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Rider down - Dazza your a silly duffa

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by disk_1, May 6, 2007.

  1. Hey All,

    Please excuse all unintelligent, spelling error ridden and grammatically incorrect remarks/sentences. Its been a long day. Anyway....

    Decided to head out with another learner mate to the black spur today. I had done it before, mate hadn't. We are both at a reasonable skill level. We had done rides before so i was happy with the arrangement.

    Me: Kawasaki ZXR250
    Dazza: Kawasaki GPX250

    First run through. Late morning
    Road was damp and wet in places. I took it easy until i got a good grasp on the grip levels of the road. Mid corner water run off was concerning in places. Overall, the conditions were fair at this point.

    I was a bit more confident at tackling the spur(than friend) and with a bit more corner speed and some more power i quickly pulled away. I thought i would wait for him at the bottom at Rays i think its called.

    I was waiting at petrol/motel/convenience store at the end of the black spur (Rays i think??). I jumped off my bike and ran to the side of the road to make sure he pulled in after his first black spur run.

    2 minutes past.... "hmmmm, i must have had a good quick run :)"
    5 minutes past.... "hmmmm, how come not one car has come by, or mate"
    8 minutes past.... "oh s**t he must have come off, no cars, no mate, no nothing. The cars must be all banked up whilst he is lying on the road dying or something... I better get back up there"
    8.01 minutes past.... "ahhh, there is the slow coach, phew"

    He pulls in and looks at me and shakes his head. The silly boy had managed to stack his bike at the start of the spur run.

    Story he said was. Long sweeping right hander. Started to run wideish and got scared, tried to tip the bike in more and scraped his toes. He ran off the side of the road (still upright) and tried to get the mighty mighty GPX250 back on the road. Front washed out on the wet grass and he fell off. A low side at about 20-30k's an hour.... Minimal damage to the bike. Cracked fairings in a few spots and scratches.

    Dazza, your a silly boy. Luckily he hasnt got a scratch on him and it appears he didnt do any other damage to himself.

    Other than that the day was awesome. Spur dried out a bit and managed to do a few more runs.


    Oh yea. To the guys in the underpowered van towing a boat who pulled over and threatened to beat me up. Grow up you knobs. Next time i wont just stare at you angrily. grrrr. A learner sign doesn't mean im an easy target.

    Apparently i overtook them in such a manner that was deemed to be unsafe. There language choice was "you f**cking d**k next time im gona beat you the F**K up. Dont stare at me, stare at the f**cking shed(ok, i lost them here). more expletives followed with van spinning its wheels in the gravel then driving off.

    Pity you didn't elect to pull into any one of the slow traffic bays to let me pass. What i did was reasonable and safe. End rant

    Be safe,
  2. Commiserations to Dazza - although it sounds like a good outcome under the circumstances, any drop you can ride away from is a good one.

    As for the van - a lot of accidents with towing vehicles happen when someone cuts in too close in front and safe braking distance is no longer possible. Sometimes the towing drivers extend their personal space quite some distance in front of the vehicle.

    This especially applies when the towing vehicle is clearly unsuited to the task - and what the hell were they thinking towing a boat through the spur :roll:
  3. If you dont tow the boat through the spur, how the hell are you going to get it to Eildon to go fishing without taking forever.

    The spur is not a personal road for bikes. Yes, cars towing boats generally leave more room in front for braking distance and it is amazing the number of people who cut in front taking that braking distance and then endangering themselves and the people they cut in front.

    I take my boat to Eildon quite often through the spur, however, if there is anybody quicker behind me, then i will always pull over at the next cutting to allow the faster vehicles through. :LOL:
  4. Thank goodness is was a big scare and not a big scar, those situations are real heart in mouth type stuff.
  5. Glad to hear your buddy is OK. Bruised (body and ego).

    (approaches soap box). Try this on. There are LOTS of places to work on cornering and braking skills. Reefton and the Black spur are neither of them.

    L platers IMHO just shouldn't be doing these stretches of road until they've at least had an intermediate or advanced riding course under their belts.

    This may sound stupid to some, but no more stupid than taking Learners into an environment where even experienced riders have come to serious grief.

    It's a great ride and lots of fun, but cutting a pace through these stretches doesn't leave much room for error, and it seems the Reefton and Black spur are 2 places where peoples' confidence start writing cheques that their ability can't cash.

    (steps down, dons flame retardent suit, hat, gloves.....)

  6. dont be silly. "those who see the spelling, cannot read the text" [stump].

    half of us couldnt pick a spelling error anyway

    all my spelling ability was in my right foot. damn it!

    stump it up! :cool:
  7. Should be more considerate drivers on the road like you Cambo. :wink:

    Dazza is pretty lucky. I'll bet his heart rate was up and his eyes were looking like dinner plates :shock: whilst riding through the rest of the spur. Good on him for getting straight back on.
  8. jeese jace, i wouldn't wanna get on that thing in your av.

    nah, just kidding. who am i to knock your bike with balls, i use a granny scooter.
  9. It was so funy when he rocked up at the Anzac Day Spur ride wearing an open faced helmet with a skeleton mask on the pink scooter....
  10. Didn't get any arguments from rude Van drivers whilst riding it thru the spur. :cool:
    Hey jax if your suggesting a scooter drag then BRING IT ON :LOL: :LOL:
  11. I am a learner.

    I have competently negotiated the black spur and reefton spur on more than one occasion now. We didnt go there to learn braking and cornering skills. We have already established the essential components of this.

    I dont see how leaners should be excluded from riding on a road which in general is of good quality. The road i believe is no more dangerous than others. It just has an increased rate of crashes due to the type of riders it attracts and its directly associated riding style.

    It comes down to analysing the risk. I had faith in my friends ability which i had seen first hand on a few occasions. He unfortunately made a mistake which resulted in an off. He is competent enough to tackle these types of roads and both experienced and intelligent enough to not worry about keeping up with faster riders etc. He can judge changing conditions and all other aspects of riding.

    I wouldnt hesitate in taking him back there. His ego took a big hit but luckily that was it. and the bike

    We analysed the stack(accident its not) and we even rode the spur a few more times before heading home.

  12. uh huh

    Soooo. The crash was an act of God?

    I'm ot trying to be smartarse dude, but FFS. L-plate (Learner). what you're doing is overestimating yours and your mate's ability. If you were so good, it wouldn''t have happened. Good riders not only know hteir limits but the limits of their bike and the effects of the prevailing weather and road conditions.

    I've been riding for years, and still don't profess to be an expert.
    this forum and many others have many "rider down" posts, as well RIP posts and a lot of experienced riders have gone down at the spur as well as learners.

    Like I said, I'm not trying to be a smartarse, merely expressing my opinion based on the OP
  13. jace wrote
    anytime...chummm p. mine has tippy wheels so i can go around corners on a 45 degree tilt.

    see you on track
  14. This has been covered before in other threads - but firstly as you yourself acknowledge, even good riders have accidents. The Black Spur isn't a bad road, it is in fact a very good road - well made, well signposted, well maintained. There is no reason why a learner can't negotiate the Spur safely. It all comes down to ensuring you ride within your limits and are not over confident, or riding stupidly. There is usually a lot of traffic, and many accidents occur due to people riding outside of their ability, or riding unsafely for the conditions. Other accidents occur through no fault of the rider at all (oncoming car in your lane, wildlife, leaf litter, and so on). The important thing is to take it easy as a learner - and as a more experienced rider. It isn't a racetrack, its a public road. Heavily trafficked, but a good road that can be negotiated safely by ANY rider riding within their abilities.
  15. And surprisingly not everyone riding the Spur is there to have fun. There are quite a few people whose primary purpose is to get from A to B. I used to travel the spur very frequently during the five years that my mother lived in Alex'. Admittedly I used to enjoy the road most times, but after working all day and heading away for the weekend there's times when you aren't in the frame of mind to take it quickly.

    Unfortunately there's often an expectation by other riders on that road that you should be riding fast and it's not unusual to have pressure put on you.
  16. Oh bloody hell, here we go again
  17. van and boat...thats nothing after the kittiminx ride we watched a logging truck nogoiate the black spur.... that was scary the truck took up the whole road around blind corner
    alll i can say is look out
  18. Nah he made a mistake, I have, have you?

    IMO there are L platers and then there are L platers, if you have trouble with the basics don't do the spur or any tough roads.

    Bad luck Dazza glad you are OK. :grin:
  19. Because i have a bright yellow plate on the back of my bike that makes me a complete novice? I cant handle a bike? cant reasonably understand or am intelligent enough to know both my own and my bikes limits?

    I have seen many a people on the road ride far more dangerously and far less competently than either me or my friend. People unable to filter without sticking there legs out the side, people breaking mid corner for no reason, people wearing shorts and a singlet. Don't judge me and my abilities.

    Comon slowandsteady. What your saying is completely unreasonable.

    Your have never made a mistake? Never dropped your bike? Never misjudged a traffic situation?

    I never said i was or he was the beez neez of bike riders. I said we were competent. Competent to negotiate various roads and conditions. The simple fact he made a mistake doesnt justify otherwise.

  20. I've made plenty of mistakes. And been the victim of others' on the odd occasion too.

    My point exactly. Learners are learners for a reason and although there's a need to improve the skillset, there a roads to do this on and then roads better left for a future time.

    The Road itself on the spur IS a good road and is certainly fun to ride, whether your just cruising along or playing Rossi. The surface itself isn't in question.

    IMHO I just don't think the spur (black or reefton) are suitable stretches for people who, by definition are still learning the basics and as far as I'm concerned, anyone who has just got their "L's" falls into the category of having a lot to learn, about themselves and their ride.

    Peace, out[/quote]