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Rider Down- Happy Birthday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jac, May 5, 2005.

  1. Monday may 2 my birthday
    Beautiful day, i thought i'm gonna ride to work cos its such a gorgeous day and i just wanna ride, stuff it its my birthday.
    I cruise along riding sensibly, lapping up the sun and the wind. Not overtaking anyone just hanging back, enjoying the day. '

    I approach an intersection which just happens to split into two lanes. The car i had been travelling behind for quite sometime, who was doing 70-80 in a 60 zone i might add. veers in the left lane while i continue travelling in the right lane. I approach i red light and slowely pull up to prepare for the stop. All of a sudden the elderly driver of the car i had been travelling behind decided to very quickly change lanes and pull in front of me (although he could still right turn from the left lane he was already in). this caused me to have to do a sudden stop.

    I didnt understand why he did that. I women pulled up beside me and commented on how he had behaved. I agreed and looked at the driver via his mirrors. He was looking at me and laughing. I then proceeded to slowely move up the right side of him so i could move up in front of him as i was a little concerned about his actions. Then the lights changed, and the driver of the white mazda which happened to have a disabled lable affixed to the windscreen, steered his car infront of me to the extent that i again had to sudden brake to avoid hitting his car. i then stalled the bike, and was very peeeeeved offffff.

    i restarted her quickly and continued to attempt to turn right, the driver managed to block me so i could not get around the corner. as i revved the bike to take off the front wheel had lifted and by the time i tried to get around the corner although i was practically sideways to try and make the right hand turn i just couldnt do it. another car that was watching what was happening and travelling in the left lane just happened to be a foot to far forward and my front wheel hit. i was thrown from my bike and as i rolled across nepean hwy i watched my bike slide away from me.
    Four cars that had seen what had happened stopped to help me. The driver who caused the accident failed to stop. He just kept going. Didnt even check to see if i was dead or not.

    I expect he just drove away laughing.

    I find this kind of thing unacceptable. We just arnt safe out there. I wanna warn anyone who lives in chelsea - mordialloc to be aware of the old man who like to run bikers of the road.

    My bike is in really bad shape guys , this prick has put me off the road. Im lucky i was covered in leather from neck to toe, no scratches but very sore insides if you know what i mean.

    If anyone has a windsheild for a yamaha fzr250 i would really like to buy it of you.
  2. Huh, mate, sorry about your off, that much for a happy birthday. Oh well, have a good one, as much that is possible given the situation!!!

    That elderly driver, uhmmmmmmmmmm you didn't by any chance have anyithing with his daughter or grandaughter??? :wink: 'cause, it seems to me that he was on the mission to run you down. Oooooh, it just pushes you to make him use that disabled sticker to the max doesn't it???!!! Did you at least get his rego? if you had witnesses maybe they saw a rego or some other detail on the car? Don't just leave it at this, if everything was as you described.

    Hope you get back on the road real soon!!!!
  3. :shock: :? :twisted: what the *assorted expletives*? i hear about things like this all the time, i only wish i was there to persue the car, call the police and have him charged for at minimum dangerous driving, i would be hard pressed not dragging the guy out of the car and belting him no matter his age.

    i hope someone got his rego details, it would be the least the witnesses could do. please give the details of this to the police, if more than one rider reports the same behaviour they'll have to look into it, also if one day he gets caught your event can be added to the list of his criminal behaviour.
  4. Happy Birthday firstly.
    Secondly, don't play chicken with something that weighs in excess of a tonne.
    You may be in the right but it's of no concillation when you are dead.
    Just ride away from them, give them all the room they want because at the end of the day, their car will win the argument.
  5. Hindsight is all very well but I think I would have tried to drop back from this idiot rather than ride up along side him. However, can't say whether that would have been the right thing to do, compared with what you tried to do as I wasn't at the scene.
    I hope for your sake that you are not injured and that your bike is fixed up asap and somebody got the mogrel's licence plate. If I were you, report it to the police as soon as you are able.
  6. A belated Happy Birthday Jac,
    Hope you are ok after your spill, I'll be watching for your nutter driver obviously a local.
    When your back on the road and if you'd like some company PM me I'm always up for a ride
  7. Happy Birthday for Monday Jac!

    Wise words - something to live by. Hope you recover quickly and well.

    It was my birthday on Tuesday (is fate saying dont ride on your birthday!) and I was nearly struck by an elderly driver. I was travelling down an empty left hand lane and he swung from the right without looking [emergency stop]phew[/emergency stop]

    Well, I didn't pull up completely. I had so little time to react I also had to swerve and just tapped the side of his car with my handlebar. When I say 'tapped' it actually caught into his rear door handle so when he drove off (still not having seen me) his door swung open. I had a good laugh as I chased him down for his free lecture on road safety.

    :D :D :D
  8. Jac
    happy birthday for the 2nd....

    what happened sux...

    based on my biking experience
    NEVER EVER trust ANY other road user to do the right thing :evil:
    expect them to do the unexpected
    expect that pedestrian to walk out between the cars
    expect that truck to turn left from the right hand lane
    expect that car/truck/bus NOT to give way
    expect that car to veer across lanes
    (especially if wearing a hat/cap or you can't see their head)

    I hope you have fronted the plod and reported this person
    (and provided witness details)
    The sooner off the road they are...the better :twisted:

  9. Happy birthday Splashfire.... :)
  10. Jac,

    firstly happy birthday and sorry about your accident....

    However...I do have to agree with Nodz.....you probably should have stopped....breathed...relaxed etc....In my experience an adrenaline fueled anger (and yes I do get that as well) places you in danger....Keep away from problems seems to work best......as much as I'd like to smack the sh*t out of stupid drivers...as said above me versus 2 tonnes of car - only one loser.....

  11. Sorry to hear about the off! Certainly not a happy b-day.

    As for parts - head over to www.fzr250.com - someone there may have a spare (a few people are wrecking their spare bikes). Alternatively - wreckers are probably best place. As you have listed it as an R2 I presume it is a 3ln model? Usually lots of places are wrecking them.

    Could also try www.findapart.com.au - enter details and wreckers will e-mail you back with parts and quotes (may take a few days though).
  12. Thanks for the birthday greetings guys.

    The police attended the accident, just so happened that they were driving by and missed the whole thing by about 2 minutes. It appears that there was a polly around when i needed one....

    Perhaps my story was not clear. This happened on the corner of station street and nepean hwy in mordialloc. At a set of red traffic lights. the car was not moving when i attempted to slowely pass him (after he had deliberatly cut in front of me to change lanes for no reason at an already red set of lights). It was when the lights turned green that he again acutely cut in front of me. i then stalled the bike with a sudden stop and when i restarted to take off, that is when i ran into trouble trying to get around the corner to avoid hitting 2 cars. (one being his)

    I agree i should have not tried to pass him at all. If he had not been laughing about what he had done and not looking directly at me through his mirrors. i would have not likely tried to get around him.....

    police got statements from 4 seperate drivers and i hope someone followed him and reported his rego. i'll keep you updated if there is any news on the "grim biker reeper"

    Thanks for the advice of parts too, i need to be back on the road. Cars so suck, im almost ashamed to drive mine lol

  13. Happy birthday Jac, bummer of a way to spend it but at the end of the day the only one who is responsible for your safety is you expect everyone else to do the wrong thing & 9 times out of 10 you won't be disappointed! Glad to hear you're ok!
  14. That's exactly why I park my car across all the disabled parking spots.
  15. Happy birthday and sorry to here about the eeeeeeediot in the sh!tbox cage.
    Has anyone noticed that most people that cut you off then look away when you pull to give them the good ol stare down, its as if they really DO NOT see you at all! Maybe we should all ride naked and someone would actually take some notice. Hopefully some ladies in my case anyway. ahaha.
  16. Happy birthday and sorry to hear about your off... it's good to hear YOU were not hurt to much...

    I have had people deliberatly trying to run me off road several times... the worst one was when a car over took me on the right sholder of the monash freeway in the dark without his lights on in the rain... It was a footy nite and the trafic was bad I was riding in the right line at 60 (with all other trafic) when all of the suden there is a car on my right!!! the car cut me off and slamed on his brakes!!! I managed to go left and line split... and I took his mirror with me :)

    As for your bike... if it is only the windsheild try Screens For Bikes 94693192 or Yamwreck 98078376 (Bruce should have some fairings)
  17. Congrats on the birthday, karma to the driver who tried to take you out.

    The most dangerous aspect of roadrage is not usually what caused the rage but the retalliation and mental energy expended after the initial incident. Be pissed off but then get your head back in gear immediately. Stop and have a breather if that is what it takes.
  18. Road rage

    Sorry to hear about your little problem, but I couldn't agree more with the reply. Statistics would bear it out I'm sure, that a huge percentage of accidents happen when riders/drivers, respond to a situation without thought and while the adrenalin is still pumping.
    It doesn't exactly apply to the situation, but then maybe it does. Mum used to say "Buy in haste - repent at leisure."
    Stop, slow down the heart rate, look at the situation as part of a bigger picture, consider the consequences and then ride on. This will achieve two things.
    1) It will bring you back to a calm frame of mind with the ability to make sensible decisions.
    2) It will ensure that the lowlife who has annoyed you is long gone.
    There now, doesn't that feel better already?
  19. +1
  20. thankyou all for those with constructive advice.

    i do have to say that i never play chicken with cars and am aware of the outcome.... After the accident i have learned that even when i am driving that i now let the freaks pass and allow them to get as far away from me as possible.

    But this topic has been risen because of diliberate smartass attack on a innocent bike rider. And the point of raising it is to warn and advise other riders perhaps newbies like myself of the dangers that you dont need to ride or act like a fool on the road for motorists to be vendictive against us.

    Most drivers are really good with riders but i was unlucky enough to find a lesson worth learning.