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Rider death on Black Spur

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Just picked this one up on Herald Sun Breaking News:


    Read further down the article - a rider from Bachusmarsh died on the Black Spur at 10.45am.

    Now that didn't even rate a mention on the news tonight - but it could have... :(

    Is there any WRB in this area..... :?:
  2. Does it matter if he hit a guard rail?
  3. Don't think so
  4. I went past the accident on the spur a few minutes after it had happened. The guy that died was riding a Hayabusa and was a part of a riding group (I saw about 7 bikes), he was getting CPR when I arrived and I was told by one of his club members that he wasn't breathing when they got to him. I hung around helping slow down traffic approaching the scene until a police car and ambo arrived (cop arrived 10-15 minutes after I got there, and ambo 5 minutes after the cop).

    It wasn't pretty and I feel for everyone involved. Hopefully riding was his life and he left no dependants.


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  5. The rider who died on the Black Spur was a Hangmore club member.

    Here is the thread at Hangmore regarding the incident:


    From the opening post:

    RIP mate.
  6. RIP indeed. :(
    Condolences to Rod's family, friends, and riding buddies.
  7. Argh.. these things are so sad..

    RIP Dirt bags!
    Condolences to family and friends!
  8. Didn't know ya mate, but from all accounts you were a good bloke,
    RIP and condolences to your family and friends
  9. NO
  10. Please go and do a seacrh for wire rope barrier studies. I think it's about time the WRB hysteria was culled, they are no more deadly than armco.
    I found an excellent one a month ago, which I have lost. It basically stated that WRB poses no higher risk than armco, and that concrete is far more bike friendly, which is obvious. it's the sudden stop, combined with high localised force on the body.
    The big killer is not being "cheese grated", it is multiple impacts with the stanchions, which armco also has.

    Sorry to hear about the rider.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. we were talking to the hangmore guys yesterday at healesville. obviously, very shell shocked. hate hearing stuff like that. hate thinking of his wife janette who had to receive that phone call and feel deeply for the person that had to make that call. not good. r.i.p. Rod.
  12. :(
    Condolances to all
  13. Armco can be made safer too by placing flat sections under the Armco, like the ones that have been treated in this way on the GOR. I assume the posts under the Armco in this instance were exposed. The question I pose here is "Could the barrier have been made safer?" The Black Spur is a dangerous ride - even for those who have been around for years - a wet/cold patch, leaves anything....

    Anyway, probably too soon to be worrying about that, we have lost another member of our close community. Let's focus on that.

    I add my condolences. I hope that he gets a huge cortege at the funeral. From what I read on the club thread he will be missed.
  14. Please don't assume. Just as you don't like to hear that police assume the guy was hooning and speeding (not that I'm saying he was, just pointing out an observation), so it's not nice to hear that you assume that the guard rail posts were exposed. I didn't see the accident but I saw the aftermath with the skid mark on the road leading up to the rail.

    My condolences to his family and friends. It's sad when an accident like this happens :cry:
  15. It's a reasonable assumption though. It's a little while since I was up that way but most of the posts used to be exposed.

    This is the sort of news that I always dread when I hear of a rider going down. It's always worse when it's a name you know. I met him once only but I know a couple of Hayabusa riders that knew him.

    Condolences to the family and his friends. :cry:
  16. I was actually thinking about this the other day and wonder if something like conveyer belt rubber can be run along the WRB's so the wire still does it's job but a rider hitting the WRB may be protected from running under by the rubber wall in front of it.

    I know they place conveyer belt in front of tyre walls in motorsport to help cars run along the tyre wall rather than dig in and get flipped over by it.
  17. Sad news, best wishes to the family and friends.

    I will reserve any comment on the crash until we are aware of all the details. I would think that any discussion on various barriers are a little premature at this stage as we really dont know the details of the accident.
  18. A reasonable assumption? When I read post after post of people suggesting that they should check their facts and not assume?? You admit you haven't been there for a while. So are the posts exposed or not? I wouldn't know, I was there yesterday but I was concentrating on the road, not on posts. If you go up there and witness the posts are exposed then I'll take your word for it but I won't for assumptions. A rider has died, that's a fact. For all you know, he could've flipped over the barrier and hit a tree.
  19. Hi guys,

    If any of you are still on here..
    I only just came across this.
    And though it was many years ago, thank you all for the kind words.

  20. hope every thing is ok with you
    i didnt know him
    and only just found this thread
    but send you and his family my best wishes
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