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Rider collected by wire across road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by waedwe, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. From the MCC of NSW facebook feed


    Some lowlife strung telephone wire across mangrove road nerara on the central coast, Collecting a rider who had surgery for 23 stitches in his throat

    Attempted murder grrrrrrrrrrrr
  2. http://www.theherald.com.au/story/1818996/rider-injured-by-wire-across-road-photos/
  3. I sincerely hope this gentleman makes a full physical recovery, and that his mental and emotional scars heal as well.

    I also hope that he finds himself able to enjoy motorcycling again in the future.
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  4. I'd also seen written somewhere in the original posts that there had been reports of the same thing happening in a National Park somewhere around there. I don't know the area at all - looking on a map though (http://goo.gl/maps/oFzQm) maybe they were talking about Ourimbah State Forest, or possibly Brisbane Water NP? There are a few other contenders in the area though.

    I saw a trailer for a new movie the other day which attracted my attention because of a motorbike at the start - but then the guy on the motorbike was taken out by wire strung across the road. I wonder if this movie has or will encourage more people to try the same tactic on so-called "nuisance" riders? I'm hoping it never happens in the RNP - after recent media, this is the one road I'd be most concerned about right now...

    I wonder if there's anything we can do as riders to protect ourselves against this happening to us - even though of course we shouldn't have to...
  5. I hit a wire like this is warranwood years ago when I was driving the car. Luckily I didnt ride that day.
  6. Showing my age here...there was a movie in the 70's called Stone about a motorcycle gang that started out with someone setting a steel wire trap. Very nasty.
  7. Wow... speechless.
  8. I like how they always mention the bike as being high powered sports bike when it's a GSX650F. They're a good bike but not a high powered sports bike.
  9. You've obviously never ridden a Honda C90 step-through :)
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  10. Many years ago I took a short cut that ended rather quickly after passing through a neck high, high tensile single strand fence wire. Luck for me I went through on an angle and it caught the D-rings on my helmet. It left a huge bruise afterwards. At 60 kms I got dragged backward over the gear sack rack as the bike disappeared from under me. I recall laying on the ground looking at the sky thinking WTF??

    Wire in places its not supposed to be is nasty....
  11. Kill everyone in the local area, you'd most likely get the perpetrator.
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  12. was it a cop again?
  13. WTF is wrong w/ people?

    I seriously hope the perpertrator is caught and hung on a tree and left hanging there so animals have something to eat and piss on.
  14. Jeez Louise! WTF next? I hope the cops catch the fcukers who are doing this!

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery - physically and mentally (he'll have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for sure).
  15. A few weeks ago I was out the front of my house, and noticed a couple of kids sneaking across the road (a couple hundred meters down the road). They then lifted and tied off a yellow streamer between 2 poles in my street. This is just around a bend. I yelled out, and they took off. I then jumped in the car as I was heading out (the reason I was out the front) and drove down the road. I noticed them duck around a corner, so I stopped the car and took off after them. As I rounded the corner, they were standing there, and bolted. Unfortunately for them, one of them dropped their phone (iPhone set in camera mode, obviously trying to record peoples reactions). I picked up the phone, and they stopped running. The kid who owned the phone came back crying, "come on man, please give me my phone back"... I fcuken store strips off them. (among other things) I said, I know it's only a streamer, but, I ride a bike (as does my wife), if we came around the corner and saw that across the road (it was at neck height) we would try to avoid it. What would happen then? etc... blistered them for a while. One of them said, "it was just a cheap laugh man"....

    Not very funny if I'm fcuken dead is it!

    I don't expect them to do that again. At least I hope. I'm hoping me not pushing it further doesn't mean they end up escalating, but, my judgment call at the time was that they had learned a lesson and would think before doing anything so stupid again. I really hope I'm right.
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  16. ^ should have smashed their phone and said..well now it's an expensive laugh..
    little shits..
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  17. Wanted to. Wanted to punch the little shits in the face. A few things occurred to me.

    1: I was young and did really stupid stuff once. I had no intention of hurting anyone, but could have.
    2: if it had been anything other than streamers, I probably would have been in significant trouble. (Due to above mentioned violence)
    3: I wanted them to walk away knowing how dumb they were, that a motorcyclist had roasted them, but ultimately been fair. Breaking their shit could just leave them with a hatred of riders and not learned anything.

    As I said, judgment call.
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  18. Snapping their shit in half wasn't unwarranted, but I think you did the right thing under the circumstances. Had it been a rope of wire and you'd had to pick yourself up off the ground after hitting it ... assuming you even could ... then breaking their stupid heads would have been reasonable.