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Rider Down - Badly

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Montague St this morning about 7:45.

    Bike looked like a Red Suzuki Badit but was bent really badly.

    Rider was on the stretcher at that point.

    Don't know what caused the crash though.

    Hope you pull through mate.
  2. hope all is good
  3. I hope so too.

    poor guy looked in a bad way though...4-5 medical staff working on him when i went past.

    Looks like someone pulled out from an intersection right in front of him.

    Thoughts with his family too
  4. Hope the rider makes it through :shock:

    Thoughts with friends and family
  5. Bad stuff!! Hope you pull through mate!!!

    thoughts for the family and friends...
  6. Does it seem strange to you that, while were being told incessantly that speed kills, the majority of accidents/injuries/fatalities all occur in the suburbs at normal traffic speeds?

    Hope everything is OK, I get a sickening feeling everytime I read this sort of thing.
  7. not so much strange as opposed to worrying :?
  8. Yes, better choice of words
    I guess I meant that it is strange that our legislators are more obsessed with speed and less concerned with our safety when riding around town. It seems like strange priorities to me.
  9. don't even get me started rc :LOL:
  10. thoughts going out to all the downed riders.

    I hope you all bounce back ok and live to ride another day.
  11. Speeding makes them money. Safety costs it. Bullshit's free. Seems pretty black and white to me.

    Best wishes to the rider. Hope you're up an at em again soon mystery rider. :)
  13. Thoughts of strength to family and friends..

    Only this morning on the radio they were chatting about the complete disregard of care on the roads by alot of drivers.
    Whats going on? Is there a full moon or something? :cry:
  14. who there! who said that!
  15. No Yammy Chick it's a Balsmatic Moon or Dark moon... the hours before a New moon when bad things happen.

    Loving thoughts to the rider. Death to the driver.
    Tim ](*,)
  16. Always hate hearing posts like this,

    thoughts are with rider and close ones.
  17. My thoughts yadda yadda
    Is there any chance we can have a "my thoughts to" dicussion topic? like there is all the other ones like Multimedia etc.
    Frankly all these "my thoughts to" for people not associated at all to netrider or their families are starting to depress me.
    It becomes some morbid fascination and I sometimes wonder if it's healthy for us to concentrate on the "my thoughts to" posts all the time.

    (I'm not trying to be flippant or insensitive here and no way do I want to hurt the sensitivities of people but I honestly don't believe this does any good. The only times I feel these posts are warranted is when a netrider member or someone related to a netrider member is involved should we go all out and help like we did with Col.)