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Rider down and out :-(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Hi all, didn't want to post this up till it was confirmed. But we lost one of our local riders yesterday on the run up the hill to my town.

    Yes I knew him and in fact he was on the ride we did last w/end.

    On one of the more difficult left handers it seems he got completely unstuck and not only drifted across the white line but was also on target for a lowside.
    Except that the lowside didn't get completed as he slid directly into and under a logging truck coming down the hill. The rear drive wheels used him and bike for temporary traction, at least he didn't get to feel anything the initial coroners report says he broke his neck as he hit the fuel tank before going under. :( :?

    All the witnesses and evidence says the truck in no way contributed to the accident other than being in the wrong place wrong time. The driver and the poor nurse trainee that gave initial 1st aid are both ok, if not needing alot of counseling. Nadeen arrived about 5 mins after the fact on her way home from work, and helped as much as possible giving comfort to the truckie. :)

    The road was blocked for several hrs last night waiting for the police to attend :evil: time of accident 3pm .... time police arrived 7pm which has pissed off the whole community!! Not for the inconvenience but the time taken to attend.

    During the time I received dozens of concerned phone calls making sure it wasn't myself or one of the Vic crew that was here a few days ago.
    Thats small towns for you :)

    I think I jinxed us when I mentioned to Loz that "touch wood" the run up hasn't claimed a rider this year :? ( the average is 2 a year :cry: )

  2. Shocking news to hear Bob

    Please pass on condolences to family and friends
  3. I'm really sorry to hear that Bob. I'm glad you and Nadine are ok though. Take it easy up there mate, it's all good fun until you come unstuck.

  4. Sorry to hear that Bob. The worst things seem to happen in the most beautiful places :cry:

    Condolences to all involved.
  5. condolences to all involved
    sorry to hear and hope you are holding up alright
  6. That's bad news mate :cry: - condolences to all those affected by this tradgedy. I hope those who need it (Truckie, Nurse, witnesses) are being offered the support they may need right now.

    Makes my gearbox issues seem a lot lot more scary after suddenly gaining 3-4,000rpm yet again on the way down Gorge Road in the Adelaide Hills this morning and fighting tail slide no.7 on yet another bend.... :shock:

    Really bad form by the cops too :evil: . A fatality should have them on the scene immediately, surely :mad: ? (in the UK, the road is closed until forensics have been).
  7. Truly an awful tragedy.
    Thoughts and prayers going up for all those involved.

    Please, PLEASE be careful out there guys, ride defensively and stay out of danger. :(
  8. Aargh... very nasty. So glad he wouldn't have been aware of the worst of it. Just hard on the family and witnesses.
  9. Terrible news . My prayers and thoughts for the fallen rider and his family .
  10. our hearts go out to yourself and Nadeen, Bob.
    there is rarely ever a psoitive that can come from an event such as this.
    from mogo, our most sincere condolences to all those affected by such a tragic loss. this extends to the family, the truckie and no doubt the nurses, medical team and others involved in the investigative portion of the incident.
    it is a high risk game that we play, every time that we set out to enjoy the beauty that is two wheels. if we were to ever convert the risk associated in to a quantity that we could qualify (a number value) in our own life, we may not ever do it. for me, the benefit is in the freedom and beauty of riding itself.
    whilst we mourn the loss of a fellow rider, shall we also seek comfort in the fact that our fallen rider felt no pain, and passed on doing something that for some (most) of us is not just a means of A to B, but a lifestyle, a therapy, and an avenue to emancipate from the pressures associated with life.
    respect, and warm thoughts.
  11. My condolences Bob.
    It brought back memories of a good friend and part time Netrider
    Boky who passed away under similar circumstances tho it was a car.
    Sad news.
  12. My heartfelt sympathies to all involved. :cry:

    Please pass on my condolences Bob :cry:
  13. jeez, im real sorry to hear that bob.
    all of my best wishes to his family and friends.

  14. Thanks for all you kind thoughts guys, I'll pass them on when the time is right :)

    Due to respect I wont mention the riders name but he was only 34.

    To add to the story, I found out late last night that the Truckie ( Kevin ) was also a rider and was just getting over loosing a mate on a bike 3 weeks ago up in QLD :cry:

    He's on heavy sedation and I'm guessing may never be 100% again.
    :? :cry:
  15. Shit Bob that's horrific news mate. So sad to hear it was a mate of yours. All the best to you and Nadeen and we'll see you soon.
  16. sorry to here that Bob, that one thing we always dread. best of luck to you and nedeen and we will hopfully see you soon
  17. So sorry to hear this, condolences to all involved.

    Probably not much consolation but he went out doing what he loved & the consequences of surviving may have been even worse!

    Please be careful out there folks, every one that we lose is one too many!
  18. Sorry to hear that. My heart just sunk as I read that. RIP. :(
  19. Bob so sorry to hear of the news about the death of a fellow rider on that road....Condolences to his family and friends

    Regards Stewy
  20. He rode hard, he died free! Silver horse, i know you well, deliver me from this hell, take me where the spirits are calling me. Sad man, sad. Respect to all. R.I.P. :( :( :(