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Rider Diving at Queenscliff

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Looks like we have to start over... :shock: Get better soon Jase!

    Those of you still interested in an Open Water Course in SCUBA Diving, in futher qualification courses, or just going out for a dive - let me know!!! There is also Introductory Dives for bods who just want to try this underwater thingy out. :D

    The Open Water Course (basic qualification) is being offered at a group discount and the latest development is that there is now the option of doing the course in one long (3 day) weekend instead of over 2 weekends, as this may be a more viable proposition for many. Just need to take an RDO or day off on a Friday and the course will be completed by Sunday night.

    So for those of you still interested, the diving is great at the moment, water warm (for here! :p ) and lots of dives happening.

    If you are interested, put up some dates that would suit you and lets get this happening! :D

    PM me if you want to talk direct and I will give email and phone no.

  2. As mentioned in the previous incarnation of this thread, I'd love to dive again :D

    Having not dived since I did my course 10 years ago, am I even legally allowed to just rock up and dive? Do I need to requalify? Even if I can just rock up and jump in the water, what approach would you recommend I take? I guess the main thing I'd need to relearn would be ascent rates, which would probably be calculated for me on group dives anyway right?
  3. Yep keen to get my quals. Little to no experience but its one of the things on the "List of things to do" about time I ticked it off.
  4. Having not dived for 10 years is not a real prob, Dan, best idea is either to do a refresher course or just jump in the pool before heading out for a dive and if you feel comfortable then go out. You would be with another experienced diver anyway so times and ascents etc won't be an issue. You can always come down here beforehand and we can go over theory for you and if you want we can do a shore dive first before going out on the boat. All too easy! :D

    C'mon you other guys - know there was more interest thatn this! Deyago, blackboy, voyager.... :?

    Sorry that we didn't get further last thread but with my lack of computer access and then losing all the pms and the thread...

    If you do want to dive, it is a great time now, and this IS at a good price :)
  5. Dan, I'm doing a Scuba refresher down at Portsea in a couple of weeks if you'd like to join me. I haven't dived for about 8 years and only in warm water - nothing below Townsville.

    It's $195 all inclusive. Start at 9am, little bit of theory, shore dive at Portsea Pier, then afternoon boat dive.

    PM me if you're interested.