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Rider down - far north qld

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. He hasn't posted for a while but Chriso7689 who lives in Mackay,
    had an oop's today.

    He's been in ICU since 12.30 today but is now stable and out , although he is in need of an op .. not much damage other than a ruptured spleen [ read wearing leathers ], and is allergic to most pain killers so he is just taking that as it comes !

    From what he has relayed to me, another bike went down in front of him and while trying to avoid that 'Nicole' spat him off, or he bailed ?? that bit is still fuzzy for him atm

    Out of all three he is the worst off, the other bike and rider where able to continue once the mess had been cleaned up, and 'Nicole' has lost her screen a qtr fairing and an indicator..... woo hoo for oggy knobs ! :)

    You may ask why he let me know? Well up until Dec last year 'Nicole' was mine :cry: So we have kept in contact as a result, after 6 years it was hard to let her go lol

    I'd say he'll be in hosp for awhile, so anyone up that way or passing through, he is in Mackay hosp. I'll get better details as to ward etc tmw.

    For those that have forgotten Nicole :p


  2. Hope he has a speedy recovery and is up and riding nicole soon.
    Never good to hear of a rider down but at least he should be right by the sounds of it, allergic to painkillers, at a time like this thats gotta suck
  3. Sorry to hear, but glad that it was 'minor'. Sucks about the painkillers though!

    So he was so upset about Nicole going down he vented his spleen? :p
  4. Sorry to hear ...
    Hoping for a quick recovery