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Rider clocks 235km

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. Rider clocks 235km


    A MOTORCYCLIST clocked doing 235km/h on a highway in South Australia refused to stop three times before finally being arrested, police said.

    The 46-year-old man was spotted doing more than twice the open-road limit on National One Highway near Port Augusta about 1.30pm yesterday.
    He failed to stop three times for patrols and continued to evade police in Port Augusta before being arrested about an hour later when he stopped at a roadhouse in Pimba.

    The man was charged with speeding and driving in a manner dangerous, three counts of failing to obey a reasonable direction and with refusing to give his name and address.

    He was granted police bail to appear in court at a later date.
  2. That's normal around Pt Augusta, but not normally through the day, usually at night. The only problem up there is you have no where to hide once they chase you they will get you for sure
  3. I think this was on the news... This guy tried to attack Mark Latham or something.. Is it the same guy???

    Lisa :twisted: :p
  4. 235km, wasn't even trying was he ;)
  5. If it is the same guy, pity he didn't complete the job!

  6. Must have been stuck in forth! :LOL: 8)

  7. And he got bail, I`m suprised they did not exucute him on the spot.
  8. At this stage that's only law in Tassie :p

  9. In Tassie 235 is just a cruise
  10. With all the wildlife I would have throught Tassie would be the worst place to twist the wrist all the way round.....but perhaps thats me just being sensitive after collecting a wallaby at 110km/h, it hurts quite a bit.
  11. hahahaa if 235 is just a cruise in tassie wouldnt u shoot off the end into the water???