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Rider down - Hornet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Riding through central Wollongong this afternoon, I stopped, but the guy in the Mazda van behind didn't. I got hit and pushed into the rear of the car in front.....
    Fortunately I was only doing about 20kph, but the rear mudguard and indicators, number plate and rego label, plus the hugger/chain guard are all smashed, and the left front indicator is also broken off from falling over to the left. Front tyre scraped a bit of paint off the rear bumper of the car in front, but there's no other damage. Consequently the bike is rideable, but not roadworthy, and timing couldn't be worse because I've just left a job where I had a company car, so I have no means of transport now.......
    I'm ok, no sore neck or anything, and I have the necessary insurance details etc, so tomorrow is going to be on the phone, I guess.
    Not dramatic, but I thought I'd share it with the forum anyway, it's the first time in all my riding that I've been hit by a car, not a nice feeling, as many of you know...

  2. Good to hear you're OK.

    Are you going to lane split now???
  3. damn, sorry to hear this.
  4. That's bad luck, glad you are OK though.
  5. Arrggghhhh, PAUL !! You didn't really HAVE to, just because of last weekends carnage and all....

    That's better news at least.

    The first time...and then up the rear !! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    (Sorry, couldn't help that one...) :LOL:
  6. Yeh Paul, good 2 hear U had no serious injury :wink:
  7. If the roads weren't so narrow you can't fit a cigarette paper between the cars, I would be doing it already! :grin:
  8. Whats the Netrider tally for this month now? :shock: :shock:

    Glad to hear your ok Hornet. Hope your up and riding around again soon!
  9. Sorry to hear that hornet, hope u get your bike back on the road asap.
  10. Sorry to hear of this, Paul.

    Wait until tomorrow before you say it is not sore, though.

    If you are trying to emulate Matt however, you need to chuck it towards the ground and not miss.

    Must be the phase of the moon, or the Dow Jones Index or something.

    Had some tyres squeal behind me as i was coasting to a stop today, causing me to dart up the inside when I wasn't planning on lane-splitting. When I looked back, there was a car with a driver on the phone where I should have been. Not a nice feeling.

    Hope your bike is better soon.

    Oh, and you too.
  11. what a litany of woes these last few days :cry:

    may your repairs be cheap but effective; your next job come quickly and pay well; and your day tomorrow be full of silly giggles that help you forget today!
  12. :shock: What is with everyone being in accidents lately!

    Hope your ok and the bike is back in good shape soon.
  13. Jeebus!! Glad to hear you are alright Paul. Just holla if you need help with anything or transport for tomorrow. I have the day off so don't be frightened to sing out!!
  14. :shock: Jeez... well hope they pay up soon and your back out there :)
  15. What's with this month, I'm beginning to think that maybe I shouldn't leave the house just to be safe. Seriously though sorry to hear about your accident, good to hear you're okay though.
  16. Crickey Paul!! :(

    What are you trying to do? Keep up with the Melbourne riders? Typical Sydney. :wink:
    Always trying to be as good as Melbourne eh?. :wink:

    Sounds like a bit of pain from bumps coming up. Should go see about it though. At your age it pays.

    Hope you get replacement machine soon mate. Ah, perhaps a beemer?????

    Yell out if anyone can do anything for ya.

    Edit. Pat sends regards as well.
  17. Edit due to **mistake**
  18. Talk about peer pressure!

    pity bout the bike but good thing theres no serious injury. hope your back on the road soon :)
  19. typical netrider
    carry on as normal folks

    glad to hear you are well Paul.
    Bikes are replaceable but there's only one hornet.
  20. Jeeze Hornet! There's no need to follow evey trend that starts on this forum! :shock:

    Seriously, I'm glad you're not seriously injured. :grin:
    I wouldn't be too sure about the whiplash at this stage. It can take a few days before it starts to show. Try and have an easy night tonight as the shock can get you later. Caused me to faint at a party the day I was hit. Mind you, I hope nothing presents itself and you are dancing the cha-cha by morning. :)

    As for the bike, well, truth is it's just a machine. You've still got the transport god gave you (legs) so things are looking good all considered. :)

    Good luck with it and take care mate.