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Rider Down: Black Spur...me!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by judas, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. It was bound to happen sooner or later!

    Only a few corners from the end of the spur i came in way to fast and tried to brake....brake....BRAKE but the hyosung just kept going through the corner and into the side of the road.

    Lessons Learned: Ride within your limits...always
    DO NOT PANIC! sounds hard and my god it is

    Bike is banged up but not too bad. New screen, brake lever, mirror, cracked fairing and new exhaust system are the only ones i could make in the quick after inspection.

    As for me, im fine. Thank god for helmets! That was the first thing to hit the ground. The draggins held up really well and the knee protectors were a good idea. Only a sprained index finger and very sore right leg. Thank god no more damage! Dainese gloves have virtually no marks and as for the Joe Rocket UFO jacket...amazing quality. No marks or scratches at all!

    A big thank you to the people that stopped and helped me move the bike and get me off the road too. Sorry for backing up the traffic. :grin:
  2. Good to hear your relatively ok and that the bikes not that bad!
  3. Bad luck man :(

    Hope you get back up there soon :)
  4. Glad to see you're ok. Could've been a lot worse for you and you bike so I guess you could call it lucky. :grin: :grin:

    Two important lessons learned. Good to see. :)
    However, the bike I'm guessing went through the corner because you hitting the brakes kept it standing up and moving in a straightline . If you're comming into the corner a bit to hot it's far better to lean the bike into it hard and look where you want to go (that being around the corner). If needed, it is possiple to wash of a little speed while cornering by gently dabbing on some rear brake. However, this will encourage the bike to stand up again so you'll need to really lean on it. :grin:
  5. Ummm bit rusty on this, but i thought dabbing the rear brake will help it lean a little, and front brake to stand it up... :?
  6. I find too much rear brake will cause it to want to stand up. I don't know, mabye I do it wrong (if there's a wrong way to do the wrong thing :? ) :)

    Using the front brake will stand it up real quick, don't touch it.

    Also, when rear braking in a corner make sure you don't lock it up or let it skid. Very fast way to eat the road, that it. :wink:

    Ultimately, I think it's best to lean hard and leave the rear brake alsone anyway, but it is an option if you need it. I prefer to keep the revs up und use enginge braking to control the speed. :)
  7. Pull clutch in, disengages motor, That will wash some speed off. Not a great deal, but some. Sometimes safer then a brake,
  8. I'm a newbie rider, so it may not be the case, but that seems counter intuitive to me.

    Won't downshifting, or even letting go of the throttle entirely and letting the engine slow the bike do much better than pulling the clutch in?

    Plus it should give you more control, right?

    Or am I missing something?

  9. I didn't say drop a gear, That is gonna hurt!!
    rolling off throttle will drop far to quick
    pulling in clutch "should" be a slower reaction on the motor.
    Thats not the case with every bike, or rider.
  10. Hehe I did exactly the same thing 2 weeks ago in the Reefton Spurs. Did a fair amount of damage to my bike though. I also wasn't hurt but yer, we gotta learn from it ey, otherwise its just a waste....
  11. ah shit man.. bad luck and glad you are ok. get your bike fixed and she will be like new again..
  12. This must have happened pretty late in the day champ..Me and ratbag were in the spur most of the day..Think we left at 2-3 and didn't see nothing..Where did it happen?
  13. shit maso bad luck, i've come close to doing that a few times but just leaned in further and luck i guess.

    let me know if you need any help with anything im just down the road

    althought my bike still wont start without a roll.
  14. Sorry to hear about the off, but honestly it's not worth the pain. At least your not to hurt and insurance does cover the bike.
    Just make sure you document all the pain coz as i found out and many others know if it gets worse TAC cover the lot!!
  15. clutch in, brake HARD with the front would have been my reaction. cornering fast mens you're going to go off fast, if you can slow down, you'd be surprised how little distance you can take to stop it, even if it means going straight.
  16. Sorry to hear about your off mate :(

    At least you are ok and the bike is fixable...and i'm sure you'll learn from it.

    I sometimes use the rear brake to wash off speed in a corner as for pulling in the clutch it's probably not a good idea it this makes stopping distances longer as there is no drivetrain resistance slowing down the bike when the clutch is in

  17. Hey Judas, bad news about the off. Interested at what speed you came off as a measure of the safety equipment. Hope you get back on the road soon.
  18. If you're lucky you'll run of the road and into the side of the hill. More likely the front wheel would skid and down you go.

    The idea of the techniques described hear it to allow the rider to take the corner without crashing. Not crashing, being far safer than crashing slower. :wink: :)
  19. Far better to just attend a cornering school and get some proper expert advice...
  20. ^I agree, but if you're going into a corner fast enough that just braking more won't save you you've got some shortfalls in your judgement that are probably more important to address than what to do in that situation. :)

    if you were in the situation that you had no more room to brake, leaning it over as far as you can is your only option imho.