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rider down - enforcer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by enforcer, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. But not out :!: :twisted:

    Looking forward to a BBQ later in the day, in the Christmas Hills area, it was a good enough excuse to go for a ride in the surrounding areas.

    Got through Kinglake, Black Spur and stopped at Marysville fine even though it started raining and there was a lot of crap on the roads. Decided to do the Reefton Spur, have never done it before, and had a low speed crash not because of rain but because of the crappy loose road surface on a right corner.

    Bike only slid for five metres before stopping, I was going slower because of the rain.


    :evil: Right break lever snapped
    :evil: Back break right foot lever bent
    :evil: Right footpeg snapped
    :evil: Right fairing scratched but not cracked
    :evil: Area in front of mouth on the helmet compressed but not cracked
    :evil: Bruised right leg
    :evil: Bruised right shoulder
    :evil: Bruised right wrist
    :evil: Cut right lip

    I should be up and running soon. Thanks to the guy in the 4X4 who stopped and helped me pick it up. Thanks to Sobil for helping me get the bike up and running again.

    Stay safe people.
  2. Anyone that you walk away from is a good one!!
    Cheers Jason
  3. That's a bit of a shame mate. :( Good to hear you're not too badly banged up. Lets hope you and the bike heal quickly. :)
  4. Sorry to hear about the off, glad you are reasonably ok and hope you get the bike fixed soon. Just a question what gear were you wearing and how did it fare?
  5. Glad your ok and sounds like the helmet did it's job, There should be a sticky made about the condition of the reefton at the moment because it's been catching a few people out and the road surface at the top where they are "fixing the road" is terrible
  6. dam mate
    i hope u back up soon
    we still need to go for a ride to the spur :grin:
  7. Bugger. Not good. Then again not really, really bad either but then that is because you were being smart and riding slowly. Hope you are back up and riding soon.

    Out of interest, the cut lip, did that come from the chin of the helmet getting smashed back into your jaw? We were discussing this the other night because even with a helmet that fits tightly around the cheeks, my helmet can still move enough to touch my jaw. Concerned about this if I have a frontal hit on the helmet. A broken jaw I can do without.

    And, no I don't have a Roger Ramjet jaw. :roll:
  8. jeez Jason, glad you are OK and the mighty Across is not too badly scuffed. Sounds like your gear did its job too, good.
  9. What is it with the 'right' side? Same side as I came off on Friday night :evil:

    Glad to hear your not too badly hurt though. I'm nursing some pretty sore knees at the moment :(

    Hope your back on the road soon!

  10. Not Good mate... Not good at all... Glad your OK
  11. Shark RSF2 helmet - Not cracked but it'll need to be replaced because the mouth area took an impact.

    Daniese leather gloves, don't know exact brand but it has wrist straps and has a Techno Project tag on the inside - Hole in the right palm but no hole in my hand.

    Draggin Jeans - Right side covered in mud.

    Daniese TAGE leather jacket - Elbow area slightly grinded down but no hole. Right arm covered in mud.

    Alpinestars boots - right side slightly grinded, still have all my toes.
  12. Pride... Slight scratch, but no hole.
  13. Same helmet as me, if only I were wearing Draggins :cry:

    At least the rest of your gear is (kinda) still wearable.

    Does the bike run still?
  14. Glad to hear you got out of it in reasonably good shape. Hope the bike is back on the road soon.
  15. Yep, my helmet is a snug fit and I think it still would have caused a cut lip if I had a tighter helmet on.
  16. Sorry to hear about your off mate...

    I was in that area on Sunday with a group and we decided to avoid the spurs altogether... In the drizzly foggy conditions of Sunday morning, it was thought that there was more than a fair chance of black ice - which is bad enough on 4 wheels let alone 2.

    We did notice quite a few guided rides heading the spurs way... hope they all made it.

    Instead we had a lovely ride to the Trawool pub - and the sun came out after Yea leading to a fangosweeporamafest!

    Hope you get fixed quickly bro.
  17. OUCH!!!!!
    Sounds like you were riding safely but the road just got the better of you.

    glad you're not too badly hurt (i.e no broken bones or missing skin).

    Hopefully you heal up ok!
  18. yikes... :( hope you're up and running again soon.
  19. Glad to read your relatively OK, and that the bike is easily fixed up.
    Bugger tho, puts a real downer on the weekend.

    On the bright side, Across parts are easy to find, and you don't need any of your parts replaced.

  20. Sorry to hear Enforcer, Sobil was telling me about it last night. Would have been a bit hairy riding with no brakes.Glad you are ok.
    Hope to see the bike back up and running ASAP.