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Rider Down - Dan

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Farrk. Am I officially the first of 2006?

    Coming off the Hoddle St entrance to the Eastern (east bound), one of only about 7 corners on my way home, managed to lose the front end (or rear end?) and send it sliding down the road. :(

    When possible I usually take the corner in a mildy spirited fashion, this time I think I must have cranked it over a little too much for the Pilot Power's liking (don't get that warm riding from the CBD I guess). Or perhaps I wasn't paying enough attention and asked for traction from the white painted arrow on the lane instead of the black stuff... Either way, no-one to blame for this one bit lil' ol' me.

    As I was sliding down the road, I felt as if I was in a dream. The first thing that came to mind as I was flying around was "shit this is gonna cost me...". Either the bike or me tapped the concrete wall, I can't remember - by assessing the rear tyre I think it was the bike.

    Anyway, there wasn't any traffic around and I got my bike out of the lane, stood it up, being flooded I left it for a few minutes as I stood next to the concrete wall assessing the damage. A nice passer by asked my if i was OK, thanks mate. A few riders rubbernecked while I was standing there too, non stopped but it wasn't their problem. Managed to limp home after the bike thankfully started.

    The damage? Well lets just say that Oggy knobs saved my bike. A few scratches to the engine covers on both sides, and a couple on the most protruding edges of the fairing were all I have to deal with. The rear end wasn't so lucky, with the rear cowl panel and plate light snapping when it hit the wall (hmm just figured out the bike hit the wall not me) - no big deal either. Probably the worst damage was the back wheel rim which has a nice dent in it, and is sending a nice vibration through the bike. Somehow, every indicator managed to stay on. I love oggys.

    Leathers were generally OK, although some how only the right side of the arm is scuffed up even though I low sided to the left. It's amazing how much you don't remember when you have a stack. On the pants only the knee sliders were chewed up, the boots were fine.

    Anyway, I'm still pretty shaken up, got a bit of work to do to assess just how much I need to fork out for this. I'll probably be off the road until I at least get the rear rim sorted out, hopefully that won't take too long.

    Anyway, here's some photos:

  2. damm Dan :(

    you moved all the way down there to crash? :(
  3. Nooooo! Not the 05 special! *cries* It's such a god-damn pretty bike! *sobs*.

    I'm glad you're ok Dan, but damn.

    *goes outside to cuddle baby*
  4. Glad to hear you're ok....what gear were you wearing exactly? Would you say it saved you from any injury?

    I'm definately getting knobs on my next bike!
  5. Good thing you came out OK Dan, and a big HOORAY for the oggy's!

    Are the oggy's regularly available at bike shops? I'm a new rider and getting my first bike, would like to protect it of course.

    *Feels deeply for the R6*
  6. Those knobs sure earned their keep :)
  7. I'm glad you had your Tigerangel leathers on, Dan.
  8. Good to hear you are all okay Dan.

  9. Why wouldn't you just claim on insurance???

    BTW - I am glad you know who's fault it is...and are man enought o say it....

  10. Very sorry to hear about the off Dan!

    Those Oggy knobs looks like they're worth their weight in gold ;)

    Rear rim looks a bit nasty :(

    Glad you're OK.
  11. oh man im sorry to hear about that
    as this is the way i go home as well
    man now im freaking out :shock:
    bad luck on the bike dan though and i hope it dosnt cost too much to fix
  12. :LOL: don't freakout dude or ya will have a stack
  13. Note to self; "Buy some Oggy Knobs".
  14. I was wearing full leathers (tiger angel) did a great job I wear them every day, and definitely saved my skin, only a few scuffs. On hot days when I only wear cordura/draggins or even less, I take it a lot easier and don't carry on like a pork chop like I was today - best accident prevention in this case would have been to keep it in my pants IMO.

    I'm considering an insurance claim, just weighing up how much to repair over a few months everything compared to the excess/loss of NCB etc - Given I was going to graduate this bike to the track in a couple of years, I'm not overly concerned with a few scratches here and there. Looks like at worst a new rear cowl and repair of tyre rim - thanks again oggys!

    Thanks again to everyone for their kind wishes.
  15. Mate I'd contact Oggy Knobs Australia and see if they'll do you a deal on some new ones in return for your pics/story....

    best advocate for a product is a real world example ;)

    I guess they are well proven though, but hey you never know
  16. Sucks bout the drop, least you didnt do damage to yourself.

    Hopefully the damage wont put you out of action for too long with the nice weather were having.

    guess youre glad youre not a squid though :p
  17. bad luck mate..
    glad to hear that you're ok
  18. Dan, Dan, what a shame. It doesn't say much for the chances of the rest of us if you can crash.

    I hope you can get your great machine up and running quickly, because Mrs Dan mightn't be too keen on you having to use the Cagiva for too long :LOL:
  19. Were you wearing your helmet???????
    good to hear u and bike were relatively unscathed.
  20. Dam!! :( I am glad you are ok though:)