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Rider down - blue_muppet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by blue_muppet, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. I knew this day would eventually come but I wish it hadn't.

    I had my first real gutzer on my bike a few days ago. I just got out of hospital and I havn't really come to grips with it all yet.

    I was riding home from uni and basically had a lapse of concentration and crashed into a stopped car at 60km/h that was turning right at a intersection. Absolutly creamed myself and my bike. I managed to just put the bike down before I hit the car which resulted in very little damage to the car but I ended up slamming into the boot with my chest and then getting thrown down the road about 20m.

    At the time everybody thought the worst, I was motionless, helmetless (it flew off when my head hit the road at some stage. It was done up.) and I didn't seem to be breathing (i just had the wind knocked out of me). I eventually came too and the first thing i saw was all the bits of my poor bike strewn out all over the road.

    Took a trip to the royal brisbane hospital in the ambulance and stayed there for a few days. All things considered, my injurys were minimal. Broken wrist, internal bruising, cracked ribs, deep gravel rash on right leg, a few bad corks, strained muscles and of course the whole-body soreness the next day :D

    Can't say the news is as good for my bike. I'm taking it to the wreakers to morrow to get it checked out and see if it it is worth getting fixed. It basically needs a entire new front end and there are some deep scratchs down the right-hand side. The right hand side of the handle bars is completely snapped off (i guess thats how i broke my wrist.). The right hand side clutch cover is worn down to the point where there is oil dripping out. The gear lever and footpeg assembally is totally rooted and the font guard is non existant. There are a few other things but i'll just put some photos up which should give you a better idea. Not sure about the forks or wheel yet.

    Apart from my helmet coming off, my gear did exactly what it was designed to do. Jacket has a few scraps, as do the gloves but no holes or serious damage. Jeans and helmet are totally cactus. The hemet has some cracks in it that are full thickness and some of the scrapes wore through to the inner layers.
    Here are some pics:

    My baby before the accident. :( :(

    Engine case

    Frame scrape

    Just remember to stay alert and alive out there guys and gals. Sorry about all the spelling mistakes but I really suck typing with one hand.

    A huge thanks to all the soccer guys who were first on the scene and of course to all the ambo's and firefighters that helped me out. I'm one sore and sorry man right about now.

  2. jebus mate 60km/h into a stationary car, you're lucky to be alive! scary.

    you really got off light considering. only weird thing is that your helmet came off :shock: not good at all.

    your family must be pissed with you for still wanting to ride..
  3. I was thinking the same thing, 60 kays into a car and only a broken wrist and rib?? Amazingly lucky, BM.

    We feel the pain, and especially the pain of losing your bike. Chin up, matey, and I'm sure the Qld Netriders will rally round to help.....
  4. Sorry to hear about the fall. Most important thing is you're still in the land of the living.
  5. Whoooo, shite.

    Bad luck buddy. I'd be seriously worried that a helmet could fly off your head. Make sure the next one fits properly.

    Here's hoping you recover soon.
  6. Wow, 4 replys in under ten minutes....i love you guys :D

    I know i'm damn lucky to be alive, I can't understand how I didn't get seriously hurt or worse, killed.

    The helmet thing is really weird. It was done up and it was professionally fitted. The strap must have been too loose because I have some rip marks where it got torn off my head. It stayed on my scone right until the last head impact on the road. The biggest crack is right over my temporal region and thats where my head hit the boot :shock: :shock: :eek:
  7. Fark mate you is a lucky man good to hear you are going to be ok
  8. Score one for gear doing it's job! Well, except for the helmet coming off. I've been a bit paranoid about that lately. Where are you supposed to draw the line between uncomfortably tight and safety? I don't know.

    Anyway, good luck healing up... and I hope you're back on the road soon :)
  9. I believe the best way to explain it is do it up as tight as you can whilst still being able to open your mouth to breathe! On a more serious note, i questioned someone who said they do their helmet up so tight they can't chew gum... but now after hearing this i'm not so sure it's a bad idea!

    Heal quickly BMuppet and go give your family and friends a hug and apologise for scaring the bejeeesus outta them! No more lapses of concentration while on 2 wheels... we gotta look out for ourselves! (No-one else does!)
  10. Yeah, thats how tight my lid is. If i try and chew gum, they only thing I manage to chew are the insides of my cheeks.

    It's gotta be tight. (shuddup Bob :) )
  11. hope you heal quickly :)
  12. I do this too!!! First time i tried chewing on something under my helmet it was all good for about 3-4 difficult chews and them CHOMP!! It left a nice ulcer!
  13. Ditto, i would be seriously worried if my next helmet was any less as tight.

    Glad to hear your pretty much ok but for your next lid make 100% sure it's the right one or next time you might not be so lucky.
  14. I'm glad your alright, I hope your bike doesn't take too much to fix.
  15. Glad your OK (given the circumstances) and a damn shame about the bike. Take heart that your experience serves as a lesson to us newer riders, the time when we are most likely to make a mistake.

    What I am most impressed with is that even though Blue Muppet is typing with one hand his post still has better grammar and spelling than the majority of written words on the Net.
  16. Glad to hear you are... OKish... it will take a bit of time to actualy sink in... I was... sick for a week after my whoopsy (T boned a car at... 60km/h)...

    As for the bike... LOL it looks like it has a scratch or two easy fix.
  17. Get better!!! Bikes can be fixed!!!

    I just got home from 4 weeks in the hospital!

  18. Thats terrible mate, bit of a worry about the helmet coming off, hope you get better soon.
  19. Heal quickly mate and I am glad you can still talk about it. :)