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Rider down and up again (me - Kaer)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Okay, had a fairly nasty off today.

    I'm suffering from amnesia at the time of the accident (missing about 2 hrs).

    Only damage to me in a concussion (reasonably severe because of the amnesia, but no vomiting etc). Catscan and x-rays all fine.

    Bike got scratches to the wheel & exhaust. Broke off rhs mirror.

    Now to what happened.

    Rainy day, slight drizzle. Roads are wet.

    I'm wearing my usual riding to work gear (Rjay's touring jacket, draggin jeans, boots, gloves, full face helmet). Everything in my pockets is also in my saddlebags.

    From here on in, my memory is hazy. The following is fragments, but what I recall.

    Come up to the bridge, in the bus lane. Up ahead in the lane is a tow truck, loading on a car, they've just finished, and tow truck driver is getting in the vehicle. I switch to left lane, 4wd behind me, I slow right down to allow the bus in front of me to pull in.

    Then I think if the tow truck is there, I can swing back into the bus lane and have a clear run into the city (since the truck would have blocked off all traffic).

    I run in through the little gaps(about twice car length), check my right and left. Bus Lane is clear to the end of the bridge, tow truck to my right.

    I turn left, think I gun it a little, and pop up to second.

    I thought I hit oil, but after going back across the bridge in the car this evening, hit the metal bridge joining things. About 2 metres across. Because I was coming across at angle, those things are slippery as in the wet.

    I remember the back sliding out, trying to hold it, getting the wobbles majorly, falling off. Banged my head hard on the ground.

    I got up, was a little punch drunk. fell over again, banging my head again.

    The tow truck triver ran up, asked if I was okay, wanted to know if I wanted an ambulance. I said I was fine (big mistake). He helped me pick up the bike, I started it up (stalled first time 'cos of the fall).

    I then do not recall much of the ride to work (oxford st). I remember trying to remember where I worked. Then trying to remember where I normally parked (this is after 2 years of working & parking in exactly the same place).

    I then remember calling up Lana (my wife), saying I was going to check myself into the emergency room at st vincents. Lana later told me I called up 6 times, saying the same thing, and not remembering the previous calls. I only remember the last one. I don't remember the walk to the hospital. Remembering checking in though.

    St Vinnies was great. Triage nurse heard what happened, checked me in straight away.

    They took blood for the bac test, but since it was 2 days since my last beer (1 on Sunday night), that will be fine.

    Gave me neck brace, checked out my spine for damage. Catscan & x-rays all showed no major damage. They ran around me urgently for the first half an hour, then when I showed no major injuries, slowed down.
    Took a couple of hours for the rest of the tests (which is exactly how an a&e room should work!)

    Freaked Lana out a little, as the a doctor and nurse came into the room I was in, talking amongst themselves saying we'd have to operate immediately (they were talking about another patient).

    Tests all good, kept me in until 4 for observation.

    Meant to take it easy for 24 hours, I've got a workcover certificate for a week though (I'm self employed, so wouldn't normally get paid for the time off). Prob go back thursday, I get bored out of my brain at home, and there's stuff to do.

    Stuff I learnt.

    Those metal joining things are slippery as hell. Even without them, doing the left hand turn I should have taken it a lot slower, especially in the wet.

    When you fall down, you stay down for a bit. When you fall down, get up and fall down again, you get an ambo. You especially don't get back on straight away (I can't recall what was going through my mind then).

    My helmet has about 3 impact points that I can see. RHS chin, RHS upper, and on the back.

    Still, I'm okay. I've already received one ear-bashing from the mother-in-law. Got to give my mum a call now and hear it from her (Lana knows better : ))

    And apart from the concussion and damage to gear & bike, I'm fine. I would have come off at between 40-50kph, prob closer to 40.

    And yeah, in a week I'll be back on the metal horse.
  2. That sux. I'm sure they have told you, but keep a low profile for a few days till the world stops turning...
    Anything we can do to help, please say so..
  3. Ouch, sounds like a full on day - glad you came out of it all fine.
  4. Sounds like an innocent road luge in the wet.

    After listening to all the advice of people saying, don't get up immediately when you fall off; when i had my road luge i too got up immediately. Thankfully i had stopped sliding when i got up, but i also stammered about for a few minutes.

    Thankfully, bikes can be fixed and chicks dig scars. ;) (has together of a Simpsons quote)
    Good luck with the recovery; and take it easy.

    edit: I've always wondered how the metal road joins would go in the wet... especially the ones coming off the M1 (Citylink) onto Punt Rd; that big long 180ยบ sweeper. I've always teetered over them even in the dry. They scare me. :p
  5. Kaer, bad luck on your accident but glad to hear you're still in one piece. Take it easy.
  6. good to hear that you're up on your feet again... hopefully no other ailments appearing.

    PS - don't you hated when you don't remember repeating something.
  7. Sounds like you were lucky that you made it to the hospital without falling off again :( Glad to hear that all the tests were good, hope you're back out there soon :)
  8. There's a right hander I take on the way home from falcon st with the same thing. I know it's slippery in the rain.

    Just another lesson learnt :)

    I'll be fine though. The lectures from other concerned non-riders is going to be the biggest headache :)

    Lana's got the day off tomorrow to look after me. She's got the little sheet where if I start acting strangely she's to take me back to the doctor.

    First thing she said when she read that was "More like if he starts acting normally".

    All good, and workcover will cover the couple of days off as well, so can't complain.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts guys.
  9. Glad to hear your OK. Head injuries Suck big time and Amnesia is a biatch. It'll come back to you just give it time. My dad once had a dog run out on the road in front of him. It bounced off the front forks and consequently sent him sliding down the road. He couldn't remember what had happened for about 3 days. Then it all came back to him. The Ducati 750 sport he was riding surprisingly coped well with the fall. Lucky he was a motorbike mechanic and panel beater at the time :LOL:
  10. Wishing you a speedy recovery and that your Italian parts arrive soon.
  11. OOOHH scary!

    Very glad to here all is ok, too many times it's bad news.

    I've been extra extra careful this week, ice everywhere :shock: Even some of that nasty black stuff :?
    Giving myself heaps of room between me and other road users in front, and not leaning the bike much (look like a racing sidecar passenger I'm leaning the body so much to compensate :p )

  12. What an adventure (if you wanna call it that). Glad to hear you are ok. :)

  13. shit man bad to hear, especially since I went for my first wet ride today. I'm in sydney too. the weather has been craphouse lately =\.

    Hope you get better and back in the saddle soon.
  14. Just told my Mum.

    I always underestimate her, she's a legend.

    Just told me to watch myself more in the rain, and the only thing she's worried about is a solo trip I had planned next month. Worried about if anything happens no-one will find me.

    All good :)
  15. Sorry to hear , but glad no major damage to yourself :D . Stay safe.
  16. when i read the first bit of your post that said you had amnesia for approx 2 hours, my first thought was that you had been... you know... abducted and had "strange" things done to you :LOL:

    seriously though, i'm glad you're ok :)
  17. What, Josh, Kang and Kodos, and "How to serve Human Beings"?
    Bum luck kaer, hope you and your mighty steed will be up and around in no time
    If you need anything, give any of us Sydney bods a PM
  18. actually i was thinking more along the lines of cartman and the satelite dish :LOL:
  19. glad you are ok mate
    smart move getting checked out , should have let the ambos do it , but you got it done
    (never ride when your not in full control mentally)

    time to but a tatts ticket
    lucky you didnt get cleaned up

    all worked out and thats what matters .
  20. Kaer,

    Glad to hear you are okay.

    All the best.