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rider course in adelaide

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by metalpetal, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. My tax return arrived today and me and that red vespa 250 are but weeks away from each other. hubba hubba.

    I've been doing lopp the loops on the Transport SA website - they seem to want to keep the location of the ridersafe course a secret? Or am I missing something?

    As I do not have a car and will not be able to ride a bike to my first course, I would so love to know where the hell it is so I can work out what I am going to have to do to get there!!! Clues please?
  2. what area do u live?

    i did mine at the riding course in warradale.
  3. I did mine at the St Agnes Riding Range, but I know there's more than one location, depending on where you live. Pretty sure Oaklands park recently shut down. But I also think there's another one at Pooraka somewhere but not too sure... Anyone else?
  4. transport SA & Ridersafe are 2 seperate entities - hence why transport SA don't feel they have to give you the addresses.

    There is a range at St Agnes & one at Oaklands Park.

    they are the only 2 ranges in SA.

    the Walkley Heights range shut down.

    If you ring the ridersafe number they'll tell you the exact address.
  5. Hey, country riders exist too!

    What about Port Pirie and Millicent? :wink:
  6. When I phoned up for my Level 1 - they offered me Oaklands Park or Murray Bridge as my choices. I chose Oaklands Park.
    For Level 2 they didn't mention it and sent me to Oaklands Park.
    Murray Bridge is farther away for me but same travel time.
  7. Oh, and back to part of the original question - if you go to Oaklands Park, the Marion train station is a 5 minute walk away from the training centre.
    Oaklands Park is also scooter friendly, you can do your course on a Honda @125 or a Hyosung Rally if you want.

    Siro, Oaklands Park has not shut down and doubt it ever will, the complex is way too big for that.
  8. Thanks everyone

    I live in Norwood, so they're all conveniently located as I suspected they might be (I think I can fly to Melbourne faster and more easily than I can get to ANY of those locations!). Thanks for all your help. If you try to Google ridersafe you go to Transport SA and if you try to call you get a recorded message. All very useless.

    Looks like I'll be hiring a car to get to rider training.

  9. Re: Thanks everyone

    You have to pay for the course before you are given the number for ridersafe.

    You pay through transport SA. Once you've paid they give you a receipt with the telephone number for Ridersafe on it. Then you can call them.

    Calling the transport SA number won't help you cause they are NOT part of Ridersafe. You have to call the number on the receipt they give you at transport SA.
  10. Ahhh yes, my mistake Braddo, I got my wires crossed, I remember the whole protest over the fee's hike the bikers met at Oaklands Park, and I knew one range shut down... I guess I assumed that was the one... my bad. :oops:
  11. Thanks

    Thanks Edgelett - I get it - they're seperate entities. I just don't get why I'm not allowed to have the information until I've paid my bucks. It's not like they're a top secret miltary facility.
  12. Re: Thanks

    that is a question I can't answer mate.
  13. i wanna go get my learners i got my eye on the x9 ..how hard is it to pass and can i use my scooter..i have a red devil...lol..also do i have to tell them if i have a big bore kit cause i not sure if to get that before the course or not..
  14. Thanks

    Yes Braddo - my point exactly - that page does not give you any addresses and the 1800 number leads you to a bunch of recorded messages that give you miles of details - except where it is youare going to have to get to to do the damn thing.

    I didn't come on here to get into arguments - just to get info that isn't readily available through the means you'd expect it to be. I look forward to being a more constructive member of the community.

    Thanks everyone for your help.
  15. yes RiderSafe also provide scooters for you to ride and do the test. You don't have to use your own bike if you don't want to. In fact I recommend it is better to drop their bike than yours. :)

    It is dead easy if you do the test on the scooter. Much smaller and easier to handle than the geared bikes. It's almost a joke. They use 2 scooters, and one of them is a Hyosung Rally.

    Not sure why they don't put the address on the net. Dumb really. Maybe it's in the phone book? I do agree that their recorded message is way too long and boring. I waited for like 10mins on my mobile to speak to someone.

    It is totally understandable if you actually have been there and see that it is 1 person doing everything. Answering phone, scheduling appointment, etc, etc.... And the phone does ring just about non-stop.
  16. Riding ranges are located at Oaklands Park, Walkley Heights, Berri, Murray Bridge, Millicent, Port Pirie and Whyalla. Also the new facility at St Agnes. If you live in Norwood, then Oaklands Park and Walkley Heights are about the same distance. Whichever you choose will depend on the transport available. As said Marion train station is only a short walk from the Oaklands Park range. However if you plan to go by car I would suggest going to Walkley Heights so you don't have to drive through the city.
  17. Um - the Walkley Heights range has been CLOSED DOWN now St Agnes is up & running.

    Not sure whether you can go there at all anymore
    I KNOW you can't go there during the week - it's bolted up.
  18. Sorry just realised that there is no Walkley Heights range anymore. Looks like it's Oaklands Park or bust.
  19. Sorry metalpetal, I missed that you did call the Ridersafe phone number - you should be able to get through to an operator through the options though, and they would answer all your questions.

    Furbypimp, they will not let you do your level 2 test on a 50cc, they specifically state that. I doubt that even though you have modified it they will let you do it - though maybe if you show them the rego papers stating that it is bigger than 50cc they might.