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rider dies in carpark at bunnings parafield

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rex11, May 13, 2006.

  1. on my way home last night passing bunnings at parafield airport noticed cops and ambulance at carpark at truscot hi fi rider laying under sheet in middle of carpark bike crunched up in the gutter looks like he hit the raised concreat barrier between the carparks bounceed over one hit the other R.I.P

  2. I need a translator. Anyone know how to convert this to modern English?
  3. It's a part of the Da Vinci code. You'll have to read the book, watch the movie and surf the web looking for the clues.....
  4. As far as i can translate its:

    On my way home last night passing the Bunnings at Parafield Airport, I noticed cops and ambulance in carpark at Truscot Hi-Fi. A rider laying under sheet in middle of the carpark, bike crunched up in the gutter, it looks like he hit the raised concreat barrier between the carparks, bounceed over one and hit the other.

    :( R.I.P

    Thats my take anyway :)
  5. I'll try.

    [MOD] No you wont!!!
  6. Somebody dies and you're taking the piss out of this guy's writing? Congratulations Captain Grammar. FFS.
  7. Right on. Time and a place, asshats.

    RIP to the bloke or girl under the sheet. Anyone see a news item about it?
  8. Well said dude, some things you dont make jokes about
    ie: that poor bastard had a family just hope none off them read your crap :roll: :evil:
  9. Poor guy :(

    Sometimes when it's dark it's impossible to see those stupid things.
  10. mmmm

    havent u eva just typed a bit like aussie slang mate no time for comas and full stops live life in the fast lane
  11. It's obvious that someone has died.... if you didn't work that out your a F***king moron!!!!! Time and a place to pick on peoples grammar skills... this was not one of them.

    Everyone of you who just made fun of this guys/gals writing and tried to take the piss, you disgust me. The detritus of the biking community as far as i'm concerned!!

    RIP to whoever it may have been & condolences to the family.

    Appreciate any further updates on this (punctuated or not, I dont give a toss).
  12. RIP Rider. That is all that you needed to say, not you forgot to put a comma there or a fullstop there. Why couldn't you just leave it at that. Like Everyone else has said. Time and place. :evil:
  13. pocket bike

    the news, it was a pocket bike rider no helmet .
  14. Re: pocket bike

    So it's ok to take the piss now then?
  15. Re: pocket bike

    Nah, still not OK, but he's not a 'rider' either, just a silly punk who now has a family and friends paying for his stupidity! :evil:
  16. Tars us all under the same brush I'm afraid.
    Pocket riders to the stupid public are "riders".
    Not even a netrider or related to a netrider.
  17. Could have been a friend of someone's daughter that someone might have met once or twice :cry: And someone's daughter might be quite upset.

    Everybody has done something stupid in their lives I'm sure. That doesn't make them a stupid person. And if that stupid act takes their life, it's still very sad.

    RIP Wes
  18. yeah, it was shown on Ch9 late news

    It was a chopper style minibike that hit the gutter big time !
  19. Can someone make this person an authority (of sorts) PLEASE!!!!

    Very well said Res!
  20. Unfortunate that the guy lost his life , but these people flying around on these pocket bikes gimme the shits. We've got them zooming up and down our street and I reckon its only a matter of time before they kill themselves or hurt someone else. So not a lot of sympathy here.