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Rider Down - Black Spur 08/05/2005

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by glipschitz, May 8, 2005.

  1. Well, went out for a blat this arvo which was lovely....

    Diamond Creek > St Andrews > Kinglake > Healsville > Black Spur > Narbethong > Black Spur > Healsville > Yarra Glen > Home :)

    Coming into the Spur there was a rider down... he isn't a NetRider, but he was at coffee on Friday just gone. Was riding a silver Fizzer I think.... it was a 250.....

    Neways, he was okay, in good spirit... brused ego and write off bike by the looks of it :(

    He asked me to post up here and say that he'll be right and thanks to all that stopped (There was a nice couple in a Champagne Toyota 4x4 who helped :))

  2. Sorry to hear about his off...best wishes for a new steed and getting back on the horse as soon as possible

  3. sorry to hear.. atleast hes okay.

    he should come to netrider for comfort and free cookies..

    btw ive started riding my bike!! :D just around croydon ;o
  4. Hey glipschitz i live in Donvale and ride up the spur weekly, email me if you want to go for a ride to spur through christmas hills sometime apauchnik@gmail.com
    I was doing laps of the spur in the morning til about 1pm, didn't see anyone come down, hope he's alright and I hope neither of you were riding alone. It was perfect conditions for it today, didn't get knee down though :?
  5. Sorry to hear but glad the rider is ok.

    :D :D