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Rider caught doing 144 in 50 zone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by aus_dragon, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. This is from the SMH this morning, hope it's not anyone we know. :cry: :evil:

    A motorcyclist caught travelling at three times the speed limit in Sydney's inner-west has had his licence suspended.

    Police caught the 31-year-old rider travelling 144 kmh in a 50 kmh zone on Hampden Rd, Russell Lea, at 3.30pm (AEST).

    When stopped by police, the black motorcycle was also found to be unregistered.

    Police said the rider has been issued with four traffic infringement notices, and has had his licence suspended.
  2. I could've sworn this is meant to be in a different section.. :roll:

    The question is, why would you stop if you know your breaking that many laws?
  3. Because although he's stupid enough to do what he did, he's mature enough to accept responsibility for his actions???
  4. it was me and they lied, my phat hyo tops out at 140!
  5. I was stuck in first :(
  6. Since he was driving unlicensed, evidently not!
  7. I don't follow you. Obviously not what?

    Oh, and FTR, he wasn't riding unlicenced. He lost his licence due to the infringements.
  8. Hmm black motorcycle in Sydney - where were you at 3:30 Aus_Dragon [-X :LOL:.
  9. Why does this sort of thing make news, especially here? People with criminal and law-breaking attitudes ride bikes too, and break the law while doing so. Nothing we say or do will change the individual, or the situation.
  10. What phizog is saying, is that the guy wouldn't have been mature and accepted his responsibility because he was riding unlicensed.

    But since you say he lost his license after the incident, makes him a little bit mature, but still makes him irresponsible and immature, since he is riding with an unregistered bike. If he was mature and responsible I am sure he would have gotten the bike registered.

    phong =P~
  11. :LOL: Yeah when i first read it I had to ring the wife and make sure I wasn't sleep walking...um...sleep riding. :LOL:

    hornet the reason things like this make the news in forums that are of a related topic IMO is in the hope that it may make others think twice about doing this themselves. If by me posting this it makes one new ride not give that extra twist and end up with another my off thread than IMO it has not been a waste of anybodies time. :)

    That's why I posted it in the first place and that is just my opinion, everyone else is entitled to their own opinion and that is what makes this world so interesting :) :grin: If you don't like reading things like this than thats fine just click the back button and read something of more interest to you. :) I personally can stand reading about how someone has gotten some new shiny chrome bit for their bike or how they modified a certain headlight for their new street/cafe racer and therefore hardly ever go into the modification threads. But hey what ever floats ya boat. :p :grin:

    Anyway thats all i got to say on the matter.
    Safe Riding :grin:
  12. Perhaps because it's motorcycle related. :?
  13. Yeah I didn't read it properly.

    Hey fhqwhgads, your avatar - funniest series ever :grin: