, there is a 35km/h marked right hander, that goes uphill after the apex. A lady was standing a few metres past the apex giving the "slow down" wave. It was then I noticed two guys standing in a 5-6 foot deep ditch, struggling to pull a bike out of it.

    We pulled over behind the other couple's car and ran on down to help. The bike was all black, with no markings I could see except for a Honda logo and on the muffler it was stamped "NSR 150 SP" - I think.

    Anyway this poor guy had come off the bike, the bike continued to slide into this deep ditch with sheer walls on 3 sides and a very steep, foliage and big rock strewn path being the only path we could lift the bike through.

    While the three of us were struggling with this, my gf and the other female were waving at every bike and car that came through (there was a LOT of traffic that day) but they either did not slow down / look, or looked and drove off. Two bikes eventually did pull up - one a grey Ducati Monster and the other was a Kawasaki Green sports bike of some sort (In the excitement I forgot to check it out).

    The gear lever had deformed and we couldn't get it into neutral. With 5 of us, we managed to get it out of the ditch and maybe 4-5 metres up the path (which seemed to be a water run off from the hill that this was at the base of). The dirt and foliage was extremely slippery, the dirt was silty and we all ate a good chunk of it as it kicked up into the air. T

    he owner called it quits when we hit some particulary large rocks further up the slope. We prolly had another 5-6 metres to get it to a point where it would be a downhill path back to the road.

    The two other bike riders told us we could move on and they had about 6 friends coming along to help 'em out. I ran to the car to grab my camelbak to offer them a drink, but turned around and they had produced a 1.5 litre bottle from somewhere :LOL:

    So for anyone riding the RNP in future - watch out on the 35km/h marked right handers (heading to Stanwell from Audley) that are close to the end of the RNP!! At least one of them has a right bastard of a ditch that will swallow your bike if you ain't careful :p
  2. Must have been a rotten ditch if you couldn't get a light little 150 out of it!

    And, yeah, the RNP is not a road to be taken lightly, especially at the Wollongong end.....
  3. From your description, it looks like its either Scrambles corner or Mud Monkey "oh shit" corner ! :LOL:
  4. :LOL: I doubt any sentence, paragraph or essay I could construct would ever do this nasty piece of work justice :LOL:

    It was perfectly bike sized, too deep / sheer to lift the bike straight out of it and about 2 feet from the shoulder of the road.

    I found the bike quite light, but we needed people positioned strategically to stop it from sliding back down while the others tried to find secure footing to move the bike another foot or so further up the slope.

    Was quite a rush though - I was ready to keep going, but the owner I think really needed to sit down, have some water and regain his composure. Poor dude .....
  5. there was another rider down several days ago at the RNP:

    Posted: Mon 15 Jan 07

    oroadsports forum

    "...At the first corner after the entrance to the RNP there was a badly banged-up Red CBR-RR (not sure if it was a 1000 or 600) and a car with some damage to the right headlight and front quarter panel. Shocked

    Rider was nowhere in sight, carted off to hospital I guess..."
  6. Thanks for the image twainharte - I've quickly photoshopped it to show where I believe the offending ditch is:


    I forgot to add, that upon approach to the corner I was starting to tell my gf a story about a VL Walkinshaw, driven by a noob-to-rear-wheel-drive driver, that I was following in my Skyline on the first official Autospeed cruise (circa 1999), on that very corner, when suddenly we noticed the woman waving.

    It was a little wet, he was partway through the corner, got a bit nervous and hit his brakes hard. Suddenly the Walkinshaw was broadside to me, but thankfully he recovered and fishtailed / tank slapped his way back into line.
  7. Nah the Scrambles-goes-bush corner is on the downhill chicane after one of the 80km/h sections.
  8. I think that was the corner Paul told us was the 'oh shit' corner when we did our newbie south coast run. Good that he's ok, and the bike could have been alot worse by the sounds of it.
  9. Terrible how people just don't care these days...

    People just don't seem prepared to lend a hand these days... Shocking...
  10. Yup - I reckon we are talking about the some ditch. The path we were taking to get the bike out of there was clearly the runoff path for rain water down the hill.