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Rider cops two-year ban for 169km/h wheelie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twainharte, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. :shock:

  2. Ride like a tool, wear the consequences.

    My opinion? Too bad he got caught. Wheelies are fun.
  3. all things considered. thats a pretty light sentence! :shock:

  4. The Houghton Highway bridge is as bumpy as all f**k. The hog (arch) on the bridge girders is too much so its been bumpy rather than flat from day one after the surfacing went on. Imagine 2km of going up in the middle of the 20m girder span then down again at the end of it. From memory, there's about 40mm in it. I think he's brave and stupid for doing a high speed on there.
  5. lol I want to know how he got caught.

    My brother and his mate were in the paper years ago going past the gabba I think in brissy under a bridge, on the back wheel at 150+ but coz the bike was almost vertical they couldn't see the numberplate. The cops chased, and naturally when chasing a K6 Gixxer thou and a K3 Gixxer thou in a commonwhore police car, they had no chance of catching either two of them

    So my question is, how the hell did the cops catch him?
  6. Screwball, there's cameras along the road network for visual monitoring of traffic flow. He went past quite a few during that high speed trip. The police may have accessed video footage from the traffic control centre and got the number plate.
  7. [​IMG]

    Showing remorse (kissing arse) helps eh [​IMG]
  8. What's the bet he gets caught riding while suspended???
  9. Two year ban. I think they cancel your licence for that mate.
    So that would be driving / Riding unlicenced.

    If they catch him doing that, he'll get pokey time.
  10. very likely..

    what an idiot.
  11. Thats screwed :evil:

    I wasn't doing anything anywhere near that and my fine was heeeeaaaaaaaps bigger
  12. haha...unlucky
  13. Next time take it to Court, shed crocodile tears & you'll do
    better [​IMG]

    The fine doesn't hurt. Its being banned for 2yrs that'll be a
    hard pill to swallow [​IMG]
  14. You think?

    People caught high range PCA get less.
  15. 169k's in a 60k zone...tosser!
    Even if the fine was 50cents...I would'nt be doing that high of a speed among other road users who are likely to be doing 60-70ks..
  16. Yeah, but it's much worse than that. The 169 was in a 90 zone, but the 200-220 was in a 60!!! And now someone who knows that 60 zone says the road surface is bad as well. For one, the guy is probably lucky he isn't dead, two, he is lucky he didn't kill someone else, and three he got off lightly given he ran from the Police. If this happened in the States he would have got gaol time for sure.

    But I'm sure this won't stop him being seen as a martyr by the ghostrider wannabes. He was only giving it a bit and having a bit of fun right? I mean that is what riding is all about right? :jerk:
  17. Big DEAL... the only amazing part of of that story is that he got caught...thats the dumbest thing he did... what a bad bad boy...won't somebody think of the children... what if he hit a puppy with really big eyes and a wet nose?

    For starters I don't know many people who haven't hit 200 in a car or on a bike. Nobody I have known has ever died in crashes from speeding either. I know that kind of speed sure "can" be a risk but it all depends on the road... and traffic/people situation and of course whether or not the rider has half a brain/skill set.

    I seem to recall a whats the fastest speed you have done thread...plenty people sniggering about their fastest speed "on track" in that thread. Where are they now? And who wouldn't drive on a suspended licence? When have I been asked for my licence...uh never... just don't do dumb shit for 2 years. Not that hard.

    So far as the punishment? 2 years is a little bit harsh. I'm sure they will probably get it handed back to them for the job etc anyway. I just love how people like to punish for things that coulda happened.. but but you coulda hurt someone... :roll: And people wonder how we have ended up in a nanny state...

    And dont get me started on people who own 1000+ cc cycles because you know I really need 1000ccs to accelate to 60km/hr...bullshit. Actually some people might actually do that... I can recall a couple of tossers on ducatis and the like holding me up by riding slower than my POS bike... easy now theres a corner up ahead...
  18. good on him, just to bad he got caught. [-X
  19. Thanks for proving my point. I knew it wouldn't take long.
  20. You've got to be a d!ck for doing those speeds in a built up area. Out in the country with only cows & kangaroos to keep you company -go for your life. But I guess there's no one out there to see your superior throttle twisting skills in action :roll: Bit like the turbo car brigade drag racing in town if you ask me