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Rider down but ok. and QBE insurance nightmare.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Zealt, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. On the 21st of last month i had an off.

    A learner driver pulled changed into my lane and i swerved to avoid them and ended up in the back of another car. (my choice, it was a hit either way but i chose the lesser one)

    My body ripped off the front fairings plus gauges (tore the metal bracket that holds it all on in half) my balls and willy pushed the tank forward a good 20mm forward.

    Someone called me an ambo while i was moaning and rolling around on the ground and they came and carted me off to hospital, on the way they squirted some pain killers down my nose and gave me morphine after that nasal spray did shit all.

    Then in hospital i had X-rays on my knee and hips, pelvis and a ultrasound on my testicles.

    Everything came up okay, just bruising and soft tissue damage (my frank and beans are totally purple), so i was released after spending 8 hours there with a limp and a prescription for more morphine based pills.

    A few days after i was walking again (bout 4 or 5) then i sneezed which triggered immense pain in my abdomen that took about 30 mins to subside and after that i couldn't use my abdominal muscles at all without the same pain, so off to my GP she gave me anti inflammatory pills told me i probably tore some muscles and if its still bad in a couple of weeks to come back and get some scans organised.

    At the moment I'm a week in and still cant use them but that's not whats bothering me its the insurance company.

    The learner who pulled out on me/cut me off dissapeared pretty quick (red older square model magna with dark tinted windows), fortunately (kinda) i had a witness who spoke to the police, she didn't get their rego but did give evidence that i had no fault.

    So I start the claim process with QBE which seems pretty straight forward, the bike was towed from the scene and QBE organized to take it to Peter Stevens in Ringwood, PS rings me and asks for the gear as well as they can organise a quote for all that too.

    Great going smooth so far, then PS calls me after i take in the Helmet, Jeans and jacket and tells me that QBE is being a pain and they want a form filled out with info on Where, when, how much plus receipts for all items. I simply don't have all that info any more and don't see why they need it if PS quoted all the gear, i mean, i have no sway with them i cant get them to add on more money. I have the gear it has value Peter Stevens would know what it costs to replace.

    QBE calls me and lets me know they are not happy and starts asking questions about the gear, if its been washed since the accident, how long have i had it all and where it came from, i didn't like the guys attitude and told him i wasn't sure and i don't keep receipts that long then he told me he has his receipts and knows where he got his helmet from 10 years ago.

    I just said "i don't know and you have the quote that's all i can do" he says goodbye and hangs up.

    Then i get another call asking for a 5 year VIC roads driver history, I ask why and I'm told that because its such a powerful bike (K6 GSXR1000) its their policy to get a driver history, I asked why they want it and she told me not to worry about it and I'll have to fax or email it in to them ASAP, again i ask why they want it and if they are trying to find reasons not to process my claim, she said "No no no no nothing like that, nothing to worry about" i explained i wasn't sure about speeding fines and just gave a rough estimate when i applied, I got the Driver History and turns out i told them more then i had, i only have one in 5 years and none since obtaining my bike license.

    So now i think I'm all sorted, i even get a call from PS telling me the frame on the bike is bent and so are the forks so its written off.

    Okay good so I'm getting money, i really didn't want a repaired bike anyway just in case its not quite right after repairs and plus resale value goes down.

    So now I've sent in the Driver history, form for gear with quote plus the gear.

    Now I call today to find out whats happening and the same prick with the attitude tells me the assessor has yet to give any info to them, i let him know it was assessed and declared a write off so he calls the assessor and then calls me back, letting me know the assessor it collecting the bike tomorrow and then told me QBE would need some more forms and documents from me.

    They want last REGO paper (which is ok) also they want the reciept of sale when i bought the bike.

    I said to the guy that it's insured for market value and he said that doesn't matter that they NEED the sale receipt. I mentioned that I have had a bike written off before and never needed to give this much documentation to get my payout, and he just said "well they weren't QBE".

    I told him i didn't know where it was (which i don't. I've looked everywhere) so he told me i need to create one then, I hope hes just a bad communicator and he just wants a statement from me that i own and purchased the bike with my signature on it, i got a bit of a bargain so i think the current value is higher then what i paid, and they are just trying to give me less cash.

    So now i'm stressing what to do about it all, i don't want to tell them how much i paid for it and i don't think its applicable anyway, its insured for current market value, why would they need it...


    Peter Stevens told me they have never had so much trouble with insurance companies before dealing with QBE they told me over and over again to go with SWAN, swan was my second choice.

    My advice if QBE is cheaper get Swan to match it or even if its $50 to $100 more its worth it to avoid all the shit QBE does to make you're life hard.

    Sorry about the long post, just good to get it all out, if anyone has any helpfull sugestions i'd love to have more ideas or hear other peoples horror stories with insurance.

  2. I understand the long post, and it DOES sound like a saga, but plenty of us (myself included) have had claims in with W-QBE and had nothing but terrific service and fast resolution of the matter. I think you're going a bit far to recommend that no-one consider W-QBE for insurance based on you experience...
  3. Make a complaint about the bloke you spoke to, noting how useless he was.
  4. Hmmm unfortunately that bloke might get fired from QBE and then work for Swann!

    TIO here in NT are known for being assholes if they think they can get away with it. They did it to my sister after the back half of her Swift was run over by a cruiser (bull bar stopped a few cm away from the headrest of her seat and she was very very lucky, no major injuries), started demanding she accept blame and pay for the land cruiser's damage, despite the police report and almost as soon as she was back from hospital. It put her in tears - she hadn't even started thinking about that yet.
  5. Your in luck. Your in Melb. that's where the insurance and banking ombudsman is. Start ringing him now. It will take some time for him to ring you back. So ring him every day. Seriousely. I copped this same grief off Alliance. In the end it cost them a lot more than what I was insured for. Farken reciept of sale, and it's insured for market. Mate their pulling your chain.
  6. Sounds like you've had the misfortune of dealing with the random surly git that all organisations are legally bound to employ. My own experience with QBE has been rather different.
  7. To be honest, the only unusual thing is asking for the receipts. They should be giving you compensation for the items (gear) based on the current market price or agreed value (bike), not what it was when you bought the items. That does sound quite dirty. Also check the terms on which you agreed to the insurance policy. Quite possibly it says something about driving history. I know mine does.

    Be fair hornet. Whenever an insurance company issue does crop up, it is unusual for the company involved NOT to be W-QBE. Saying plenty of transactions go right for the one that goes wrong is not fair in the slightest. The other companies seem to achieve a much higher record.

    Quite possibly, even perhaps agree. But with some research and seeing how often issues arise, and the extent of the problems they have caused, the statement is more than fair. I know I won't be going with qbe on the chance that I'm one of the people they decide to screw with.
  8. I made a claim to QBE. They asked for all the documentation (receipts etc.) although didn't ask about driving history (theft, anyway). They were much more quick and efficient in getting the documents and investigating than your experience. And that's where it ended. Nothing. For weeks. And months. And months.

    It came to threats of severe consequences and at the very last minute, they paid. I don't believe it's just one guy, I think it's their operating procedure. Won't be going back.
  9. I have worked for QBE in a sales role and having seen how they operate I would not personally insure with them. That is my considered choice.
    QBE have taken some heavy losses recently I believe, so maybe a directive is out to screw down costs and minimise payouts.
    Motor Insurance for QBE is not their core business, it is a mere dalliance so they can have a bit of market share.
    They do have an Internal Disputes process which you should utilise and if that fails then by all means sick the Ombudsman on them.
    Perhaps demand to speak with the State Manager. Make a fuss. Mention the media might get involved. They have a legal contract with you regarding the insurance.
    Do not let them screw you ! Good luck mate.
  10. I wouldn't of mentioned it at all but the girl at peter stevens who said she has worked for insurance companies and now deals with them has nothing but trouble with them. So its not just my experience its Ringwood Peter Stevens too.
  11. I may be way off the mark, but if you're paying premiums for "market value", it shouldn't matter if the bike was cheap or a damn gift.
  12. I've only had need to use Shannon's once, but outstanding aspect of the whole deal was that there were NO forms. Just a telephone call, a request to take the bike to a repairer of MY choice and several calls to check I was all OK and that the repairs were going as planned. And when I forgot to take my gear to be assessed, as the quote was for less than $600, they just sent me a cheque without needing to see the gear.

    A friend has just had a bad accident and they report similar outcomes.
    1. Read your insurance policy before you buy
    2. Read your CURRENT copy of the policy; you kept it, right?
    3. Demand that they cite to you the terms under the policy that allow them to ask you this information
    4. When they (likely) **** up and give you the wrong clause numbers, tell them they are wrong, and ask them what policy code/date they are reading from
    5. Tell them that is not YOUR policy that YOU agreed to when YOU purchased the insurance
    6. Tell them that you are happy to provide them with information you must give under YOUR policy
    7. Ask them to call you back later when they have their information sorted a copy of their policy in front of them

    Honestly, you're looking at QBE finding a reason not to pay you out.

    This can occur if they can prove that because of information you didn't disclose or made false disclosures, on that information had they known it, they would never have given you insurance, or, insurance for a different amount of money.
  13. sorry to hear about your off and hope you are getting better ...

    I think you just came across a person who had a bad day and it just started rolling down the hill from there ... maybe the repairer gave them hard time too .... who knows.

    I had a claim 3 months ago through QBE, I was actually blown away that from the moment the bike was dropped off at the bike shop it only took 2.5 weeks to get it back ! and it had $8K worth of damage (well, according to them, I could have prol fixed it up myself for $2.5K ... damn expensive fairings!).

    hope it all works out for you though !
  14. It is a very heavily regulated industry with regualtions for complaints management and indeed an ombudsman. I used to work in Insurance.

    You pretty much have to participate in the claims process but that should not be an issue.

    In the event that your claim is not paid best thing to do is make a formal complaints. If you are not happy with the companies response raise it with the ombudsman.

    It is pretty hard for insurance companies to avoid a legitimate claim in this country so just try to keep your patience
  15. Use a broker.
  16. I'm insured with Swann with all my bikes. Only had 1 claim with them last April (bike & gear writen off) They just asked for 1 quote for the bike & qoutes replacement for the gear.
    They did tell me it might take a bit of time for the claim to be settled as it was just after the storms we had in Melbourne & they were snowed under.
    Took about a month, but they kept me updated at each stage.
  17. I used to work for an insurance company and as someone mentioned things aren't gonig well for QBE and IAG (they own swann) and there is definitely more pressure to reduce claims costs, just put the pressure back on them and you will see it gets sorted out sooner rather than later.

    Sorry to hear about the meat and 2 veg - sounds very painful.