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Rider down another roundabout

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. MOD edit: moved to a new topic so that this can be discussed separately considering all the following condolence postings that are sure to follow.


  2. Anyone know if he was heading northbound or southbound?

    That approach to that roundabout is slippery heading northbound (I've been crossed up approaching it a little hot in the car), but southbound is OK. :?

    Condolences to the rider's family and friends. :(
  3. Aren't those roundabouts mig mofo ones in the middle of a highway? similar to those that are on the Sth Gippy hwy?
  4. Similar Vic. They're on double lane dual carriageway like the South Gippy, but they're been there for donkey's years, not newies like the ones on the SGH.
  5. Thought so, this one was late at night.
    We'll see what the finidgs are before we start to accuse everyone and everything ;)
  6. Now come on Vic....... you know thats not the way it works. :grin:
  7. Shit, you are right, sorry hunny :)
  8. RIP to the downed dude.
  9. Yes, condolences to family and friends.
  10. It wasn't me...
  11. I doubt the rider involved will be sticking his hand up anytime soon. :?
  12. not me... this is the rider spoken about in the 'another rider down roundabout" thread.
  13. Here is a set of pics taken this afternoon at the accident site:

    Signage on approach is OK This was taken from 200m south of the roundabout.

    Note, you almost have to come to a complete halt as you approach the roundabout. Note the state of the surface of the road - lots of gunk. I negotiated the roundabout several times. Getting the speed right was critical. It would have been very difficult at night - even worse if the rider was fatigued.

    The roundabout had one lightpole in the centre - with three lights. I assume illimination at night is OK

    Here is the impact point. Looks familiar to the last one. I couldn't see any sign of skid marks. It looked like the bike went straight over/into the sign.

    This is the surface of the road on the approach. Not some white fluid on the road. Have no idea what this is. As all vehicles have to slow down here - this is where lots of oil and deisel get dropped and collects to catch out the unwary...

    I noted that there was some strange looking gunk on the road - looks like diesel or something. At 9pm at night there would have been a little more moisture on the road. Surface would have been very slippery and very different to that experienced during the day.

    I came away with the feeling that this was very similar to the fatality at the GP. I think that there is a basic design fault here. If there hadn't been a directional sign - the rider may still be with us today.

    My condolances to the family. The deserve some answers as to why Vic Roads has let this happen again IMHO.
  14. He wqas travelling towards the Monash Clinton

    I saw it on the way home from Realm's house :mad:
  15. Its a prick of a roundabout. I live in Somerville and use these roads a bit.

  16. I still have a pulse, it's not me.
  17. How so?

    I've never seen the round-a-bout in question but looks pretty straight forward to me. Interested to know what makes this one different.
  18. Thanks Dean. :roll: :p

    The roundabout itself isn't flowing. It is a very distinct left-right-left to get through it. Also, it's used by a LOT of heavy transport (Bluescope etc), so it gets messy with diesel/oil etc.

    Like I said earlier, heading northbound (towards the Monash), it's a slippery approach too, which being at that time of evening possibly would have been damp as well. Heading southbound is better from a surface point of view, but it's still not a very "flowing" roundabout (not that any of them from Ballarto road up to Thompsons road are..)
  19. OOh thats really bad news, i didnt even hear about it at all till now.. Deepest condolences to His family and friends. Very very sad.