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rider down :(... but not out :D

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by raffiki, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. yep on our way back from lorne about 1 hour ago my bro gareth hit the guard rail on the first set of hair pins just out of lorne on the way to geelong.

    i think he's alright doesnt seem to be anything broken except being a bit out of it. the across has gone to god i think, poor handbag :(

    not sure what happened but it looks like he came in too fast, laid it down and went under the rail, silly fcuker ;)

    anyway off to the hospital now tata for now
  2. Damn not good for him and hope he's not to bad :?

    but on the lighter side another across bites the dust

    you are sure it definatly not repairable ? we can get a truck to run over it to make sure :LOL: :p :LOL:

    But seriously all the best for gareth and i hope its all just bruising and nothing to serious !

  3. All the best to Gareth... hope he checks out ok 8)
  4. Hope your bros ok raffiki

    Repeatedly bob?
  5. mate I am glad your brothers ok
    bikes can be replaced , pass on our wishes to him, then belt him for putting you through it :wink: :LOL:
  6. story so far, how wrong was i about whats going on

    possible punctured lung, busted rib
    busted clavicle
    massive internal bleeding from they dont know where

    in to surgery to find then fix the problems

    that’s some bad mojo :(

    and yes i intend to belt the wanker, from what i can tell he was screaming along and didnt se the corner till it was too late grrrrrrr :( :( :(
  7. bwahahahahahaahahahaha :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Ohh..... sorry to hear that! Sound really serious injury. Wish he will get well soon, everything will be fine.

  9. Shit, sorry to hear about your brother raffiki :eek: :(
    Hope he's okay and that the surgery goes alright...make sure you update us with how he's going :)
  10. thats a really bad ouch :(

    let him know that we all hope he gets better soon raffiki and you have a good week.
  11. Sorry to hear about your bro, hope he's well again real soon! I know I'm blonde but how can you not see a corner on the GOR the bloody thing is full of them!
  12. Hope Gareth gets well soon and I know how he missed the corner. Last time I went thru the GOR, I nearly missed lots of them....the scenery kind of caught my eye :oops: which is why i prefer to stay away from the GOR these days ;)
  13. Pass on my best wishes to your brother...hopefully he will come through this and be back on the road in no time!

  14. I hope Gareth recovers well and back on his bike in no time!!!

    With what I did to my across....I doubt it not on its way to god! (Mind you I think all Suzuki’s goto hell) YOU CAN’T KILL THEM!!!! THERE LIKE A WOMANS HANDBAG
  15. I hope your brother has a speedy recovery Raffiki. Keep us updated on the surgery. :)
  16. Hope your bro recovers quickly and is back on board as soon as possible.
  17. Not good, hope he recovers soon, without any long term problems.
    Hope your Mum 'n Dad are not too shook up as well. Regards and best wishes to all.

    Bit of a warning for the rest of us I think, with the Easter break and lots of good riding coming up.

    Please take it easy on the roads, I kinda like you guys, even if I've only actually met one or two.

  18. Here’s the long story

    We were leaving lorne at about 9:30pm to head back to geelong, the freak had kitted up, turns to me and says your on the bigger bike you can catch up :/ hmmm

    I was coming up to charlottes cliff I think it’s called (the first set of hard s bends out of lorne). I saw a car pull up and put his hazards on, so in my good biker mood I do a u turn to help and as I do the u turn I see the across laying up against the arm-co. I look over the arm-co to find the couple driving the ute calling the ambos and helping the freak. He was out of it for a while and then came to, in pieces. As far as he was concerned he always sat under the arm-co coughing up blood and talking to me ;)

    The ambo’s arrive and took him to the hospital where he went straight into surgery as his blood pressure had gone through the floor due to internal bleeding.

    3 and a half hours later, a removed spleen, busted wrist, busted clavicle, bruised lungs, other bruised internals, bad arse gash on his knees, vomit and blood in the lungs followed by an infection he’s doing pretty well… sort of. He’s being kept under for a while so that they can allow his lungs to heal and try to control his blood pressure.

    From the looks of it he’s come into the first left, then half way through realised how sharp it is, grabbed a handful of brakes, high sided and slid under the arm-co with the across following.

    Ah life’s little lessons
  19. that musta hurt bigtime !! which hospital dude ?

  20. :shock: OMFG mate thats bloody scary :shock:
    Our best wishes for a safe journey back to health!
    From the Torrance family