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Rider Bros - they didn't even turn UP!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by missmakeupgrrl, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Hi there

    I just turned up at calder for my 1 day course to get my motorcycle L's - and the security informs me that BMW have taken over Calder for the week. Rider Bros are not showing up. I booked three weeks ago!!

    Its all very strange - because I rang them on Wednesday to see if they could fit in another person on Sunday who wanted to do it too - and they said they could?

    Obviously - im *fuming* that I cannot get my license today, and my scoot is going to have to sit in my driveway un-used with a rider who can't ride it!

    Angry angry angry!

    Anyone know of anywhere else who might be able to book me in at short notice?


  2. I just tried calling again - they answered the phone this time. There is someone there - they're 'sorry' about standing me and several others up - and offered to take 30 bucks off. Ummm - not good enough! The guy said they 'realised' on Thursday - uh - they could have called people.

    Im so pi$$ed off.
  3. You can ride it while on your L's
  4. Maybe I wasn't clear - I was going for my L's. I currently dont hold any permit that would enable me to ride my scooter.
  5. Thanks Holster!
  6. Sounds like they should change their name to Dodgy Bros.
  7. +1 Not good enough........let it be known Dodgy Bros.
  8. Hey try stay upright in hoppers crossing
  9. So I guess you won't be buying a BMW any time??? Not good enough, folks, the corporate dollar isn't more important than keeping faith with people, or shouldn't be...

    I'd be writing to BMW and letting them know that their booking was allowed to over-rule a previous booking, too.
  10. bmw might give you $30 off your next bmw aswell... they wouldn't want to be outdone by dodgy Bros.
  11. write to them. preferably someone senior. its too easy to fob off phone calls. if you really want to get up their nose send a copy to your local MP and vicroads as well and let rider bros know. the MP won't do anything but the extra leverage can help. I'd be expecting to get the lesson etc for free
  12. What is scary is that it was the business owner that I was speaking to - and he informed me that if he took anymore than '30' off he wouldn't 'make any money'. I think it you FAIL to turn upto someones appointment you shoudn't MAKE money off them at all.

    Dodgy indeed!
  13. I was thinking it probably was someone pretty senior when I read the (inappropriate to me) suggestions that you write a letter and copy to others. It is a business issue, your MP and Vicroads aren't going to care about it at all, particularly as two third parties caused the problem.

    They should have found an alternate location or booked you into another provider on the day (HART for example) and let you know.

    I would be asking for the $30 (or what I though appropriate - I don't know the cost) off, and a guaranteed booking next week, or I take my business elsewhere and advertise their failure. A bit late on the last, but what the heck. :grin:
  14. Im going to vote with my feet and go do a course somewhere else. The only course I could get this week is in Ballarat - so a road trip for me. Im a little nuts because it starts at 8am and i'll have to drive from Melbourne - but I really want to go get my licence!
  15. Good on you. :grin:

    By the way, some people actually find it harder to do the tests on a scooter than on a small motorcycle, due in most part to not having their legs wrapped around something, the smaller wheels, and the usually less functional suspension.

    While you will be riding a scooter, if they test site has CB250's as their test bikes, you may find them easier. Something to check out and ask about when you get there. I believe that in Victoria it doesn't matter if you do the test on a scooter or motorcycle. At least at that was what HART trainers told people when I was out there.
  16. Ironic, I got my L's in Hoppers because at the time Ballarat was booked out for months. The early start certainly isn't fun, though at least in my case I was going somewhere warmer at that time of the morning.
    Make sure to dress warm ;).
  17. Jd, how long do you think I should allow to get there? 1 hr 30 mins? (oh god im going to have to get up early!)

    I've only ever been on a scooter and I can ride one - so I think if I throw gears into the mix i'd have to do the longer course? Now im worried they wont have scooters?
  18. Easy solved. Ring and ask. :grin:
  19. Depends on which part of Melbourne, but an hour and a half should be enough from the Western side early morning. Of course you may need longer if there's heavy fog, which is pretty common this time of year once you get past Ballan (even more so around the airport where the testing is).

    When I did my full licence test there they only had CB250s and dirtbikes available, of course that was nearly 3 years ago so no idea what they may have now.