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Rider Down - 1st July Learner Run

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by blackjackx, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Just letting you know Henno aka Brett went down in Royal National Park. His bike went through 2 poles and then over the edge. Ambulance was called and he has been taken to St George Hospital.(i think)

    If anyone knows him in RL it is best to contact his wife/family, but I think they should know by now.

    2 riders down.

    Keisha hope you were ok aswell

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  2. Sh1t ,sounds bad ,hope he's ok :(
  3. Re: ***********Rider Down - 1st July Learner Run*********

    not good to hear.

    are you able to go into detail as to where in the RNP and what the cause of this was?

    what happened to the other rider?

    best wishes to those involved.
  4. Really bad news guys. Hope everyone comes out ok.
  5. he was going round a right hand corner and i believe he went wide, his bike hit leaves and i think he locked his back tire up. It slid out from under him and went through the 2 poles and he hit the last one.

    I think that is how it happend
  6. wow, that really sucks :(

    just a quick note - lets keep this speculation free.
    ie. if you didnt SEE it happen, wait for henno to tell us how & why.
    i hope somebody can contact his family/friends to get updates on his condition :?
  7. shit map.


    are you able to locate where, sth(waterfall), nth end..."

    edit: here's a better map- Royal_NatPk.pdf
  8. I hope everybody is okay, Hope this will remind everybody to take it easy.
  9. Just wondering, were they riding in a group of two when it happened? I was driving through the RNP today (in a cage) northwards, I wasn't too far past the Entry point when I noticed two bikes in my mirrors, normally I will pull over and let bikes past, but they did not seem to be in any hurry and were keeping a good distance from my rear. At some point I noticed that they were no longer behind me, I didn't think anything of it, figured they must have turned around and gone back towards bald hill.

    Wondering if it was infact one of those riders that went down. I really hope he is ok!
  10. It happend south end 3 Km from south Booth. We were heading in northern direction.

    We were lucky that after the accident a driver stopped and he was a doctor. Forgot to mention he checked henno out and said it was mostly a broken or bruised rib. There were marks on the road where his back tired locked.

    But i agree with joel I posted this so that if anyone knew him in RL they would be able to contact his family, not gonna speculate, hopefully we will find out his condition soon.
  11. Bikes down on a Learner ride? Never!

    Bloody shit though, hope he's OK.
  12. Don't think I met him today, what was he riding?

    I hope he is ok, sounds like a nasty stack, hitting poles, and bikes going over edges.......

    Edit: Just looked at Henno's Garage, and I was actually riding behind him for a while today.
  13. Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit :shock: I was in the Nasho with a mate, we heard the ambulance from Bald Hill, and went past not long after. Always leaves a terrible feeling seeing a rider down, this was no different. Shocked to now read that it was one of us NetRiders :( :(

    Please be okay mate...
  14. Not good news.
    Best wishes to Brad for a speedy recovery
  15. oo shit, i didn't know there was another accident today. I wasn't really hurt (see my post in nsw learners run). I hope he's ok.
  16. Sorry - Didn't know there was a thread here so I'll just say what I did on the rides forum, Henno was taken to hospital I just spoke to them and they said he was in theatre. He has some internal injuries so they're going to see what's wrong. His family has been called and are on their way.
  17. Bummer, henno :cry: Hope you're going OK, best wishes for a quick recovery :)

    Glad to hear you're OK, keisha :)

    Thanks for the additional info, bneaver.

    PS: I think it's Brad... not Brett... maybe
  18. And here I was complaining about a stone chip in one of my fairings..Yes Dan you were not the only one! Speedy recovery Henno and Keisha glad to hear you are ok as well. :) ..
  19. hope you have a speedy recovery mate
  20. Damn! :cry:
    Sending best wishes to all involved.