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Rider down (and out :( )

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sir_b, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. On Saturday me and my mate Caspar went to check out a zx2r in Bundoora. Met the guy selling it (for his girlfriend) Steve and his mates. They all rode on learners, one had just bought a zx2r, another 2 had cbr-rr's, and Steve had a cbr600rr. Bike checked out ok, so we went back there today to pick up the bike and hand over the cash. I pull up on my bike at the front of the house and there were about 20 people out the front... that's odd I'm thinking... so I get off the bike and start taking my helmet off as I hear screaming. I look at all the people and can't see anyone screaming, so I think someone is playing. A few seconds later I hear banging on an upstairs window to accompany the screaming and I look up. Middle aged woman screaming at me "a bike killed my son, get that bike the *expletive* out of here" so I look at the crowd (still hadn't clicked) and she keeps going. Since no one was saying anything, I thought she might have been a bit crazy and kept on taking my gear off when one of the guys outside told me to get the bike out of there. Turns out the guy Steve selling the bike died today on his cbr.

    R.I.P Steve.

  2. Sad and shock inducing story Justin.
    Still feel numb?
    Try and sleep well tonight.
  3. geez that's terrible news.....

    terrible way to find out as well.....

    RIP steve
  4. I don't know how I feel right now actually. It's not right to meet someone, have a chat and a laugh, and two days later find out they're dead. I think the best thing to take from it is to reflect on our own behaviour on bikes. I've always been good at handling death, but it never gets easy to see a family torn to pieces.

  5. I know this isn't the same thing but the feelings are the same.
    I remember when a bloke was riding his pushie outside the school where I work.
    Kid looks at me and tells me a guy has fallen off his pushie outside the window.
    I have a look and see this guy isn't moving. Talk to our computer techie to call an ambulance.
    I run out there and see the guy isn't moving and has froth all over his mouth.
    Realise in a few seconds this guy has had a massive coronary and is cactus before he had even hit the ground.
    I called for the senior forst aid teacher (she is level 3 I'm level2) and we immediately administered CPR.
    Ambos arrived in 5 minutes but it seemed like hours from our perspective.
    They put those little shock things on him to try and revive him but to no avail. (amazing to see how the body jolts)
    We then went to a meeting afterwards and outwardly I felt fine but inwardly i must have been churning.
    Went home had a chuck and had a restless sleep.
    Next day his son came asked a few questions and picked up his bike.
    a few days after his wife and daughter came over and presented us with a rose plant which has been put in the rose garden. I still go over and look at the rose sometimes even though it's been 4 years ago.
    I didn't know this guy from a bar of soap yet those 15 minutes spent with him as he lay there dead will never leave my memory.
    I know how you must be feeling Justin.
    Condolences to his family.
  6. Terrible story.

    Reminds me of the very first day I got my bike I find out that my uncle died on his the same day.
  7. Thanks for posting that Smee. I barely knew Steve and thankfully don't have a mental picture to go with it (I understand the difference that makes) but the full weight of it is certainly kicking in. I mean, I'm coping fine, but it's just sad news, especially for someone in his early 20's with a distraught family.

  8. Very sad news indeed Justin . Take it easy mate .
  9. rider down and out!!

    I really feel sick now reading that sir_b......I was knocked off my bike yesterday on hoddle st by a van turning across my path when I was doing 70kph onmy fireblade 900RR..and I was catapulted across the intersection and hit a wall side on at speed as my bike wiped out into the pedestrian railings...I was lucky....and reading that it makes it more real..I got away with cuts/bruises..and a couple of cracked ribs...
    sad news..
  10. Farwell Steve, your spirit is free from the flesh, may you soar to your true home friend.
  11. I dont mean to sound calus or cruel so please dont take it that way , but that is the world we live in .
    Its not only cruel but its unfair especially when it comes to riding motorbikes.

    I feel for the ladie, and in times of grief people do and say things that arent nice , but clear your mind , remember the steads we ride in todays society arent the safest for of transport but we ride them because of the enjoyment that comes with it .

    it a daily reminder that we need to be switched on when we ride not only for ourselves , but for our loved one.
  12. Why is it that when someone loses a friend on a motorcycle, that they blame the motorcycle for the fatality. Then they refuse to have anything to do with motorcycles.

    But, if one of their friends gets killed in a car accident - it doesn't stop those same people driving their cars.

    In my line of business - Harley Rides - I continually come up against this type of attitude. I go to pick someone up to take them for a "Birthday Surprise" ride. Family and friends are all present to make fun of the person and at least one of them always regales me with "Oh I know someone who was killed on a bike - I would never get on a motorcycle," or some similar comment.

    I have a female friend whose best mate was killed on a bike - and she can't bring herself to get on a motorcycle.

    Is there some sort of contradiction here? :?

    Does anyone remember Toby Noble (died in the vicinity of WRB in Ferntree Gully a couple of years ago)? He was a member of a touring group, his close mates - his family refused to allow any motorcycle riders to Toby's funeral.

    OK - so someone died. But, the reputation of the motorcycle also died on each of these occassions.....if you get my drift. :(
  13. I do agree with that. I suppose greiving families look for something to blame in their period of anger... blaming an class of inanimate machines (that need human control) is a bit illiogical, but what do you tell a mother in anguish.

    I'm lucky enough to come from a riding family, and I've discussed this kind of thing with them before. They understand it's my passion, and that I understand it is dangerous... but what's a life lived without fun and passion all for the sake of safety and longevity.
  14. Wise words, Glen. Thanks for putting it that way.
  15. I agree Glen. We all know the risks and decide to take them, but I think it does us good to hear about things like this so we don't lose sight of the fragility of our own mortality.

  16. sorry to hear Justin :(
  17. Perhaps the best line of argument against these comments is to find out and state the number of people who die in car accidents per year.

    "I knew someone who died on a motorbike"

    reply with:

    "Last year, xxx people in Victoria died while driving cars, and xx pedestrians were killed by cars just by walking down the street. How many of them did you know? Knowing that now, will you still get in a car, or walk down the street?"

    Well, perhaps not the friendliest way to be conducting a Harley ride business I admit, but the point is still just as relevent.
  18. that would have been quite a shock to the system - wonder if it was steves fault?
    43 Pedestrian
    Passenger 73
    Driver 160
    Motorcyclist* 46
    * includes pillion riders
  19. Well that's even better.

    "Did you know that last year in Victoria, just as many people were killed as pedestrians walking down the street, as people on motorbikes? How many of them did you know? Will you now not walk anywhere?"
  20. And then you'll come across a smart-arse who'll make mention of the % of motorcyclists killed vs % of pedestrians killed, and your arguement will hold less weight.