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Rider down.....Dad.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by adge82, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. First of all, everyone is OK.

    My father and brother followed me down to PI for the superbikes on sunday. We were having a cold but nice ride down, no issues at all.
    We came to the round-a-bout you have to turn right at about 25km from the island, i went round in the outside lane. Wasnt going very fast and i could see this dark skinny line on the road, i was going just a bit too quick to avoid crossing it but looked through the corner and rode as normal anyway. When i hit the line my bike gave a big shift to the left, i stood it up a little and completed the corner just missing the gutter on the far side of the road.

    Dad was behind and not going all that quick through the corner either. He also had my little bro on the back.
    As soon as he hit the crap on the road the front just gave way, both of them down.
    Dad thinks it was definately a combination of not enough weight over the front wheel for grip, crap on the road, and most importantly JUNK TYRES.

    One of those things, hes been meaning to buy new rubber but just hasnt. Tyres have plenty of life left in them, theyre just cheap nasty crap.

    In any case, my little bro has pretty nasty gravel rash on his knee and butt, his knee is all swolen and huge too and his shoulders pretty sore.
    Dad had a pretty nasty knee as well and got his finger caught in something, its sore and swolen but not broken.

    Both of them had jeans on, jeans are trashed. They cant have been doing more than 25-30kmh. Im getting dragins asap.

    Bike is rough looking but ok, and it was rough looking to begin with anyway.

    Plenty of bikes around, did anyone see it happen? I was too busy correcting myself to be looking at what they were doing, i only realised they must have come off when i was accellerating up the hill and didnt see them in the mirrors anymore..
  2. Shit mate that sucks, sorry i didnt see it happen but glad your brother and dad not too badly injured....i went to see mate after he'd had bad accident and his draggins were pretty much unscathed....definately a good investment....
  3. Better get your brothers knee checked out if you haven't already as it could get infected. Clad everyone is ok.
  4. Hey Adge82!

    Sorry to hear the tumble - Thankfully nobody was too badly hurt - but no tumble is a good tumle !

    Hope it didnt put too big a damper on PI !
  5. I don't mean to pick on you, and i don't know the road, but why were you turning right in the outside lane of a round about?
  6. Yeah we went straight to first aid when we got to the track. They cleaned it up and stuck a patch over it. Same with dad.

    Dad was kicking himself over the tyres, my brother said had it not been for the pain he would have asked to do it again. He thought it was a hoot.
    Hopefully we'll make a rider of him yet..
  7. Because you can.

    There are 2 lanes on that road that feed the roundabout.
    The inside one must turn right, and the outside lane can turn right or go straight on.
  8. If its the round about that is from the highway going to the Island, its a 2 lane roundabout that you can turn right from both lanes.. and he must have been in the outside lane :)
  9. Might be an idea to get the gravel rash checked again, pays to be thorough with it.
  10. 2 turning lanes on the round-a-bout, already in the left hand lane (which can turn right or continue on straight ahead) with traffic also turning right from the right lane.

    Probably lucky they had the off from the far lane, otherwise they might have taken others with them, or worse had a slide into a car.

    On another note, dad said cops were on the scene with lights flashing before they had finished the slide. He swears they werent behind him when he went into the corner either. They were cool about it though.
  11. Ok, thanks. Was just curious.
  12. That sucks a bit. :( Lucky it was a slow speed off and no-one was seriously hurt. I hope it didn't spoil their day completely. :)
  13. Leather or cordura would offer better protection.....as you've seen prevention is better than cure.......thankfully not to much cure was needed this time.
  14. Been there too...but relatively unscared....thank Christ..
  15. Yeah, but personally I couldn't be arsed walking around PI all day with leather pants on! ;)

    But for the weekends, I always pull out the two-piece. :p
  16. How old is your bro? Does you dad get him riding gear? I have seen pics of some ones kid on here who has better gear than most riders i ahve seen (was it groberts son?)

    I saw a guy on his CBR250 on Saturday with a little kid on the back - i mean little like 7 or so, the kid had pants (not sure what kind) and a T shirt.

    I know its none of my business and people call you a safety nut, but i felt belting the crap outa that bloke - just seems so careless.
  17. Our kids have to wear a minimum of leather jacket, gloves, boots and jeans (or motox pants :eek: ).

    They were brought up on bikes and even if they are only going to do a couple of laps on our track, they know they have to wear full riding protection of suffer a fate worse than death...their mother in demented mode!
  18. Just Take a small backpack and put a pair of jeans in it. Then change when you get there!
  20. Im glad all are ok.

    Draggin jeans now make childrens jeans, sizes 8,10 and 12

    Always cover up!