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Rider Bros Knee Down Course anyone done it???

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by nightgash, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Someone recommended for me to take the Rider Bro's knee down (Advanced Cornering) course at Calder Park. I have my full motorcycle license but am on restrictions until early next year.

    I was wondering if anyone has been on the course and whether it was worthwhile or not?

  2. Shonda did it maybe two years ago?? I remember her telling me at the time that she loved it...maybe PM her?
  3. Nightgash, please don't take this the wrong way, but if you are having trouble with U-Turns and wet weather riding and general confidence issues, is a knee down course what you need? BTW, I've heard people say lots of good things about this course.
  4. Yeah I thought they would teach me some good cornering skills which would improve my confidence.
  5. I know that Rider Bros do cornering courses, but I don't think you need the Knee Down course. Give them a call, I am sure they'll be able to find something for you. Also try Stay Upright. Hart do good roadcraft courses. Californian Superbike School are awesome, but only run at Phillip Island in Victoria.
  6. Hey Nightgash,

    On the HART site there is a promo for $50 off per person mates if you bring someone along to do their courses on a week day. I know I'm interested only just my shifts prevent me from doing it though.

    Or it's just $25 off on a week day. $175
  7. Yeah I want to do the HART intermediate course but the next available course is half way through next month. I would love to do the knee down course and think I could, I just would feel so much safer being off the road in a controlled environment with no gravel or crazy drivers out there to kill you! :)
  8. I did the kneedown and it was great, talk to Rider Bros and they'll help you with your cornering whether or not you're ready for knee down. I have found them helpful at customising their level of training to suit the student.
  9. Bump !!!

    Has anyone done the knee down course at Rider Brothers lately? Thoughts and reviews. I think the course costs $220, which seems a lot for half a day.
  10. Go down to Phillip Island and do the CSS ... it's by far the best.
  11. The course covers some cornering theory and then gets you on VTR250's where you'll get the knee down at 35km/h. Lots of fun! :)

    Not a lot of real world practical application IMO.

  12. I agree with the lack of real world application at 35km/h Rob, but when I did this course with you I remember getting bucketloads of extra confidence just by being taught how far you can lean a bike without it slipping out from under you! Remember doing the obstacle course 1 handed?! :shock: Taking 180 degree hairpins and learning to steer with your body rather than the bars all the time with 1 hand on your head ? :LOL:

    This course is not so much about getting your knee down (which is really just a bonus), it's about learning to have confidence cornering and using all of your tyre.

    Since doing this course I've never looked back. Highly recommended!
  13. Dougz is absolutely right. :)

    I was focussed on the knee down bit.

    The other stuff was bloody excellent and worthwhile and if you haven't done an intermediate course before, it will BLOW your mind! I had done those courses and still found the rider bros course quite challenging... quite a lot packed into a half day now that I think about it. :)

    Thanks for the memory jogger Dougz :)
  14. Which is better the HART intermediate course or this?
  15. HART, IMHO

    It covers a broader range of biking skills.
  16. Do you get to put your knee down in the HART course ??
    If the course is run at broadford, do you get a chance to race the bike on the track?
  17. No, it's the intermediate course.