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Rider down but still intact

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twisties, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Forgive the paranoid lack of detail.

    Still mentally running over my first smidsy moment. About 5:25pm on St Kilda Road in Melbourne. Car turned across my path from the other side of the road. I braked, locked the front, went down on my right side and slid away from the bike.

    Bike, a 2006 Honda VTR1000F slid into the car.

    And before the 'PICS!' emoticons come out, above mentioned paranoia means they'll be posted later. And they're not pretty.

    I was wearing full gear thank f***. Right arm of my Shift jacket is worn to the armour but that armour held beautifully.
    Legs were taken care of by my Draggins, kevlar didn't even wear right through.
    Right knee was a bit bruised but it will probably look(feel) worse in the morning.

    I'm certainly taking away from this the importance of proper gear.

    So, if any of the riders who went past were wondering, it was me and I'm all good :D
  2. good to hear, bikes are a lot easier to replace than people
  3. Glad to hear you're alive...could be much worse.
  4. Wow. Sounds awful. :( You poor thing! I'd love to know - what happened to the car driver?
  5. glad to hear your ok
  6. Ah, so that was you. I was going the other way when your bike was being picked up, was hoping the rider was unhurt.

    Car driver was charged, I hope?
  7. charged or fined?

    Glad your not broken, just bruised Mate.

    You can worry about the rest later.

    I can inform you, you did make the ABC Traffic report though.
  8. Good to hear that you are OK. My daughter came past not long afterwards and mentioned it to me last night that she'd seen a bike down on St Kilda Rd.
  9. Hope all is well and sorry to hear about your off. I got cut-off 3 weeks ago by a P-plater and did the same thing. New bike on Friday................at last.
  10. The hardest part of the whole thing was accepting that the bike was done for. Bloody well loved that thing. Driver will be fined for failing to give way I believe.
  11. You have the great pleasure of walking away and talkign about it, glad to hear you're ok and hopefully justice wil prevail. as previously menitoned, bikes and bits are replaceable, humans arent. chin up and on with the pain killers!!
  12. Glad you didn't go with bike! Car are very "tinny" these days but A, B and c pillars are still as hard as they ever were, on our bodies.

    Sorry you lost yor bike. But not your, self. :)
  13. Glad to hear you are ok. What a pisser thing to happen.

    Hope the Mod is gentle with you to for GD dumping!!:bolt:
  14. I just had a thought, now my bike is louder again.. :p I'm soooo coming bike shopping with you again.

  15. I came down on on 2005 Honda VTR 1000 in November last year. When I first looked at the bike I thought "Ahh this may cost me 1or 2 grand to fix". After finding out what the spare parts cost was I lodged an insurance claim. It came in around the $5,000 mark & I was dam lucky that it wasn't written off. Glad to hear you are OK & I can only suggest that you can get a replacement Firestorm quite reasonably at the moment.
  16. As much as I loved the firestorm, and I intend to buy another one at some stage, I think I'm gonna look for something uprightish, 4cyl and injected next.

    Firestorm was extremely uneconomical on fuel for a 100km round trip every day. I've bought a motard recently for the weekend toy so I think something a little more commute friendly would be wise.
  17. The new Z thou looks good. Or the just released yamaha 800. A tz I think?