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Rider dies after head-on bike crash

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vic, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. 22nov04

    A MOTORCYCLIST has died after an accident involving another biker at Buxton, northeast of Melbourne.

    A police spokesperson said thir vehicles collided head-on on a track at Mohican Break, 10km west of Buxton, yesterday afternoon.

    A 29-year-old man from Chirnside Park in Melbourne's outer northeast was airlifted to the Alfred hospital, but died a short time later.

    The second motorcyclist, a 32-year-old man from Mount Evelyn, suffered minor injuries.

    Police have not released the name of the dead man.
  2. no good

    im wondering how this could have happened if it was a track day,iv never had a track day but iv been told there well organised.

    someone has to be in fault for this accident :(
  3. Sounds more like an off road track! Condolences to the family & friends! Hope the other guy will be ok!
  4. At the recent safety forum held in Geelong Sgt Steve Towers spoke of the high incidence of injuries and deaths among off road riders....a timely reminder for both on and off roaders to take care...

  5. Yes, that area is very popular with trail/dirt riders. There is no bitumen in that area. Highly likely that it's dirt/trail. Condolences to all involved.
  6. When discussing off-road crashes, did the police say how many were (un)licensed riders on (un)registered bikes?

    One of the issues facing motorcycling, and this damned $50 TAC Levy is the "unrider", or rider who's unlicensed and on an unregistered bike. While they figure in the statistics, it's hard to target them as far as enforcement, compulsory education and so on goes. After all, with the TAC levy, unlicensed riders or perhaps riders on unregistered bikes don't contribute towards the scheme.

    It's analogous to smokers who buy legitimate tobacco products funding awareness and enforcement programs against "chop chop" dealers.
  7. Damn. Be careful....unless u have a deathwish of course!
  8. He probably did but I cant remember.
    Contact the VMU for an email address for him. He is great when it comes advocating safety issues etc.

    Know all about that. I cop flak from time to time when someone who is unlicenced and/or unregistered decides to join the after life and I pay out on them.
    It is they who are stupid enough to do it and leave others behind to pick up the pieces. A case in point was the unlicenced rider from somewhere in FT gully who decided to take his off road trail bike out in the dark and in the rain without a helmet on. He fell off and died as a result. Where is that stat counted? More than likely in the stats for all other MC accidents.

    At the forum too a Snr Sgt accident investigator started his PPT presentation with a photo of an accident scene. Bike on its side, two bodies covered, car in the distance. He then went on to mention that the rider was unlicenced and over the limit. I was trying to think of a good line to say at the time but bit my lip.
    It was a petty that he didnt hang around for the end of the session as one of the organisers asked the assembled about atitudes to drinking and riding. The majority there put their hand up when asked if they would not drink if they were riding.

    Most of the people that I know and ride with do so responsibly. It is the unrider/squid element that needs to be looked at moreso I think.